House Republicans Try & Fail To Prevent Deposition To Impeachment Committees | The Last Word | MSNBC

House Republicans Try & Fail To Prevent Deposition To Impeachment Committees | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “House Republicans Try & Fail To Prevent Deposition To Impeachment Committees | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. spoiled rich kids know how things work. he knows if they out the whistle blower or any witness then they can have trumps neo-nazi base handle em with death threats and pipe bombs and nazi "protests" on their front lawn and have it dropped.
    ive had rich friends, including one who had a cop living in their guest house, i know how things work

  2. Treat them like the law breakers they are. Wrestle them to the ground and break a few arms. The police would do that to ordinary civilians who tried a stunt like that. One law for the lawless, another for the peasants.

  3. Nope that's a lie. But you already knew that you liar. Tell your viewers the truth and let them cry and then move on with their lives.

  4. Trump is a High-Level Russian Covert Operative successfully inserted as the US President by Vladimir Putin. TRUMP IS A TRAITOR and works for Putin. All of his moves are Anti-America and Pro-Russia, guided by the Kremlin (KGB/FSB).

  5. Matt Gates and his fellow white supremacists are beginning to behave like Hitlers "Brownshirts" in Berlin. They behaved like drunken "Frat members" when disrupting the hearing but at the root of their behaviour lies the deadly virus of Fascism. Clean the stables before it is too late.

  6. 😊 Lawrence is so shady showing that mugshot of dip💩 Gaetz! I'm here for all the exposure of these brown nosing clowns! 🍿🍿🍿🍿

  7. I think it’s funny that people think trump will get removed from office, even if he is impeached he won’t be convicted by the senate. Look at history, Clinton was impeached and his polls dramatically increased. If anything, this is helping my President, Donald J Trump. Calling it right now, Trump is getting re-elected in 2020. Comment if you think I’m wrong and maybe we can have a conversation. I bet not one of you leftists will have an intelligent conversation.

  8. The orange mob boss sent another one of his soldiers to disrupt legal proceedings. There is nothing to low for this orange bone spur draft dodger to go.

  9. I love it when Lawrence exposes the ugliness of these political figures.

    And good for Lawrence for pointing out that 173 republicans didn’t participate in the circus.

  10. This so called mat gates could well be a traitor amongst traitors expecting a cabinet position under the orange maggot. I propose we plug them with a devise inside their pie holes, when ever they commit a treasonous offense an electrical shock would be delivered in order to keep them line with American values.

  11. 24 republicans just delivered their application, hoping to get high positions in Emperor Donald Trumps new empire. Mark my words, these 24 traitors of America did this ridiculous stunt solely to impress one person.
    Isn`t it about time the US became a country of laws again? anyone?

  12. Bote Repub out..humiliate America constantly..a disgrace to men and women who lay down their lives for this nation.

  13. Matt's worse nightmare would be to be kidnapped and dropped in the midst of a minority neighborhood. I can see him sh-tting his pants of out fear.

  14. Mitch runs the deep state behind trump. He’s who republicans follow. Greed is their game and Bernie Sanders with term limits is their enemy. Trump is a show above the money flow. Taking a spanking for big banking.

  15. So GOP entitlement vs DEM entitlement is currently at 10345 to 1 ratio… you can track that number with total Trump Obstruction of Justice lies vs Clinton. This ain't hypocrisy. It's fascists doing fascism in plain sight.

  16. The Republican playbook: When you can't argue the facts, you argue the law. When you can't argue the law, you obstruct the law.

  17. Matt "unglam Don Junior" Gaetz tries too hard. To qualify for Kremlin Klan Traitor Squad you need to have fake Christian cred like Pence Barr Pompeo Kavanaugh.

  18. Thanks for giving us the background on Gates. I am still just dumbfounded that people actually vote to elect someone like him to the US House of Representatives.

  19. By bringing their cell phones into a SCIF, House Republicans have jeopardized US national security. House Republicans have just made it easier to spy on America. 

    To disrupt testimony from a DOD official on how the President endangered national security for both the US and Ukraine by withholding military aid, the Republicans further endangered national security by storming the SCIF with their electronic devices.

    Every Republican member who invaded the SCIF with their cell phone should be taken into custody by the Capitol Police and questioned by the FBI to determine if they’re serving a foreign intelligence service. They should also be removed from the House until the investigation is completed.

  20. These Republicans are doing their best to finish off their party. Trump has provided the wrecking ball. These Republicans enabled Trump and theyre ensuring he's demolished every remaining part of the GOP.
    Meanwhile, Trump's lawyers are arguing in court that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not be liable or even stopped by police.

  21. How do you know there is damning evidence when its a secret hidden council and not even Republicans can see what's happening? Making it up again? Or is Schiff leaking false information to his media mob? We've all seen Trump's transcript, physical evidence proves he did nothing wrong. Meanwhile you're completely ignoring Biden selling the VP office for personal profit. Why? There's already video of Biden bragging he threatened to withold aid to Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor

  22. Every Republican member who invaded the SCIF with their cell phone should be taken into custody by the Capitol Police and questioned by the FBI to determine if they’re serving a foreign intelligence service. They should also be removed from the House until the investigation is completed.

