39 thoughts on “Honest Government Ad | Renewable Energy (NEG)

  1. We are doomed.
    6 yrs left before we all will be slaves.
    Freedom is the last word a slave speaks before realising its too late.

  2. Australian Government like all Zionist run World Governments all form total kakastrocracies filled with racketeering criminal psychopathic parasites parading as politicians.

  3. Thanks for this 😊❤ You lot should do one on Aussie drought/desertification (there's a good Ted talk on desertification for inspiration)…

  4. You SHOULD let the market decide. It's the state that prevents change to shield monopoly power from competition. Lobbyism exists for a reason.

  5. TheJuiceMedia is my new classroom. Now, must seek out and find satire geniuses in each country willing to start their own TheJuiceMedia channel. 🤔 Canada needs one. Haven't found a more entertaining way of connecting the dots. Bravo team JuiceMedia!

  6. India pretty much tried to revolutionise the solar energy until USA decided to stop this shit fuckery and dragged India into WTO for doing so which again for some amazing reason decided to put a stop to this shit show known as solar power revolution !!

  7. We need to regulate fossil energy companies more and even try to go after its shareholders. Stop grants for renewable companies if they are acquired by fossil energy ownership.

  8. Absolutely loving these ads. Greetings from Poland. A country where comon sense is still fighting back the influx of corporate bullshit.

  9. Sad thing is it takes a 1000 solar panels to run a 10hp air conditioner and won't do it at night you bimbo.

  10. Hahaha i loved the alien gray head above the australian government logo hahhaha that is not far from the truth

  11. I love seeing native bushland being cleared for Solar Farm acreage. Who needs trees and wild life anyway?

    BTW how are the recycling of first generation solar panels going? What? They can't be recycled? Who'd have thunk.

    You are right about BS but come on – CO2 is not the issue (plants need CO2) – environment destruction is and we should point the fingers at Multi National Corporations (cough, Coca-cola Amatil, cough, Nestle) and their ilk in saturating the land with Plastics and stealing Ground Water with the help of Governments the world over.

    Then there is Agro Business with petroleum based fertilizers and nicatoid based pest control (Monsanto/Bayer) and then there is the crap they spray into the atmosphere daily to "protect the planet".

    Many things need to be done but f-all being done except misinformation and scare mongering putting the focus where it isn't helping.

  12. The global warming lie, this is all for for big $$$$ corporations to profit with out tax dollars, the open new businesses with tax payers money and then collect $$$$$$ when we pay the bill, very smart, is like me opening a new business with no $ out of my pocket and then passing the expenses to the same people that gave me the money while I collect billions every month, that’s smart, but don’t worry the lefties socialist will be glad to do that, that’s how stupid they are.

  13. We let Saudis do what they want because Oil! This despite the sun shining, the wind blowing, the sea constantly moving & in my country, perfect climate for growing weeds for biofuel. Now we realise politicians do love the anarchy of Saudi crime.

  14. The Earth is flat. It does not move. It is covered with a dome. All just as God designed it.

    There is no such thing as climate change.

    John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10

  15. British tech like this is brilliant –
    Cryogenic energy
    Air turns to liquid when cooled down to -196°C (-320˚F) and can then be stored very efficiently. Re-gasification can then used to drive a turbine and create electricity without combustion.

  16. because if you get rid of coal the world will end. solar panels look ugly wind turbines kill too many birds.

  17. Sorry Juice, but you're way off base on this one. Cutting fossil fuel subsidies is OK, but governments should only tax gasoline and diesel as needed to support the infrastructure of motoring. All subsidies for renewables should also be cut.

    Why? Because the concept of man made climate change is a total crock. All of the climate models ever created have been gross over-simplifications that cannot come anywheres close to making reliable predictions. If some guy gave you tips on horse races many times and was never right, would you bet the farm on his next prediction? Of course you wouldn't, so why would you bet on the predictions of a bunch of hacks that have never been correct?

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