29 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Visit the Northern Territory

  1. Brilliantly funny loved it… best so far…. but sends out serious message. As do all your vids.
    Great work.

  2. 0:22. "Fraking is a complex mining process whereby gas companies inject donations into the arseholes of politicians to release access to land so they can tap into shale and coal seam gas deposits." This should be in every kid's textbook across the country as it speaks more to the truth!

  3. Y'all are too smart to back the Paris climate deal. Sign over sovereignty to a group of countries that won't follow any rules as it is.

  4. This is total bullshit, fracking happens thousands of feet down, drinking water is almost never affected, one well out of a million. The ones in the US were bad before the fracking. So tell me the survey that shows the air pollution from fracking. Whale farts are a thousand times worse. Gas has always escaped from the earth, the gas is created from pressure. This is just an alarmists political hit job. I bet you believe in man-made climate change too, and nobody believes that hoax anymore. This is just dumb reactionary crap, do some honest research first.

  5. Same thing is happening on British Columbia, Canada. Subsidizing the biggest single source emissions project in our history in the middle of a climate crisis. Even dumber were flooding the last arable river valley to build and dam for power we dont need

  6. Been binge watching a fair few of your videos today and I would just like to say I enjoy the satire, and the Aussie sense of humour in all of them. Sadly though all of the content rings true. What I really enjoyed though was was watching these beautiful women who have such potty mouths. Thanks for making them, and making us aware of the stupidity and corruption of our politicians from around the world.

  7. I want that narrator for my home AI, she'd be like and he hasn't done s*it today, look at that wanker, all just sitting there and doing nothing and I'd get so f motivated to do something! By god I want her!

  8. Fracking is "bad" because its good for the economy.
    Fracking is "bad" for the left corrupted lobbyists.
    Fracking is "bad" for competition with monopolist corporations.
    Its down right EVIL of all.

  9. But you still want to spend all the government revenue it generates. When you call for huge cuts to government spending then your position would be credible, but as it stands this crap is just the same old disingenuous childish idiotic virtue signaling, which is the most the left can ever muster.

  10. You have to prove exactly which well polluted your water or you are SOL. Completely fair. Hahahahahaha

  11. Man alive! These are crazy vids! I love them, like a good horror movie but funnier…or something-'sharing' the heck of them! They're Wicked-ACE!

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