100 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton suggests Russians are grooming a Democrat for 2020

  1. Tulsi is no Democrat. She only joined them because she ran in Hawaii and no RepubliKKKan can get elected there. She's a Hindu Manchurian candidate and Russian mole. Hillary is right as she was on Deplorables!

  2. The thing about Hillary is, she has no creativity or imagination. That's why "Russians" is her siren song. Its all she's got, except for the extra 40 lbs. she's taken on. Why can't these idiots wait for confirmation? Soon CNN will go the way of RT. Hahahaha!

  3. This Old fuc— HAG needs to just shut the fu—- up . She's the most disgusting creature on Earth at this time .

  4. What a vile and disgusting lowlife Clinton is. Gabbard is the most decent, courageous and strategically adept candidate of all. Tulsi has a spine of steel, integrity and presence like no other in politics today.

  5. To be honest, I think Hillary Clinton is probably right about Tulsi Gabbard. I have also observed that Russian media is kind of soft towards her and some white nationalist types also support her for some reason. It is possible that she is not intentionally inviting this support but they do seem to like some of her comments, thinking and policy positions. So, yes, Russia may nevertheless decide to support her, even if she is not actively seeking their support.

  6. If anyone come to the table with reason and rationality the powerful people will tear them down. There will never be a rational unbiased person in the whitehouse ever again…

  7. If you're against WAR then that means you're a Russian asset? What a load of complete bullshit. Hillary is a criminal.

  8. Isn't it funny how Clinton claims Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard are Russian assets, yet cannot back up her claims (especially for someone who supposedly was a lawyer).  It certainly wasn't Tulsi Gabbard or Jill Stein who paid for a former foreign agent to dig up Russian dirt on her 2016 opponent Trump, it certainly wasn't Gabbard or Stein who wrote those emails which showed how the DNC/DCCC strategy was to highly promote Trump through their corporate media outlets because they judged him to be the best candidate for their heir apparent Hillary Clinton to run against and it certainly wasn't Gabbard or Stein who made the decision for Hillary Clinton to stay away from those crucial States to campaign and which eventually proved her downfall in the 2016 election.  Hillary Clinton is very good at blaming everyone else for her election loss (and her corporate media war machine are working overtime to keep up that narrative) and continues to shout it from the rooftops at every opportunity – she needs to go away and never return.  Clinton is not a woman of the people, instead she has continually shown her distain for the working class and middle class by treating them as an inconvenience to getting what she wants.  The Democratic Party has shown itself to be the Hillary Clinton Party just as Trump has done with the Republican Party.  Deceiving the American people is what this is all about, however over time it's become harder to do, especially as more people have woken to the truth.

  9. Their beef goes back years after Tulsi supported Bernie over Hillary because of Hillary’s stance and policies on war. Hillary is so petty no joke. If you don’t believe me, google this up and you will see when their beef actually started. Hillary is such an establishment puppet, Tulsi is standing up for her beliefs, and this smear has no evidence behind it. Just go away Hillary, you’re so petty for holding this grudge for so long.

  10. Its amazing how its been accepted that Russia is and will be involved in the outcome of the AMERICAN ELECTIONS! The focus of Americans are on individuals making statements instead of addressing the real issue, which is a foreign power interfering in the elections. Wow !!! Wonder would President Kennedy or Reagan would had to say ??????

  11. Theory, Hillary Clinton's age is causing her to go senile like Two-Faced Joe Biden and now they think everyone is a Russian agent.

  12. It's really telling when I agree with the Russian propaganda. I don't like our wars in the middle east, I think we should get out immediately. I'm with the Russians on this one, that doesn't make me a Russian asset.

  13. Social media is full of Russian Trolls. Check Tik Tok. Lot of Trump2020s.. Dems,,, You have no choice. Putin will again win in 2020.

  14. Who would want endless war ? Endless murder ! American soldiers dying for snakes like Hilary and friends, same soldiers could be back in America helping out there BUT nope out there dying for nothing 🤔 killing for nothing ! Endless wars of nothing, but cash for a few elite beings.

  15. 3:28 These people clearly have no clue about Russian culture or Russia. Ridiculous. The US media always projects its sins onto others. It's the US who interferes with everyone's elections, not Russia.

  16. Did Tulsi sell Uranium to the Russians? Or was it Hillary? In exchange for BJ Clintons 1/2 million dollar speech to a Russian oligarch.

  17. Clinton is a complete nutter and CNN backing the democrats is 2nd in the Nutter scenario.
    Russians under the bed complete stupidity.

  18. Why does anyone listen to this woman anymore? Oh yes, the Clinton Foundation can buy it’s way into any show and flood social media.

  19. Hillary, guess what? You lost. Get over it. No one cares what you think. I, for one , don't care what anyone on Twitter has to say.

  20. as usual hillary will accuse others of what shes guilty of , lets take another look at hillary and russia im sure we can find some links

  21. Yet again Vladimir Putin will be indulging in a smirk and a chortle at the Americans' expense. Their fevered politics is such fertile ground that whatever noxious seeds he casts on it take root and grow like crazy.

  22. Hummm, it's so interesting that everyone is just jumping on Clinton and letting their hatred of her take precedence over the FACT that Russia actually DOES groom candidates!! …and if you look at the candidate's policies, it's not that far fetched. Plus Gabbard's reaction was so over the top; if it were me and this wasn't true, I would have just laughed at Clinton's statement and explained the views in question; I wouldn't have attacked her that hard… Clinton is done, she's inconsequential, what does this matter?? …except for your reaction!! All Americans need to read Malcolm Gladwell's "talking to Strangers" because you are your own worst enemy!!

