100 thoughts on “HORRIBLE END: Police Chase Ends with Violent Crash in Tempe, Arizona (FNN)

  1. I don't understand why we import fruits and vegetables from Mexico. We could put these criminals to hard labor camp to turn them to productive farmers so we get cheap and fresh produce.

  2. The police need some kind of emp or explosive tool to disable a pursued vehicle.something to ddtonate under the vehicle, then a couple of flash charges or tear gas.stamp out these clowns that think they are playing a video game.

  3. One of these days in the next 25 years or so the cops are going to learn how to drive and how to put a stop to these dangerous police chases in the first few minutes. None of these police departments around the country have the slightest clue. The car that got hit has a major law suit settlement coming from the police/sheriff's/hwy. patrol who was leading this chase. That crash should have never happened. There are a bunch of police chase videos on You Tube and I have yet to find on video where the police chase was done properly. These police officers need proper training and they apparently are not getting it.

  4. The fact that there's no follow-up on the original post says very clearly that this is not a "news" organization but merely a "shock video" bunch of half-wits.

  5. Stop covering these chases! Or show the chase. I'm not one for blood and guts at the same time I have the ability to switch the Channel if I have a weak stomach

    I don't like for someone else to decide for me what I should see or not see. If you are not willing to show the chase in its entirety then don't show it at all…

  6. show what happened you got the add for your fake news show tot left add banner on the bottom …. and you don't show the lil fu#$er crashing ….. and hopefully HE is messed up for life ………………………………

  7. for being trained professionals police sure are inept at boxing in a stationary vehicle. if they had been the least bit proficient that accident would not have happened

  8. Exactly whats the purpose of showing this live on tv? Apart from cheap sensationalism generating money for the news channel?

  9. Well guys, I wanted to see the end of the chase but your stupid play by play with large letters over the car chase I couldn't see anything.

  10. You're showing this as ENTERTAINMENT… and think it's inappropriate to show REAL LIFE… LMAO… then STOP BROADCASTING IT AS ENTERTAINMENT…

  11. If it were a family member, you'd be thankful not to see them ejected through the windshield over and over on TV.

  12. Police's blame who do not properly do their jobs were in jeopardy. They had to shut him up properly.

  13. In this reinactment sock 🧦 puppets will be used to demonstrate exactly what happened. But first a few words from our sponsors.

  14. These are televised specifically BECAUSE they want you to see a collision like that. Like NASCAR. People watch for the wrecks. I hate the false rectitude about it all.

  15. The police dept. is 100% responsible for the collateral damage that comes with high-speed pursuits of suspects. In the digital / tech age, there's literally no need for this. The pursuit CREATES an imminent threat to the citizenry, and the end of this specific chase is a testament to that, as are so many others that end fatally or with innocent civilians suffering life-altering injuries that were completely avoidable. This is why LAPD is so adamant about not escalating police pursuits – it does nothing but severely increase the risk or injury or death to innocent bystanders.

  16. They f***ed up the maneuver. You don't block him in on the driver's side and then have nobody on the passenger side allowing him to pull away. Total screw up there. Timing was way off.

  17. Check out the video feed behind the news caster. Still not much to see but it was there for everyone to see.

  18. Aí. Caralho vai. Levar poucas. Polícia nos. States não andam Só para. Exibir. a fard. Portugal 🇵🇹

  19. A stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid × 10 billion attempt to block him or stop him from that cop truck. He poked the bear.

  20. That second cop could have trapped the vehicle but obviously the police are incompetant. That crash could have been avoided

  21. Yeah let's show you all the boring parts.. aaaaandd cut. We gotta go to commercial break because we really gotta see what just happened so we'll be right back

  22. It's a damn shame they didn't get him when they tried. I wonder if the person he crashed into lost their life? It's not a wonder the cops take the strides they do to stop them. They are potential murderers driving a weapon. The problem is alerting the public. Most people have no idea a chase in in progress until they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  23. They act like they didn’t want anyone to see that ending. If not, then why the hell would they have followed along for almost 9:00?

  24. Forgive me. Suspect vehicle IN a red Jeep. Um…dispatch we have suspect Ford driving in a red Jeep, appears two Chevys and Toyota are in the Jeep as well. On a serious note, I hope the vics in the other vehicle are ok. It's terrible that people's life were put at risk over one person's decision and that vics will have to pay for the med bills and damages.


  26. "Right now" you are watching a car chase "right now" and this could turn out badly "right now"
    Now if you are watching this "right now" you will see some boring footage of a red jeep driving normally "right now"
    Then 2 police cars trying "right now" unsuccessfully, to box in the red jeep "right now"
    But why did you hide the damned exciting part "right now"?
    I am pissed off "right now"

  27. USA is big country and I see video man and women drive like those why is there any law stop 😠😂😂😡😡 this driving 😠 like I see how sad

  28. SHOW THE CRASH!! You run from the police, one of two things happen, 1) get shot, 2) you crash. Either way, SHOW IT. Educate people on what NOT to do with law enforcement.

  29. Whether the suspect is armed or not, isn't cheaper to blow him out of the highway than to have 3 to 10 patrol cars pursuing him, making him nervous and cause accident at junctions, including breaking red lights, just look at the costs involve, patrol cars , petrol, police halicopter and fuel including pilots, and innocent drivers and by standers and this is caused by fleeing at high speed

  30. bad technique to stop that Jeep , they should first surround the Jeep with two cars on both sides and one in the back silently , then ask the driver to get out , even if he refused, he will not be able to run.

  31. When are these dipsticks going to learn that it's 'the horrible crash' at the end that we're here for? But you can see it at…
    'traffic stop chase ends in head-on collision' from abc news. Have a look in sidebar.
    Odd thing is it won't copy and paste?

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