100 thoughts on “House Judiciary Committee holds first hearing in the Trump Impeachment Inquiry, live stream

  1. GOP really teaching and trying to question professional scholars. Hey GOP get Trump to testify if he’s innocent? The lack of spine standing up to trump is on you !!!

  2. Here's some clarity… This is all a farce garbage political warfare… Every American wants to know why Hunter Biden was getting paid for no reason and if he got paid American tax payer money it has nothing to do with politics we wanna know what wrongs they may have done… To try and impeach Trump for seeking the answers to that question is a ridiculous proposition and just baseless garbage

  3. "If you have personal knowledge of an (impeachable) fact, raise your hand" nobody could raise their hand. Does this seal the deal? No impeachment?

  4. LOL, ol' Dirty Dems are the one breaking the law. Just ask Quid PRO QUO [JOE] 30330, or uranium 1 selling the country out Hillary Clinton and many more but people go back to sleep. NOTHING TO SEE HERE 😴

  5. All you have to do is google the GOP questions to know they're full of malarkey #NoMalarkeyTour #JimmyKimmel @theInternet

  6. Was Obama campaigning in Germany BEFORE the 2007 primaries were done foreign influence? How about a Nobel peace prize? Oh, I forgot Democrats are above the law.

  7. This is a lynch mob. The democrats don’t care about Trump having the right to defend himself. They just want to hang him on assumptions hearsay and lies. It’s all about hate. May God help us.

  8. So you don’t want other countries to help with election but y’all biss when we build a wall smh make up your damn mind

  9. Why is it that the President is afraid to attend the impeachment if he is innocent he will face the consequences.He is the only person who can clear everything,if he is HONEST enough to tell the whole truth .

  10. Sad they want trump out because they can't beat him in 2020, no one has the balls he has, ppl are waking up to dems lies as well…

  11. An educated person has the ability and the discipline to do what is right, 3 out of 4 "witnesses" have an agenda! This has nothing to do with what is right by the American people.

  12. Watching these hearings it's massively depressing how the entire Republican party see a President say he'll refuse to cooperate with the impeachment process/claim he's not accountable to the other branches and be okay with it. That's ultimately what a lot of this comes down to – that Republicans are okay with discrediting out own intelligence committees findings, with inviting other countries to interfere in our elections, and that a President doesn't need to be accountable to the other branches. And I thought the Republican obstructionism under Obama was sickeningly partisan, this is just insane when we can't even agree on reality. Either way this goes down, whether the charges move forward and die or pass, the future of the country is looking to just get even more and more partisan due to Republicans.

    I really can't say I like the whole thing because I can agree with Turley and the other three; if Trump isn't impeached, it sets a terrible precedent for future Presidents to be able to get away with obstructing any and all investigations into their wrong-doings, but at the same time a longer process would be great. Of course a large part of why we can't get a longer process and the lack of witnesses is because of Trump ordering the entire executive branch not to cooperate – a little hard to question fact witnesses when those fact witnesses won't even come forward after all.

  13. I'm genuinely confused as to why Nadler didn't address the expectations and rules for objections during this hearing

  14. This is messed up Trump asked another leader of a country to keep an eye on someone how is this an impeachable crime?

  15. it seems the Republicans are in DENIAL and have only one tool in their toolbox and do it better than any other: Shoot the messenger. The good news is, Documents are arriving and the Intelligence Committee is continuing their investigation.

  16. Look at these legal zealots where were they when Clinton had her private server. They only come out when it suits them.

  17. Just want him out so they can get back to stealing billions from tax paying people . he the only 1 that has rated them out. Billions of dollars missing before he got there . he won't play there rules so must get out. Lol funny stuff

  18. It’s funny these people actually think Americans are dumb. Obama targeted republicans via IRS, under the far left definition they would have Impeached Obama. Why is it we treat the world like high school? It’s not about popularity it’s about the best welfare of our nation! This won’t end well.

  19. I think questioners, democrats and republicans each had very good questions but missed many opportunities to direct their question to a professor that wasn't on their side. That would have made the inquiry so much more interesting and balanced, imo.

  20. im LOVING seeing these Republicans squirm under fact, law, and idiocy (the idiocy of their fearful so-called leader, the ratpig that is trump)
    – let it be known that that name will live in infamy
    – high crimes and misdemeanors, people
    – trump and his enablers are a disgrace, a stain on our democratic republic
    – but we must REMEMBER the great disservice that trump, his family (except Tiffany), and all his enablers have done to our country

  21. USA is blessed with such Constitution their Finding Fathers have created protecting all especially those normal citizens

    to Impeach or Not is another question

  22. These Democrats are nuts. The President was trying to find out about the enormous corruption of Biden, his son Hunter and the previous government. What do they want? Let Joe and Hunter Biden go scott free?



