31 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | The Great Australian Bight

  1. I can see that you ladies can see right through politicians.
    Hopefully you can find some honest people out there.
    I'm sure that alot of your subscribers are on the level.

  2. MALGA classic!!!!! Make Australia Less Great Again under zio-jew owned corporations and allowed by zio-jew politicians.

  3. I love the oversized calculators. Sad to know every Gov't in the world is under a corrupt right wing Gov't.

  4. stop it u crazy bitches, gonna laught till lungs stop working. and yes birds u to have the finger on the pulse. kiss off life and don't touch my cock just dump me into the corral reef. see if the horse thiny give me kiss of life. under water horse don't care, hey on paternaity leave.

  5. Upsy-daisy I tripped over again got to protect my knees and elbows must avoid browsing and bruising 😁

  6. more great satire …. You make great Satire content the stuff that make you want to subscribe ….done just subscibed … good stuff

  7. I've watched a number of your videos and now I understand why you spell Australian in French ('Australien'). What an insecure, childish, and moronic government you have to deal with in Australia. Sorry you guys don't have a Bill of Rights like we do in the United States.

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