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  1. Nice bit of BS propaganda. Actually, they can and have been given plebiscites to vote on whether to remain a Commonwealth, apply for statehood or gain independence. Puerto Rican flags are everywhere and less than half the population speak English because it is not required. I was born there and while there are problems on the Island, the fact is the "rich" gringos who bought up everything are overwhelmingly democrats and Puerto Ricans vote as a block for democrats because they like having things given them by the gov't. Just take a look at Ms. AOC. She's Puerto Rican.

  2. PR does have one representative in Congress: Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico Jenniffer González-Colón. PR is a socialist paradise, with plenty of government borrowing, welfare, and a high minimum wage, the things leftists say they want. In both 2012 and 2017, Puerto Ricans voted to become a US state, so they don't seem keen on leaving this "terrible" American system that you speak of anytime soon.

  3. The gag law was actually made by their own legislature, however an American appointed governor did sign the law so I guess that kind of counts as us being involved.

  4. Then all that debt they went into default with was paid back with emergency relief money after a lucky hurricane hit it just after they defaulted on the debt funny how that happened.

  5. Meanwhile the international corporations are building up databases on everyone's compliance with every little bullshit law which they have brought about themselves to justify the persecution of anyone they disagree with.

  6. I have spent many weeks there in the last 2 years and I encourage anyone to go . I think it will help the economy there . I feel safer that in a lot of continental usa. Somethings like lemons are bizarrely expensive but otherwise it's often the same.

  7. When are we all going to overthrow all the governments. We outnumber them
    We could do it if we all came together on a global scale

  8. US-backed and owned puppet governments by the Zionist Banksters, makes this country (continent) the most murderous on planet Earth! There is no other country, that has caused so much human suffering and death, than American-Zionist-owned politicians!

  9. Can you please make a video about the government of Canada under prime minister Stephen Harper? (2006-2015) here’s some ammo: https://www.reddit.com/r/canada/comments/3nujab/list_of_reasons_not_to_vote_conservative/

  10. I could go on an explain why this team is so good and how incredibly talented she is, but instead I'd like to know who the fuck are the asshats that thumb down their videos. This is so fucked up

  11. For years, anyone who said "Viva Puerto Rico Libre" (Long Live Free Puerto Rico) was put in prison for a decade. The US sterilized a third of their population in La Operacion (The Operation) where white Spanish Puerto Ricans forced dark skinned indigenous Puerto Ricans to be sterilized. So they wouldn't "over populate" the Island. They tortured Puerto Rican Freedom Fighter, Pedro Albizo Campos to death by exposing his body to radiation. Fuck AmeriKKKa we need Rebellion.

    Give all land back to indigenous peoples. This European colonial experiment called the American Revolution failed. Time to try something better.

  12. I once asked some Puerto Ricans I was acquainted with why it is that they never became the 51st state, and they told me that the people for and against are pretty evenly matched. This means that all referendums to that effect result in a stalemate, because the undecided vote, the ones who could take it in one direction or another, simply won't. Personally, I think we're way beyond the shit-or-get-off-the-pot stage. Either we make them a state, or we cut them loose. The same for our other territories.

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