  23. These republicans are mimicking the
    group of racist protesters gathered in 
    Charlottesville but without tiki torches👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

  24. Mike Pence’s Big Brother Is Sitting In On Congress’s Closed-Door Impeachment Depositions.

    Republican Rep. Greg Pence, the vice president’s older brother, was elected to Congress last year and serves on one of the committees in charge of the impeachment inquiry.

  25. The only ones violating house rules are the socialist Dems they will be charged with treason coup attempts and sedition they are violating the constitution with this hit job on our Potus that party is criminal and voters are fleeing that party by the millions!!!! This is right out of stalins 1930s purges and kangaroo courts this will end the democrat party!

  26. It was like watching a frat party gone horribly wrong. GAETZ: "Hey… let's go do a panty raid at the sorority house! C'mon, guys… follow meeeeeeee…!!!" Republicans are their own executioners.

  27. Are these Congress men and women who entered Trump’s Aids? Or member of Congress must be separated from executive branch. Sham sham sham

  28. Reaching based off misinterpretation and I'm not even s republican. Seems like MSNBC is not about even and pure reporting, this is more like emotional and desperate for reasons deeper than what's being sold. What about doing the same with Biden and his son because he admitted to what he's accused of on video. We need the truth and the same energy going both ways in terms of reporting so we know exactly what is what. This way we the public can makeup our minds by having all the information we need. We want what's right not just choose according to what's being advertised by those who have a agenda and a underlying purposes using the strength of a media corporation. You're not Pavlov and this is not a theory, so we need not classical conditioning. We need pure reporting on everything.

  29. When so called lawmakers will abase themselves to defend law breaking what does that make our country?

    When so called lawmakers can’t even be trusted to follow the rules of the Congress they serve, supposedly for the benefit of the people, what does that make our country?

    Not only did these clowns break their own rules by bursting into the SCIF but they broke the law by taking their cell phones in with them. And all egged on by a spoilt little frat boy who, were it not for daddy, would have his own criminal record by now.

    What do you call a country when the so called lawmakers think rules and laws don’t apply to them. When they have to break the law in order to defend law breaking by their dear leader. It certainly doesn’t make us a country of laws as Republicans often like to claim. They’ve managed to blow that one out of the water.

    This ludicrous stunt proves we are no longer a Democratic Republic. We aren’t even a banana republic. America, once the leading light of democracy in the world has, under the auspices of Trump and Putin, become a kakistocracy. We have become a country run by the worst, least qualified and most unscrupulous people imaginable. And everyone of those so called lawmakers who followed Pied Piper Gaetz down those stairs to pull off his childish stunt must now take responsibility for their part in killing our democracy in favor of creating a kakistocracy.

    They may feel proud to have earned a pat on the head from the mob boss they serve but they’ve also managed to earn the disdain of the majority of law abiding citizens in this country.

  30. The House runs all aspects of Impeachment. Not Intel, not the Speaker. Constitutionally, they have the authority to be there…..

  31. Once Moscow Mitch flips, Trump is a goner. I'd love to be in the room, when Mitch is talking to Trump about the impeachment loss in the Senate that will more than likely come, once the pressure and public sentiment rises to levels where Republicans can no longer stand behind him. The fact they've stood so long behind him is already a sad time in the country, but I have a feeling justice and law and the power to do what is correct and proper will prevail.

  32. Kudos to the Republicans in the House of Representatives for filing a resolution to censure shifty Adam or manufacturing a transcript of the

    Trum-Zelensky phone call to suit his narrative of a “quid pro quo” of POTUS with the Ukrainian president and for running a "kangaroo court"

    on this questionable impeachment inquiry. But where are the Republicans in the Senate? Why are they still sitting on the fence regarding this

    phony impeachment inquiry? They cannot just depend on Pres. Trump and a few patriotic Republicans to win this fight to preserve our

    Constitutional Republic from being destroyed by the radical leftist Democrats who don’t love America. If they cannot support and stand for the

    ideals of the Republican party and the platform of government of POTUS to make America great again, they should resign from the Republican

    party and find another party to serve with.

  33. Matt, with 7 DUI. 3 Strikes you're out law makes you a FELON! Bill Taylor's deposition has rattled trumpturd and his attack dogs. LOSERS!

  34. What is happening in House Intelligence Committee hearings is just a sample of how the Democrats will run the country if put back into power: operate in SECRECY and pass laws without any deliberation with the opposing parties, literally shredding the Constitution and negating your rights to free speech, freedom, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. They will rule by edicts and with lawlessness tearing this country apart.

  35. Republicans are acting immature, irrational and irresponsible. We cannot count on these Lawless lawmakers to uphold and protect the constitution. They are failing to bring the interest of COUNTRY 1ST.

