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  1. NEW VIDEO: VISIT WEST PAPUA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjU8R8oj328

    Hi everyone, welcome to our latest Honest Government Ad: “Visit Timor-Leste”. Despite the title, this one is about Australia and our Government's policy towards our smaller neighbours in the region. Which is especially relevant now that our Government has decided to prosecute a former intelligence-agent (“Witness K”) for revealing how said Government screwed over Timor-Leste – the youngest and poorest nation in our neighbourhood – during negotiations over access to oil and gas resources. To understand why this prosecution is so vile and self-serving, rather than about protecting our national security, we need to know the history of the relationship between Australia and Timor-Leste – a sordid tale of repeated betrayals which most Australians are unfamiliar with. So that's what this HGA is all about.

    WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? — If you’d like to do something to support our neighbours in Timor-Leste, this is an organization that has come recommended – it supports Timorese women and children and is not affiliated to Australia’s foreign-aid complex (hence why not tax deductable!): https://www.etwa.org.au — You can also write to the Attorney General Christian Porter asking him to exercise his power under s.71 of the Judiciary Act to drop the prosecution of Witness K and Bernard Collaery. Here’s his email [email protected] (please keep it clean). — Lastly, you can help raise awareness about this whole shitshow by sharing the vid with your friends.

    PS. I've included a good list of sources and references in the video description, for anyone who wants to do further reading about this topic Or you can click directly on this online doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RxQ4ycCiasVqk5sjPAn5-dOJWA5UutTa6B1inSGO0nI/edit


  2. keep these coming.. its about time close minded individuals wake up to this bullshit.. its funny when you mention these things to the uneducated because they love to back the government like they are actually doing us a favor.. its usually 60s, 70s born people that trust in this bullshit because they grew up in an era of trust the government.. every word is a lie people.. they work for banks and companies.. once you all get that through your head (this may require thinking, you have been warned!!) we will never be able to change this blatant slave society.. but remember we are the majority.. and we cant do it alone.. the majority should have the majority share? wouldnt you agree? you wouldnt own 50% of a company and only get a 5% share would you? No, I highly doubt it.. yet we do it everyday with every pay, in everyway.. you think you are an independent person?. you are a number that is all.. so wake the fuck up people because I dont want my children growing up in a society where everything is controlled by corporation and corrupt self serving government. rant over..

  3. Far out that's good. Important to remember that the Australian population never sees much of any of these things… like how most of the mining goes to China. So the oil and gas there going to Japan isn't very surprising.

  4. Why don’t they do another video, but this time on how Timor is being run by a bunch of thieving, corrupt, uneducated, low-IQ, self-serving idiots who are wasting money ( Oecussi Special Economic Zone) and only care about stealing money for their families while the little people are starving?

  5. Ha! Love it. Thing is though, on the whole, people are out of control. Sure there are some few exceptions. But frankly not nearly as many as would claim to be? So we get the government most of us deserve. Because majority rules? So keep breeding and consuming like mindless idiots. Blame someone else, like the government, or the rich? Just don't take responsibility for your your own greedy excesses, otherwise you or your children might survive and this world can't afford for such a dangerously destructive species too survive?

  6. So basically OZZZ trail yer is an operating division of corporate USA … Good on y'all for having those SECRET COURTS though eh … saves sh*tloads of worry for the population !!!

    Maybe this is why The Average Bruce n Sheila Ocker is such a happy couple … they don't know sh*te ?

  7. This kind of corruption and con artistry are rife in Australian politics. If Australians knew half the stuff our politicians have done they should be shocked and angry… I know I am! is it any wonder why people are so disengaged with the voting system in this country when everyone of our politicians are just turds in suits? that is why these honest government ads are so important!! Should be aired on TV as community service announcements! Keep up the good work guys! Some of us ARE listening while the majority have their heads so far up their butts they don't notice these turds for what they really are!

  8. Im a descendent of ANZACS ( yes plural ) I'm not that fucking proud
    of what Australia has turned out to be and the way us Aussies have been
    left short by our governments of making a good and fair living here.

  9. Fairly certain, the revelations DSD was spying on East Timor during the oil and gas discussions came through wikileaks. But ffs, Aussie SAS did grant this country an independence they wouldn't of, and hadn't achieved any other way in decades of Indonesian repression, persecution and trying… Kind of omitted this pertinent fact hey, Juice Media?! …Couldn't get all Melbs SJW biatchy about it then could you?!

  10. Ok, this is pretty serious. Someone please reply with accurate facts.

    I am doing an engineering project with EWB Australia (Engineers without borders) for one my classes. And we have to come up with a solution from a bunch of listed problems of our choice. And it really will be implemented there. Is there anything I should know or am I doing it for the right party?

  11. Could be my nation unfortunately. Gods help us all because it seems sick corrupt government is all the main players in the world these days.

  12. I'm a Portuguese, very well informed, thank you (!), and I just have this to say…. BRILLIANT… SIMPLY BRILLIANT M8…!!! And I guarantee you, I don't say this easily. But it is very well explained, especially the area of US/Australia approval of Suharto's invasion of East Timor; after the Portuguese (+- 1974) declare THAT territory Free AND Independent and therefor, the International Law has been broken with the "complot" of these 4 "Gentleman's"… US, Australia, Indonesia & Co's…. Congratulation m8 and keep the BRILLANT work. Seen almost all your videos. BRILLANTE with Assange…! 😉 DO NOT STOP… 😉

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