Hong Kong protesters block access to government headquarters

Hong Kong protesters block access to government headquarters

legislators have been blocked from entering Hong Kong's government headquarters by thousands of protesters a demonstration has delayed debate on a controversial extradition law each year the bill could allow suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial protests have been ongoing since Sunday when a million people took to the streets to express their anger let's get the latest from Scott Heidler who's right for us in Hong Kong so the protesting against this controversial extradition bill has not convinced the government's got to scrap it but it has delayed the process what's the latest it has fully and it has delayed that process we got official word from the Legislative Council that they were going to delay was supposed to start several hours ago to three hours ago but also now coming out from the Legislative Council another official announcement and that is they have asked now the protesters to move from where they are surrounding the Legislative Council building that's the grit of the black building over my shoulder they're asking the protesters to move so they can carry on with business obviously there hasn't been really any kind of response yet from the protesters well I guess there has been they're not moving so again you know we saw over the last several hours these protester numbers grow steadily and again you know we look at what happened on Sunday over a million people came out and marched that was organized and you saw people from all walks of life here in Hong Kong today is much more organic when it came to this protest and much younger most of the the protesters out here are students and you go around and you see that they've either taken a day off school or classes or sorry or our work to come out here in protest but they have done one thing and that is delay this meeting Legislative Council asking them to move so they can carry on with business it's caught why is this bill so important to the pro-democracy protesters well it is it's important because of what it is and that is the fact that mainland China will be able to extradite those charged here in Hong Kong to mainland China for trial there that for pro-democracy protesters that is a big concern but also it's generally what it is and this is something we've seen over the last chunk of years plus five years plus and that is that China mainland China Beijing is taking more and more control here in Hong Kong some semi-autonomous Hong Kong through the changing of laws who the changing of the government who are the people that sits in this legislature Legislative Council they are slowly controlling Hong Kong more and more pro-democracy protesters don't like that and this is the latest step if you will in that erosion they see as against Hong Kong's identity thank you for that Scott Haile reporting live from Hong Kong where protests continue

22 thoughts on “Hong Kong protesters block access to government headquarters

  1. When witnessing 'freedom' slowly slipped away from you, every Free person will desperately trying to hold on to the very little left of it.

  2. If Communist China, get their way in passing the BILL, all of those protestors in Hong Kong, will be extradited. Scary thought.

  3. During the ruling of Briton over HK after Opinion War for 150 years, Briton never gave HK people the freedom and democracy of vote and election. I never heard Westerners complained about that. Therefore to Westerners the democracy is not important but the chance to attack China is! Now HK people enjoy much more freedom than before under Briton’s colonial government.

  4. Those protesters are higher-quality people than Americans. Americans are FAT, apathetic, and happy with it. These crowds are what should have happened when Florida stole the election from Al Gore. These crowds are what should be happening in America to get rid of the Electoral College and minority rule.

  5. I have concluded these Hong Kong protesters are not capable of thinking further than the street they are on. They will end up welcoming Pompous Mike as the first US Governor of Hong Kong. LOL.

  6. Stay in the 💩💩💩💩hole you are making Hong Kongers, the west don't want y'all there and Canada have no more land for Chinese migrants.

  7. heh british… where are you???? u sold your soul to the communist china?why so quiet?why the british gov so quiet?the british scare of the communist?no balls to face the communist???or bride by the communist by money???

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