  23. Yes but what Donald Trump “does to people” is call them out when they ACTUALLY commit crimes- Hillary just blames everything on Russians. Stop pretending to be outraged CNN- we know that you’re all zucker bots.

  24. I'm surprised that the Clinton News Network even covered this. Shouldn't they be getting back to the 450th thing that's going to get Trump impeached? I heard he farted this morning and a congressional committee is investigating how it smelled and leaking it to the media.

  25. What Hillary said is indefensible full stop. Just because you don't agree with Tulsi's political views (or can't get over losing an election) doesn't make her a Russian asset. Tulsi served 2 tours in the middle east and is a major in the US Army National Guard. This is everything wrong with politics. Smh.

  26. When you want the guilty one to expose themself, just get them to react. Gabbard fell for it. She should have watched Ted 2.

  27. Hillary Clinton is now completely unhinged having never gotten over her loss of the last Presidential Election. Hillary evidently feels the person being influenced by the Russians or a "Russian asset" is a woman, but it could also be Jill Stein or one of the men as she just makes the statement without any specifics.
    A good thing she was not elected in the last election as there are definitely mental issues she has yet to resolve due to these recent claims of more Russian influence in American politics.

  28. Hillary SHOULD run for president. When she polls at zero % she might get a clue as to what the country thinks of her.

  29. I'm 76 years old and can remember back around 1960 when a Republican librarian where I was working told me that Adlai Stevenson and "Krucheff" (that's how she pronounced it) were "just like that", putting her two index fingers together. Accusing your political enemies of being in cahoots with the Russkies is as old as the hills.

  30. I hope she runs in 2024… chances of beating trump are slim to none for anyone. Going to to toe with him will only destroy any future aspirations to run again after you lose. I hope Tulsi gets to run on a clean slate in 2024.
    Maybe running as a independent could keep her relevant and not get destroyed 1-1… Democrats need to quit being short sighted and look at the big picture. Having a third party candidate make a big dent in the votes would give them a better idea of who to nominate for 2024 (which is the soonest they will realistically be able to take the white house). In NFL terms, its like tanking to get a better draft pick, when you know you have no shot at a Superbowl.

  31. Trump and his loons as conspiracy theorists is already more than we can handle. We don't need Hillary adding to the mix. I don't know what she's basing this assumption on, but if she's so confident she's right, she should share what she knows with the rest of us. This country's politics is a circus enough already. She herself was the victim of ridiculous conspiracies. She should know better than to do the same thing to others.

  32. She is so bitter that the Russians lost the Presidency ! But I understand! Because the real reason why Trump won was because of the Third party (Sanders)! Hillary should just go back to doing what ever she was doing!! You Lost get over it.

  33. Do people realize the Clintons are worth almost a billion dollars, and claim themselves they were "dead broke the day they got to the Whitehouse" ? You fill in the blanks.

  34. So why wasn't this network critical of the Russian collusion allegations against president Trump? But when it's their own, oh oh let's not jump to conclusions…

  35. I can’t believe Hillary would stoop so low as to attack a war veteran, maybe being from Hawaii brings back bitter memories of getting her lunch eaten in front of her by another person from Hawaii. Two time losers ought to get lost. She’s starting to make me feel it may not be such a bad idea to have a viable third party. And Hillary, take the PUMAs with you when you go.

  36. And if it happens the way she says it does… Americans will still deny the facts as Clinton puts it. American politics is hilarious and extremely ridiculous.

  37. ANY evidence of that, Hillary??? I will vote for anyone but Trump. Republican challenger, Democratic challenger, independent challenger, or third party. The witch has got to go!

  38. Who sold uranium to Russia or am I mistaken? Tulsi wouldn't kiss ass and supported Bernie now HC is trying to get back at Tulsi what a c–t.

  39. AS a life long Democrat, I don't care what Hillary days. If her lips are moving… she's lying. Let me know when she has been indited for her many crimes, ONE OF WHICH WAS ACTUALLY TRULY COLLUDING WITH THE RUSSIANS (the Steele dossier) AND ACTUALLY THE FACTS HAVE CONFIRMED HILLARY CHEATED IN BOTH THE PRIMARY AND THE GENERAL ELECTIONS! Jesus, enough is enough!

  40. Gotta wonder how does she seem to know so much about what Russians are doing, hey this is what you ignorant dems let her do to trump pathetic go uthanize al your off spring to keep them from contaminating even more of the world

  41. Hillary should not speak at all, but Tulsi is a traitor in the Democratic Party. Whether sites and bots alleged to support her is true or false,She is a distraction and this is how Trump will win 2020.

  42. In the end, any American who refuses to die in wars for Israel, is a confirmed Russian agent.
    This literally is a clоwn wоrId!

  43. As a liberal I disagree with Trump on a lot, but the more Hillary Clinton talks the more I'm glad Trump her beat. The Clintons are vial & pathetic, and represent everything wrong with US politics.

  44. As a bernie supporter. Hillary is grade A trash and im glad she lost to trump. I will be happy to watch trump win again if democrats dont nominate a real progressive like bernie. Because im not casting a vote for any establishment candidate

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