HITMAN 2 – Halloween Trailer (Free Update)

HITMAN 2 – Halloween Trailer (Free Update)

[lightning rumbles] [ominous music with a ticking clock starts] [music spikes] [shrieking noise] [minor ‘jump’ scare] [ominous music with ticking clock returns] [ominous music with ticking clock intensifies] Orson: [breathes… ominously] [ominous pumpkin appears] [The wetsuit is finally an unlock. Please stop asking now]

100 thoughts on “HITMAN 2 – Halloween Trailer (Free Update)

  1. I already knew this was going to be the map 😏 I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they turn over in bed 😈

  2. would love for colorados tactical gear and whittleton creeks suburban suit to be unlockable without the hat or the new gloves respectively

  3. Not enough horrors that make you play as the hunter rather then the hunted and Hitman does that and it’s not even a horror game

  4. The gameplay trailer is horrifying, the actual gameplay is funny. I love hitting people with heat seeker briefcase.

  5. Does anybody know if the wetsuit is going to be unlockable at some point? (Either through an Elusive Target or a challenge pack or an Escalation)? If I remember correctly they're planning on it but since there's no news I was wondering if they changed their mind and made an announcement that I might've missed. Any comments or info is appreciated.

  6. 1:09
    [ The wetsuit is finally an unlock. Please stop asking now ]
    Some times keeping the captions on has its benefits.

  7. No one believed me when I said this would be for Hawke’s Bay…
    Guess they should have listened 😆
    All treats, no tricks.

  8. That is very cool of you devs, you have it in hawkes bay so players who have the legacy pack (because they played hitman 1) can play this too even though they dont have hitman 2

  9. I was really wishing for an all out decorated WHITTLETON CREEK with a creepy night setting and mission with a Halloween Party where everyone is dressed up.

  10. The ability for composing these trailers for new maps or additional content by the team is incredible. Always get me hyped up even though I've been playing for years.

  11. Did anyone get a sense of hint of some kind of ritual where you must drag the target body to the grave site? 🤔 Or maybe I'm just thinking too much 😅

  12. They chose this map so people with the F2P version of Hitman 2 can also play it. A very good move from the devs IMO; thanks!

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