100 thoughts on “How a speech pathologist is teaching her dog to ‘speak’

  1. I'm wondering if 45 has a similar board in the Oval Office, with buttons that translate his (limited) words into Tweets?! What do you think his buttons are? List them here:
    Let me start…
    "NO"; "Quid Pro Quo"; "Collusion"; "shithole"

  2. My dogs also communicate with me when they need to go outside, usually by either sitting or standing at the door without the need for them to push a button to tell me, the only difference between how my dogs are trained and this situation is this dog knows that particular button usually lets him out, not that he knows the language of "outside". What's sad here is any actual animal lover would agree with me, I'm not talking someone that drops their 19 year old dog off at the pound, but any real dog lover will completely understand what I'm saying.

  3. Seriously if a dog could speak it would probably be something like. Hey could you lick my ass. I’m so tired of the after taste. Oh ya enough of the crappy dog food. You eat this dry sh*t 2 times a day. That’s what I think the dog would say

  4. I need to get a speech pathologist to teach my pitbull how to talk. He guards my house from democrats and everyone is a democrat here. I'd like to teach him to say "hey there mr. Burglar. Would you like me to bite you in your left nut or your right nut?"

  5. la la la la! I am back at trolling and my free speech, it's too early to do something, I am gonna make my construction labor and supplies website today with the Filipinos as the main market and customers.

  6. I think she said only a year and several months, just think how well Stella will do in a couple to 3 years. I'm sure there's a daily routine and I know her mistress has a button for "I'm not feeling this today, just throw the ball to me! !"Lol

  7. I think she said only a year and several months, just think how well Stella will do in a couple to 3 years. I'm sure there's a daily routine and I know her mistress has a button for "I'm not feeling this today, just throw the ball to me! !"Lol

  8. I can be a reseller if you know what I mean and make it my real business… you just give me discounts for those certificates, books and jewelry.

  9. hi hi hi hi! I can't stop laughing. Transparency is the best policy. We can have it a different way, you can transfer my commission to my bank account? Then, I will make my own Filemaker dealer database of customer member details with order and payment history.

  10. No just no. This is not normal. Dogs were not meant to speak human language anymore than a cat can. This is just another attempt by a busy body white person to even assimilate a dog to learn their own language.

  11. ha ha ha ha ha! I am an outsider and not inside the fence whatever I say to you is a political joke, if you want to take it seriously, our deal is based on my human language term, we both understand business and financial terms.

  12. It seems I am always playing this game "who laughs last, laughs the hardest". You want to bait me in to be sworn in secrecy, what is my response to you?

  13. For you dogs and robots out there who doesn't know the answer to a question, "What makes the blue color of the sky?", I can teach you if you want. A PhD from University of Texas responded with my question and I provided the clue that the sunlight on his brief answer is the photon wave.


  15. The problem here is that in order to assign a dog's wishes to a button, you have to already know how to read the dog's signals. All this does is complicates the lives of both dog and owner. It's kind of cool, though.

  16. Dogs are smart. They can learn and understand up to 150 words or commands, depending on the breed of course. My black and white pill bull is extremely smart. Pit bulls are very smart dogs and in the 1930's – 40's, they were used for nanny dogs. They would babysit and watch the kids in the back yard. Now they have a bad reputation because of their loyalty and strength, people breed them for fighting. Apparently there is big money in dog fights. The only fighting I want to see a dog, is take down those who fight them for fun or money

  17. Of course Stella wants to be outside, she wants to go for a walk. Did you see how long her nails were. Need take her for a walk so the concrete can naturally file down her nails

  18. While there are kids unable to speak correctly being charged thousands of dollars this bitch is doing this. Bye Felicia

  19. The dog is saying "Epstein didn't kill himself," and "the whistleblower is Ciaramella." The dog outed the whistleblower!

  20. What I would ask you to understand that like humans it is not all dogs that share the capacity for intelligence that this dog has. It is possible you would find a dog incapable of doing these things simply because they lack the patterns developed in the brain to do so. In other words not all dogs can do this, some are not intellectually capable, I'm not referring to breed I am stating the individual dog may be more intellectually developed than another

  21. Jeffrey Epstein has information on this dog, hence the plea for “help”. Dog to be found dead next week due to suicide.

  22. Dear Cyril and dear Isa … Stella was stellar … as was her 'teacher' Ms Hunger ….

    Dear publisher CNN might I say … this has been a great first story to start my day

  23. Your video sucks. Each time you show what word the dogs is expressing, you place your news feed over the word making it pointless to display the word.

  24. Goddamnit CNN!!! This isn't about Trump at all! Pull your heads out of your asses and focus or Trump's gonna get re-elected!

  25. Pauses video. Do not tell me! do not tell me… The dog is going to run as a Democrat for the Presidential election? Goodness gracious me what next a billionaire racist? A senile geriatric? A pooper scooper? A radical socialist? If only YouTube/Google had the power to censor the Internet they could create their own President software bot, with sexual identity problems.

  26. I'm teaching my dog words and to Curse! Already he knows how to say::: – Can, Cash, Trump, Man, F#ck, Punk, F#cka, Matha, Bitch, The, Outside, He, Ass, Me
    He knows how to string the words together too! One time I asked him what he think of Trump and he said:
    "Man…F#ck… Bitch…Trump… He… Can… Cash… Me… Outside… The… Punk… Ass… Matha… F#cka"

  27. First: we need more stories like this. I'm tired of Trump and his daily "chopper talk", screaming at the press, face red, saying stupid things, all while a running helicopter is 200 feet away.

    Second: Folks that know how to train the smarter & highly trainable breeds (ex: German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers) can replicate this with some tweaking.

    And she's a speech pathologist… but dogs are color blind. If you can move those around and the dog STILL communicates the "feelings/thoughts" correctly…then that's impressive. Or has access to 20 different types of bacon fat.

    "More" words doesn't mean better. If you're looking for dogs to have an everyday conversation or use pronouns, good luck. That's not "training", but a 1-time parlor trick. We want the dog to assess & recognize common & emergency situations. A dog that's been trained to recognize a diabetics' breath to the point he/she may be in shock and THEN notify 9-11 is in effect, engaging in a highly skilled conversation.

    By "highly skilled" I mean it. I'm a pediatrician and it took me about 10 years of learning and practical experience to diagnose and recognize a diabetic child. And YES, there are some basic similarities in dog training and toddler training 🤣 They don't understand "words" but TONE. "Is my big boy eating from the trash?" is understood as a game. A firm and loud "NO!" is understood as "don't do this."

    And it's NOT a good idea to teach a baby language this way. Just talk to them, read to them, and make faces 😇

  28. lol my dog would look at the bed, look at me, look at the bed, look at me, multiple times which means "hey can I be on the bed"!

  29. I was expecting the dog to speak like Scooby Doo….. seriously ….. 🙇 I can speak like Scooby Doo 🙌 So, I am smarter 😸

  30. I bet so many dogs are trained to say yes or no vote in the US House of Congress and Senate. Then, punch the button to spell Socialism and Climate Change.

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