44 thoughts on “HOOSIERS – Vote to keep Coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman)

  1. This church is about 10 miles from my home. I have seen this movie at least 50 times and I hope to see it 50 more. It’s like having a time-travel machine back into my past.

  2. Actually an exact depiction of the NBA today. The star player has the power, the coach takes the blame. LeBron says you stay, you stay. LeBron says you go, then bye bye Luke Walton, David Blatt, Mike Brown.

  3. Just think that if Jimmy got there 5 minutes later the whole meeting would have been over and the coach would have been fired. Punctuality is so key.

  4. If they cared more about academics than sports more of those kids would be able to leave that little grease spot of a town and see the world

  5. It is easy to laugh at the town adults who quickly changed their minds when the prospects of a winning season and maybe a state title were the deciding factors in their vote. The deeper message is, of course, that the coach and his players were after something FAR more meaningful; the pursuit of character and resilience. Through basketball "done right," the boys could become better adults than their parents were. And don't all parents wish that, above all else, for their children? That they inherit all our strengths, but none of our flaws and weaknesses.

  6. Do you know this movie is very popular in England where they don't play basketball? That is a damn good movie.

  7. What I like about Hoosiers is that it shows how, for so many boys and girls, these kinds of extracurricular activities are often diversions for what are otherwise dreary and tough lives at home. The player whose father was Dennis Hopper is an example of that. DH was great in the role of the alcoholic father, BTW. I just hope we don't loose sight of that as school budgets get tighter.

  8. Ah Hollywood. I really did love this movie as a kid, and still do in a way. But as an adult, it plays very differently. This scene is cute and all, but when you think about it, the emotional aspect is total garbage. Dale was pretty hated at the start of the scene. You do not turn around and love him in 4:24. I get that they wanted Jimmy to play, which means they HAD to keep Dale. But they try to paint the big turn-around in attitude toward something Dale did. It was not. It was only a means of keeping Jimmy. So the sudden outburst of display and collecting hugs and kisses from the townsfolk is laughably dishonest movie making. Second, you see that there is absolutely nothing special about coach Dale. A great coach connects with his players, and gets them not just to do something "because I said so", but to understand WHY they should do it. He failed to do that. He came in with his yelling and screaming about discipline and fundamentals, alienated people, and had a different, but really not "better" style of play. It didnt work. The only reason the team turned around and had any measure of success is because Jimmy decided to come in, and play his own style, not Norman Dale's. Even the final game drama came down to Normal Dale making the wrong, and frankly idiotic play call, and Jimmy going against it to do it his own way. Jimmy should have been the movies central protagonist. His character is twice as compelling and more responsible for the team's success than Dale's. My whole view on this would have been sacrilegious to 15 year old me, but 40 year old me sees it differently. lol. Enjoy!

  9. Hoosiers is a TRUE story (sort of) based on the 1954 Milan High School (enrollment: 161 students) state basketball championship team.

  10. Do they know coach ran a town where gunfighters killed each other for money every year? Or he almost started a nuclear war with submarine missiles? Hmmmm, do they know that about their precious coach?

  11. I love how this scene starts with Dale about to apologise then composes himself and says “I apologise for nothing!” Great line and another badass performance from Gene Hackman

  12. Answer this…….why didn't Coach Dale initially not want Jimmy to take the last shot at the state tournament?

  13. Take note Hollywierd, this us how you make one hell if a great movie. One that's still talked about so many years later with great admiration. Hasn't been one made like this from any of these so called actors today.

  14. one of the greatest films ever made. I can quote so many lines to my sons who watched this movie with me.

  15. As a lifelong basketball player, how I am I not supposed to love this movie!? Not gonna happen. I love those guys!!

  16. Earlier in the film, coach Dale talks to Jimmy as he sinks one free throw after another at an outdoor hoop. Jimmy seems to be ignoring him, but hears every word Dale says and it obviously had an impact on him. Jimmy showing up at the last minute and saving the day was an acknowledgment of coach's lucid understanding of using one's talents no matter what they may be and not carelessly discarding them. As an aside, I see Jimmy as the definitive middle American. He's quiet, strong, intelligent, capable and sure of himself without making a big show of it.

  17. in the original screenplay the coach was a pedophile priest in a all boys Catholic school. gene Hackman wouldn't sign on unless the cut the blowjob scenes

  18. I've loved her voice in "I think we should vote again!" – hasn't gotten old for me in 32 years!!! 2018 – love it!! Excellent movie

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