49 thoughts on “Highlights from Trump’s G20 news conference

  1. Highlights of America's criminal Rapist In Chief at the G20 Summit. What's he saying while standing behind that podium? Nothing of importance to the human race.

  2. Ms. Harris is a black woman and Trump will never give her any credit for holding her own with a bunch of white peoples, she a former Prosecute and Trump went there and make a fool out of his self again.

  3. Who let the fool out, who.
    Oh I forgot he is a genius. How could I.not remember that alternative truth. My bad, ooops

  4. This man is harming National unity, Conservative optics, and the Republican party.
    Simultaneously annihilating the English language. Multi tasking on an Olympic level.

  5. Whether an economy does well or poorly is never really the doing of just the president. Its absurd to think that the actions of hundreds of millions of people all boil down to a single person in any democracy. Stop taking sole credit for the economy you narcissist. Besides it was already on an upward trend for 7 years before you became president.

  6. donald trump is what happens when someone with no political experience is given any political power. Never forget. I would say "I told you so" but that is just a bit redundant at this point.

  7. Dude. .. people call this man a retard..u ever make a billion dallors..I love how everybody in here probably loves Hillary demonic rapping coke heads Clinton.. They're all fkn evil… Hillary is for the NWO just like bush Sr.,Clinton,Bush, and ofcourse Obama.. Don't know what NWO is? Starts with the collapse of the$..A NEW WORLD ORDER..A world with one currency.. DON'T BELIEVE ME.. VIDEO OF BUSH SR. ON YOUTUBE TALKING ABOUT IT 40 YRS AGO..

  8. Satan takes to the stage again:

    Hilter! Hitler! Hitler! Is his subconscious thinking method…so he thinks; so he acts!

  9. One of his better performances at a news conference. Democrats love for wide open borders and free health care for illegals may create an unpleasant election environment a year an a half from now.

  10. GOP needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Promoting this ignorant and illiterate President is only throwing your entire party under the bus.

  11. "NY, NJ, CT, MA massively subsidize Trump states, basically because those states receive the full benefits of Medicare, Social Security, etc. while paying relatively little in federal taxes. Which is OK, because we're all Americans – or at least that's how libs see it 2"



  12. I mean look at this and it's 2016 over and over and over and over again. So many about how you said they really want to have any of a great leader going to have a difficult challenge guess what everyone should have a better responsibility because everyone should know this already just trying to understand but very carefully. Well guess what nobody knows the whole story because Democrats already responsibilities for American language and stretching from everywhere across the states on July 6th 2016 did not understand that Wednesday I mean future is going to be for Democrats on 2010 days for all citizens going to have to keep moving forward to grandchildren because Democrats already have responsibilities in the past the present and the future from some people want to come United States of America and South America from friends and Neighbors I spent all the way to the north because everyone want to come to America it is Democrats that is responsibility always complaining already brainwashed but some of the ear that you do understand baby Caspar Lee from America and South America in freshly all the way to the north Canada so what's going on right now about it because someone is jealous

    And especially that I had to tell you something I wish different Airline and new neighbors and become allies as a friend wait on by the year of 2020 to 2010 and HRC or she's going to be the next president of the United States of America that is responsibility it is to keep America United and whoever they are has to be responsibilities with all different people at different language because sometimes the new note something on the same language or different language because what kind of responsibility that for the American people going to have to be a 20 candidates by the year of 2020

  13. Americans do yourselves a favour and vote this president out. He tweeted Kim Jong Un to see him at DMZ when apparently there was 'behind the scenes' plans of this meeting. Wow! This president can't stop lying.

  14. Context: after ex pres Jimmy Carter broke tradition and spoke ill of trump while overseas & After the reporter asked trump on the matter. Trump simply responded.

  15. 90 % of the people watching this…. 🤜🏽have more common sense than the President of the USA. On the plus side, he has stop using the podiums as a walker; 😂his health has improved

  16. Just wondering how can the economy be doing so well when working people have to live in their car because wages are so low they can't even afford a place to live and eat. . I believe that unemployment numbers are incorrect, and that most new jobs being created have wages a person can't survive on. What I have seen in this Trump administration is huge tax breaks for big business and the super wealthy. I haven't seen much done for the working class Americans. I don't like the way Trump sides with our foes and degrades his own intel and advisors. The constant lying and berating of people is unbecoming of a leader of the American people. I believe we need to have provisions to prevent someone like Trump to hold any office in America. In all all the USA did at the G20 Summit if further solidify the danger Trump has put America and it's population in poor world standing If Trump's behavior remains the same I fear WWIII will occur, or we will become a dictatorship

  17. Mmm yeess, I luv POTUS supporting a dictator, who promotes nuclear weapons. Now when is POTUS going to do something for our environment

    Edit: I just realized that he is not screaming. Usually he would scream or raise his voice.

  18. God , what a brazen face! The worst USA president ever and he dares criticise others. This individual is totally irresponsible, empathetic, a liar and a racist.

  19. Somebody shoot this orange colostomy bag of flatulence and lies. Hope you get cancer mr. President !

  20. Trump is a brilliant NYC businessman  –  great with crunching the numbers.  Always a really nice man.  Helped so many families/hospitals/children's causes in NYC before he was Pres  –  cabbies,  construction workers,  nurses,  police officers,  garbage collectors,  etc.  –  he loves the common man.  I trust his decisions with our economy completely.

  21. Trump desecrates the memory of all who sacrificed for their country in Korea by begging Kim Jong un to meet with him.

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