Homeowner tips: Don't lose thousands with your insurance policy

Homeowner tips: Don't lose thousands with your insurance policy

hey they're real-estate champions and welcome back so it's time for insurance whether it's car insurance our home insurance or boat insurance or whatever your insurance we all know where you should know that you can get a better rate if you bundle now that's a fantastic thing but I'm going to tell you a money saving tip literally could save you thousands another one today that happened to my client and I want to save you from that headache okay so are you ready to get started let's do it alright so if this is your first time joining us i'm cindy lou schmidt broker realtor and I really love that you're here to join us and hope that you'll subscribe so recently a client was telling me about something that had happened to them and it's super simple it really could happen to anyone in regards to their insurance so they have their home bundled you know and they've got their car insurance all together and they have multiple vehicles and what happened was they ended up selling one of their vehicles and they have two of the same vehicle same model right and they sold one and call their insurance company and said hey just so you know take this off my insurance plan and you know I've sold it I've gotten rid of it and and yeah so they called their insurance company did that and also after they spoke to the person they also sent an email to request the same so what ended up happening was they wanted to make things simple they had everything on an automated payment plan right going directly debit a direct debit from their bank account which is pretty normal unfortunately what they ended up finding out because they were doing their taxes and just kind of looking at you their paperwork when they were like that's really weird cuz my car insurance is really really expensive that doesn't make any sense and you know what ended up happening was the insurance company never ended up taking that extra vehicle insurance off the policy and so it was you know a couple of hundred dollars in it more for the rest of the and you can imagine that really adds up it was over $1500 and so this person called the insurance company and told him about this issue and they're pretty good I guess in terms of customer service but it ended up being a case of how can we prove this and fortunately because my client was very prudent and just had a feeling they had the email that they had sent months and months and months ago like almost a year ago to make the change and because of that they got their refund for the difference pretty much immediately and that credit immediately now what would have happened if they hadn't had that email how would you have been able to prove that so the lesson I took from this and that I'm going to tell all of my clients and what I'm telling you now is if you make changes where you're reducing something on on your policy where you're removing something on your policy go ahead and send an email in addition to a phone call and just have it in writing you know it's super simple it takes five minutes but what a headache it would have been to either be out fifteen hundred dollars or go through a long process of proving cuz the onus was on the the the policyholder the homeowner and the vehicle policy owner to prove that and it all worked out in the end but that is my tip write your emails to confirm the same whenever you're making a policy change on your insurance plan that probably applies for other stuff like banking and whatnot we don't really email for that but definitely for insurance so I hope you found this useful have you ever had something like that happen with your insurance where it got messy if so go ahead and comment below I'd love to hear about it or if you have any other tips that are really good for homeowners and of course a vehicle owners well that's my video for today I hope you enjoyed that go ahead and hit the like button subscribe and I'd love to hear your comments I will see you next Friday thanks so much bye-bye now

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