Hilary Benn addresses People's Vote rally on 3rd Brexit anniversary

Hilary Benn addresses People's Vote rally on 3rd Brexit anniversary

I've come along because I think it's really important to show support for people's Oh because I think we've told so many lies in the first in the referendum I think we just want to show protester what's happening currently really because you don't feel that the people in power really represent us or understand yeah in a 10 years time or 12 20 years time I my granddaughter's to say to me now no where were you when that when they were we were trying to stop people from leaving the EU there are choices that we have to make our nation is divided as to what those choices should be Parliament is deadlocked and there is no mandate for No Deal Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt if you're listening today we indeed are saying to you there is no mandate for No Deal and no majority in parliament

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  1. Boris Johnson at the leadership hustings made mention of the prevailing court case. The case was lodged by Robin Tilbrook a solicitor who widely consulted several highly ranked persons in law both within the UK and the EU. The argument of the Tilbrook case is very solid. Currently the government is planning to expend over £1 000 000 of taxpayer money on an outsider barrister to increase costs to undermine a crowd-funded defence of the British Constitution and Rule of British law.

    The MSM has deliberately tried to keep this information from the public. Every MP is aware of this development as it has been published in a document held at the Parliamentary library. The entire democratic process is being undermined relentlessly by politicians who care nothing about the rule of law – just like the expense's scandal – only much more severe in its consequences.

  2. Don't you think that the whole Brexit argument is like the film "Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers" depending what version you watch but I like the original and the Donald Sutherland/Leonard Nimoy version myself..Anyway…it's like "pod people" are replacing everyone and you can make your minds up which side the "replacements" are on but let's say the people that realise the danger they're in from being "taken over" are hunted down and can't stay awake and get replaced. The finger pointing bit and the sound of being singled out is like the Leave/Remain debate…democracy should be working but has been hijacked and ultimately regardless of who wins…we're doomed either way as it'll never be the same again…another situation where wallpapering over cracks is a thankless task!.

  3. Between Benn, Watson and the Guardian, their behaviour has done more to ingrain opposition to what they propose than farage, Boris et al could ever wish for….other than the war criminal and his cronies if course.

    Give it up you obnoxious out of touch gobshites. Why not try working on what got us here…..years of political corruption, London centric investment and privatisation of everything we owned at the cost of the very people who pay for the employment of these bastard politicians.

  4. We already left the EU on March 29th 2019. It is written into the British Constitution (higher than statute/ government law) The government are keeping this secret from the public. Why? You decide #daddydragon

  5. YOU Idiots are the same insane losers like the Demonrats in the USA. People voted….YOU lost GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. There is a mandate for no deal, the people that got the vote past gave that mandate and just because a failing parliament is not following the wishes of the people that wanted and voted to leave the EU does not mean there is no mandate. This self-serving government is acting against what the people that voted for BREXIT wanted. Bring back Democracy to the UK #OutlawMarxism #ThePeopleAreTheMandate

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