History of Elections in India

History of Elections in India

31 thoughts on “History of Elections in India

  1. where is things like indelible ink, TN Seshan , about political reform , 61st amendment, its all about politics n modi. …………………………………

  2. The infromation that is needed must given without wasting other time so people are search not for what you known about the constitution very miserable was you describe that is needed d'nt fool poeple come to point when we search in youtube india so much is missing

  3. Surely, this video documentary will help me in my UPSC examinations to crack it. One day, I will rock and become IAS to serve Indian Citizens as a Public Servant under Section 21 and as Government servant under section 14 of Indian Penal Code, 1860. Thank you Rajya Sabha TV for your mighty contribution. Iam "looking forward to see" more documentaries regarding history of India, Science and technology of the future and more geographical videos from you 🙏🙏🙏

  4. "Pappu…. Chorr Congress" Wrote that just to get your attention… But deep down we know that rahul gandhi is innocent person though have a very weak voice, Modi is all what "48 Laws of Power" book teach… I want to tell all modi supporters read that book, you vote modi just because you are a victim, he uses most of the powers written in that book especially inflamming people's emotions, we Indians have great IQ but EQ it's so easy to get manipulated, wake up, both are not suitable for prime minister level but one is little weak(However with great backups like manmohan and another talented people) and other is negative(who is not educated enough to know about development) on top of that he gives employment to goons like yogi, So I believe in all of you that all of you are smart enough, comeout of this illusions which modi is trying to show you.

  5. There are two big take aways from this : A- The stable and strong governments have been a rare happening in India since the Independence. And B – Abki baar fir se modi sarkar.

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