  25. I am afraid of Democrats. They are a danger to ore future. I've never experienced anything like this. I wish they would impeach him so things would look more legal in the senate

  26. Why hasn't anyone said that running for President doesn't make you above investigation? If the Dem investigation isnt political abuse of power, then neither is investigating the Bidens.

  27. Look all this talk about the Democrats wanting to impeach Trump from day 1 is total nonsense. Maybe 3 relatively inconsequential Democrats wanted to. The truth is that Pelosi and almost all the senior members of House leadership said "No, no, no, we're not going to impeach unless we see clear evidence, unless we think that the majority of the people can understand and agree with impeachment. Adam Schiff was against impeachment until the release of knowledge about "the phone call." So it's sheer nonsense to claim that the "Democrats have wanted to impeach from the inauguration day. It would be very nice if the CBS spokespeople would set that record straight.

  28. If the Republican does not want or need a lecture from these four knowledgeable professors, then why arent they proceeding the correct decision to tell the chief and command for a release witness from his side and his tax return, what does he have to hide if he got nothing to release.

  29. This is a [email protected] waste of time, and the statement by the professors is FALSE. It was never proven that Trump called for these investigations for PERSONAL GAIN, or to attack a "political opponent." Prof even lied/exaggerated and now says "opponents." Who are the opponents, plural? Biden is NOT a political opponent in the election because he has NOT been selected as the Dem runner. They havent even decided. He wasnt even running when the investigation concerns started.

    Everyone with common sense knows that Biden CANNOT win. The reason he got into the dem primary was because he already knew he committed crime during the Ukraine issue – thus he purposely ran so he could say: bla bla im Trumps opponent (even tho I havent been selected yet) – so im immune from investigation. No. thats so stupid.

    So the Prof, and the claim – is a lie.

    2) It wasn't for personal gain. Dem congress passed law, that Ukraine agreed to before Trump was elected – that the PRES MUST do a corruption check BEFORE giving aid to other countries (Ukraine). So Trump was doing his JOB – as passed by congress and as his Executive duties to investigate foreign attacks by the Ukraine gov during the 2012 election – to help Hillary.

    So all this so so stupid. They are accusing him of crime for doing his legal duty, and they are accusing him of crime for investigating election interference.

    3) It wasn't for personal gain, part 2: I and millions of real americans want Ukraine investigated for meddling to help Hillary rig the election. So the pres is doing something for the PEOPLE – unlike this failure of a dem congress.

  30. Why Trump even mentioned Biden… Ambassador Yavonovich was blocking the transfer of documents (we have a treaty agreement to exchange investigative material) . Trump had every right and duty to ask about the Crowdstrike server. He mentioned Biden because the prosecutor who was fired by Biden had also been investigating the same people involved in the Crowdstrike fiasco. The announcement was brought up by his Trumps team because Ukraine is notorious for not holding to agreements. And the aid didn't need to be approved until Sept 30th, Trump put in an order to have European contributions calculated. That's in testimony transcripts.

  31. Democrats believe that they are the rule of law and can do what they want, including impeaching the president assuming and presuming they do not need to present any witness 😉

  32. The only reason why Republicans refuse to accept these facts is pure partisan behavior. If the roles was reversed and Trump came as a Democrat doing these numerous abuses of power offenses, it would infuriate them, and rightly so. No President Democrat or Republican, should get away with what Trump has done. I'm ashamed at Republicans for refusing to investigate anything and consider the dangers of what they are allowing a President to get away with.

  33. So one sided, it almost seems like this is designed to be biased. Why do the democrats and never trump always get to speak first? Why do they say his conduct is impeachable when there is no evidence? Why?

  34. This President is against corruption. It’s as simple as that. You never seen Barrack H. Obama tackle corruption that’s why it is puzzling so many people. This is how it’s done. I would take a bullit for President Donald j. Trump because if the circumstances were reversed he would do the same for me

  35. 256:42 Turley is wrong on this point of obstruction . RE: Obstruction. Trump is denyinig to turn over EVERYthing, and ALL witnesses. This is not an executive privilege argument.

  36. Complete Partisan Sham! No Fact Witnesses. 4 Democrat Professors ZERO Republican Professors, luckily one of them still has Classic Liberal Values and told some truth. Other than that this Whole Process goes completely against the wishes of the American people and even most democrats are fed up with it according to the polls. When you lower the bar this far, be prepared to have your next Democrat President torn out from under you by revengeful republicans applying YOUR new Rules!

  37. Bribery, such as other words, definition changes as history goes on. Because we as a people changes and as such words MUST change as often as we change!

