39 thoughts on “Hilarious Media Meltdowns Over the Mueller Report

  1. Make sence that CNN sent out 200 pink slips as direct result of poor ratings after the report

  2. you are only african-american if you were born in africa and legally immigrated here and earned a citizenship. otherwise you are a US citizen of North America.

    you will divide us no more!!

  3. These blacks have been mislead and hood winked so bad. It is so pathetic to see and listen to them, to the point it is embarrassing. Come on man wake up and see what has happened to you by the democrat party.They have played you like a fiddle people.

  4. It’s unamerican to react this way…shouldn’t they be happy there was no Russian collusion???? (Rhetorical) pathetic liberal assholes, Fk em all!

  5. To the African American news man with the white puffy afro……I don't care who you are, there is some kind of dirt in everybody's closet. We all have skeleton's. The only difference is, (especially in the United States) which person, individual's, and, or political party will have to suffer from their wrong doing's. tell me I'm wrong. I'm in my 40's, and as I have seen this type of stuff through the years it seems to me that the Dem's get away with so much more that the Conservative side of the aisle. I mean lets be honest (I'm sure the Dem's will not be) If Trump had done all that Hillary has done, do you think he would be President right now??????

  6. There is a day coming where all these people will face. That is God and truth. That day will be the most horrible day for them. All their lie's replayed before God to hear. Thu shalt not make false witness against thy neighbor. That is THEIR day. I don't want to be there to see the scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!:

  7. This is just a whining session captured on live television. And they are calling it news… This is a bunch of pathetic morons complaining about things not going their way. They are looking for ANY WAY to get at this President and his family. All for the crime of winning the Presidency out from under the feet of one of the most criminal candidates in US history. Im so glad that Trump won because it has shone a light so bright on the media and their biases against the public. We can see what they are really all about now and I feel better knowing that I have been lied to all my life. So I need to question everything I have ever known especially if it came from the media

  8. You will find out Obama is the most corrupt regime in history, and it is all coming out now. Get ready to go to Gitmo.

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