Homeboy Industries - "Stand With Us"

Homeboy Industries – "Stand With Us"

it's sort of the similar thing when you say wow I went to the soup kitchen today and I fit all these homeless people I got more than I gave you know but it's deeper than that because it's really about people entering into relationship with each other that is mutually life-giving or our reporter asked me once how does it feel to have saved thousands and thousands of lives I go I don't know what you're talking about I know that my life is saved every day that I'm here I know that I get rescued every second that I'm in this office many of these kids have never had an opportunity they have almost no education most of them have some kind of criminal record and father Gregg has an ability to look at them and see only their potential homeboy industries for me was my starting point to a successful future as a man and as a law abiding citizen this is a place where an individual can walk through and change his life around and become a productive member of society you keep these young people out of prison you give them a salary which makes them feel good about themselves which then gives them the means to put money back into the community it's an investment to to give to homeboy industries this is helping people who live in your community who are going to stay in your community and have their own families giving them way to get out of the situation that they're in gangbangers are more than just gang beggars they're human beings and a lot of individuals are born into it and a lot of individuals are there not because they want to be but homeboy Industries did for me it gave me an opportunity to have a voice and that's something I didn't have growing up no one ever took the time to listen gang members spent a lot of time stuck in a despair that's pretty bleak gang violence is really about the lethal absence of hope great many of them are so deeply hugely traumatized so if you don't transform your pain you keep transmitting it so my mom raised me the best that she could but the best that she could was a lot of violence a lot of abuse metal verbal or physical my outlet was the streets my outlets was drugs I end up living in the back of a trash can on Skid Row homeboy stands with the demonize so that the demonizing will stop there isn't anybody who doesn't belong to this community of kinship kinship at homeboys for me that was a big word kinship what is considered these opposing gang members working hand-in-hand you know baking bread and making coffees in the cafe you know different races different cultures different beliefs coming into one roof it's not about I will heal you and you will receive the gift of my healing it's about mutuality that we're all in need of healing we're all a cry for help the barriers are broken down among gay members among the volunteers among the donors all those level when you see it in them you can't help but feel transformed yourself and and it's brought out a lot of my own vulnerability that I just kind of kept down inside you feel raw and open around them all the people who run the place now those are transformed lives transforming of their lives I realize a lot of people think that because of all of you know our restaurants and and resale we may not need more money the businesses are not businesses like a regular business might be they're utilized as an entry and a way for our clients to learn the skills that they need to go out into the general workforce I got the opportunity to be a drug counselor you know and now I'm helping others but the tricky thing about it the funny thing about is that I work two blocks away from that that corner where the trash can was that I used to live at on Skid Row I've key grip several shows several commercials several music videos my best boy 80% of the time if homeboy Industries didn't exist then I don't know where I'll be at today I don't know if I'll still be in the streets I don't know if I'll still be incarcerated I don't know if I'll be in the film industry I have no idea that we have an enormous ly successful program of keeping people out of the criminal justice system and when you think of every person who would otherwise reenter that doesn't that we've helped we save enormous invest money from the community that's an economic reason to do it but for us I think it's more the emotional side what if we believed that no lives matter less than other lives what if we were to invest in people rather than just try to incarcerate our way out of problems it's just part of being the family of Los Angeles and we've got to do it

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  1. I can't believe that Jeff Bezos now is worth 112 billion dollars but either he is too busy or too greedy to make a donation to such a beautiful organization

  2. i remember when he use to visit me in camp challengers in Lancaster every Thursday night for bible study 😁

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