  38. Professor Pamela S Karlan, she said she read all the assumption, presumption and rumors, and call that facts. It is interesting how a law professor can get away without knowing the basic of guilt. Intent and Action, neither those were presented. In fact, one of the witness actually said Trump didn't want anything. LOL

  39. Can somebody please tell Sensenbrenner to clear his throat? It's so hard to listen to him talk when he's all gurgly in the throat.

  40. They want to impeach Trump for NON-crime. While at the same time, This Pamela Karlan said this. "It is not real democracy. It is not a mature democracy. If the party in power uses the criminal process to go after its enemies." This is purest hypocrisy in action. 1:57:50

  41. A very well scripted sophomore legal drama. I really almost forgot all these actors have a vendetta against President Trump for having the unmitigated audacity to defeat Hillary Clinton.

  42. 💥💥💥There will be no impeachment!!
    💥💥Oooh, My Goodnessss, It is past time for Hillary Clinton to go to jail!! The Corrupt Democrats and Republicans are doomed under Trump's presidency!! The Democrat and Republican Swamp-Rats, Swamp CockRoaches are jumping ship!! No more crooked government paid to play!! It is time to go back to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights!! **President Donald Trump the Great White Hope of America!!**
    How many corrupt lying Democrats does it take to impeach a Republican president?!! 😁😂🤣
    ***American Born Black Men For President Donald Trump!!***

  43. Well Mr. Cline, I got to watch the hearings and i didn't think for a second that this was a re-run yesterday, and I resent you making that statement of nonsense, the American people are a smart people and apparently you are not watching the hearings and derilict in your duty..

  44. Mr. Chabot, "common sense" would say that we need to hear from Bolton, Pompeo, Pence–the people Trump is fighting in court that they won't talk, pressuring not to talk, & God's knows what else he is saying/doing that keeps them silent–the same thing that made Sen. Graham go from a decent guy, seeing Trump clearly as he really is, to somebody we don't even recognize anymore, covering for Trump no matter what he says or does that is illegal, immoral, or in any way wrong.

  45. Think Dems are out to get Trump? Read this…1 year, maybe 5, to put up with this —- person, then there's enough solid evidence from the Mueller investigation that 500+ Federal lawyers, judges, etc. said they would take the case. As well as years of committing crimes. He'd likely go to jail once out of office. I'd rather see the criminal go to jail than impeached. However, when he's does something so obviously against our Constitution & matter-of-factly says so on tv, then you need to stand behind our Constitution & do the right thing. When you hire an idiot to do a job he's not qualified for, you're gonna have problems.

  46. Pamela Karlan knows all about being barren. Pam is infertile , she cant have children . She is a barren old lesbian which explains why she is so bitter & twisted .

  47. I’ve only one question for the Republicans: why is your President continiously obstructing justice, withholding his staff from hearings, refuses to release his tax documents if he has nothing criminal to hide? It’s time that a country which regurarely calls itself the ‘Leader of the World’ starts cleaning up its own house, since you won’t be that leader for long with such a doubtful leader of your nation. If the present way of dealing with this shameful situation is your example to the rest of the world to show how democracy works, I guess lesser countries prefer to transfer their country into a democracy. So come back to reality and your moral values and impeach this guy. Greetings from the Netherlands!

  48. I do not think Congress had to wait on the legislative branch when it is clear in the constitution that it is the house's job to investigate and impeach and it is the executive braches duty to cooperate to prove innocence.

  49. Constiuents who are pro impeachment should call their Republican representatives offices and tell them their days in office are numbered!

  50. Lowering prescription drugs huh? Trump supports Health insurance competition…aka driving up costs of prescription drugs… Its funny how the Reps keep saying they need to focus on other things, yea the things that the president keeps messing up with HACK policies and beliefs… Figure it out people…Seriously!

  51. Mr. Collins…. Do you NOT see that there is a PROBLEM that the President is NOT complying with the Subpeonas for DOCUMENTS and WILL NOT let the WHITE HOUSE and STATE DEPT. employees testify before your committee? Trump says he will do it in the Senate! What does that really say about yourself and your republican counterparts in this committee??? SERIOUSLY?? WHAT WILL YOU DO ABOUT THAT????!!! Also, DO YOU NOT SEE A PROBLEM WITH RUDY GULIANI MEDDLING IN ELECTED OFFICIAL BUSINESS AND BI-PARTISAN FOREIGN POLICY?!!!! WHY IS HE CALLING ALL OVER THE WHITE HOUSE WITH IMPUNITY??? And the PRESIDENT SAYS HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT RUDY IS DOING???? If that is the Case, then this is GROSS NEGLIGENCE by our COMMANDER IN CHIEF and HE SHOULD BE FIRED!!! HOLY MOLY DUDE GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!

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