  36. Ambassador Taylor admitted in his testimony a very evident truth and personal suspicion that what the Trump Administration intended to do, regarding Ukraine, even if the Ukrainian President had done as Trump wanted and announced that they were opening a new investigation into Biden’s son. Ambassador Taylor said that he believed the Trump Administration was planning to abandon helping Ukraine regardless of whether they opened the phony investigation which was to ultimately abandon Ukraine in its desperation to stave off the Russians. The obviousness of this expectation is getting clearer everyday. Trump is committed to giving Ukraine ultimately over to Russian aggression because this is what Putin wants and it’s more and more obvious with everything that Trump does that he always caves into Putin’s wishes in every instance. The pattern is so clear from Helsinki to the Kurdish abandonment today that this is what Trump always winds up doing.

    However, their is one way the Ukrainians can insulate and defend themselves from both the Russian and Trump’s intent on throwing them under the Russian bus: If the Ukrainian leadership would just pause and consider what their options are to protect themselves from the Russians and Trumps hidden agenda to help the Russians to gain control over the Ukraine, it would become crystal clear as to how they could insure their survival against the Russians and the Russian’s little helper Trump. What the Ukrainian leadership needs to do (and do it quickly) is to release to the press and the U.S. Congress their own personal copy of all the word for word communications that has occurred between the Ukrainian President and Trump. They need have no fear of reprisals from Trump (he intends to give Ukraine over to the Russians, anyway) because he intends to now do everything he and the Trump administration possibly can to weaken Ukraine in line with Putin’s wishes and plans to overtake the Ukraine. The incredibly damaging real truth about everything Trump was doing in pressuring the Ukraine is certainly in these transcripts and this alone — were they to be made public by the Ukrainian government —- would undoubtedly seal Trump’s fate once and for all.This action alone on the part of the Ukrainians would be a bold move indeed on Ukraine’s part, but as things stand now, and considering that Trump is obviously going to do everything he can (as is his established pattern, already) to aid and assist Russia’s plan to seize Ukraine and make it part of Russia again, then this might be the one and only smart way for the Ukrainian leadership to go and to insulate itself from all of this coming down on its survival. For rest assured, Trump is committed (I suppose he thinks secretly) to always help Russia and Putin to attain their objectives. If you doubt any of what I’m saying here about Trumps determination to help Russia and Putin then you have not been paying attention. Just look at the record. In every single instance where it was possible, Trump always gives in to Russia’s plans. Rest assured that the Ukrainians need now to act boldly and swiftly in releasing their own recordings of conversations with Trump for this is the only sure way they will be able to insure their own survival against Russia and Putin and his plans as well as Trumps covert plan to help the Russians to achieve their goals relative to the future of Ukraine.If the Ukraine is to survive all of Trump’s attempts at corrupting Ukrainian independence and Putin’s intent on waging a more aggressive war against the Ukrainian people, then this is exactly what the Ukrainian leadership needs now to do before it’s too late.

  37. What a pathetic defense of the POTUS these weak Republicans have staged. About a third of the turds who defied the House rules were on the committees holding depositions so they have been there all along. The lie that the GOP is being cut out of the gathering of evidence is typical of misinformed Trump supporters.

  38. Matt Gaetz has such a "punchable" face. Not suggesting he should be punched, mind you, but that his smug mug just brings on that urge.

  39. Matt Gaetz reminds of a B movie character who is so awful it isn't convincing. And apparently he's actually really popular in Florida?!

  40. Children these days don't think rules apply to them and these children are growing up. It's time to forget protocol and tradition since there's no more respect for such things. Actual laws need to be put into place so there's no ambiguity. It's sad that this is why we get so over-legislated but there's not really much we can do about it than make more laws.

  41. All I hear is the rich and powerful getting away with literally murder! Thank heavens Canada never elected a conservative government. Canadians still want to know what Scheer was doing in the U.S. during this election cycle on private and secret meetings with who and about what? Why was no passport required and therefore no record of the 'visit'! Was harper and Kenny at the same meeting!

  42. It's disgusting how democracy is being destroyed by the Republicans these days !!!!! Its feels like it's the beginning of the end to a once admired country.

  43. Behold what is left of the party–the Republican party–which used to claim itself a scion of the rule of law. Wake up, America. Your democracy needs you! Contact your representatives, tell them if they DON'T uphold the rule of law you will vote them out of office. Then DO vote!

  44. "Why are all of these Democrats getting bent out of shape over a phone call? All the President did was pick up the phone and talked with Ukraine. I mean, come on, look at the smear of John Wilkes Booth. All he did was attend a play the night Abraham Lincoln died."

  45. As a Russian asset, Trump is doing a great job for Russia; destroying America one decision at a time while doing everything he can to Make Russia Great Again.

  46. These reps are pathetic and their little stunt is laughable , they're just digging their own grave,they know the GOP is dead. RIPGOP!! 🙂

  47. Well they are not following rules why would anybody else.if the constitution is fake there should not be one person in for instance Reality Winter

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