39 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Visit West Papua!

  1. indonesia atau australia atau usa ngga akan berbeda, sdanya akan tetap di eksploitasi, lihat timor leste dan papua niugini

  2. I know this is supposed to be satire but the papuan people should be grateful they are being colonized by Indonesia.

    The Papuan people are the most underdeveloped stupidest ugliest and most savage race of people on earth. Look at their brothers next door in Papua New Guinea. They are beyond third world, they have the highest homicide and rape rate on earth and with literally no infrastructure to even speak of.

    The Indonesians have made West Papua have a high standard of living, law and order, and they are richer than their neighbors so if anything the Papuan people in West Papua should be thanking the Indonesians.

  3. So basically Australia does exactly the same things for the same reasons to other countries as America….I'm ashamed!

  4. This is better than any ABC satire, ever! The only thing close is the brilliant Rake, which is fictional ….

  5. I think it's bad you make me laugh at such terrible deeds. But I get it. We humans are parasitic. Keep it up, really cool channel.

  6. I was born and living in southern of Papua. I am not native Papuan but my family had been living here for more than 100 years.
    Fyi, i dont give a shit for political issues… one that i keep believing is that if you dont work, you cant eat..

  7. orang australia buron kriminal dari inggris,giman nasib penduduk asli aborigin ,mikir bule GOBLOK KOEN

  8. When you get the Real news from entertainment and Fakery from "News" outlets. This is a Global epidemic. Just waiting for the people to stand up and kick the crap out of these Globalist Frauds, that have infected our world.

  9. After watching to these truth videos I feel better about myself. I love it. At least I know what´s going on.

  10. They couldve made this video in 2013
    Not when jokowi reigns bc he did a fuck ton of worm in papua to make their economies 100x better

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