23 thoughts on “HIDDEN CAM: NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, "They Bus People Around to Vote"

  1. NYC Elections Official Scoffs at Mayor’s Call for Him to Resign Over Voter Fraud Claims

    By Madina Toure • 10/18/16 4:25pm

  2. I don't know how we got on This channel but I am a Republican and think President Donald Trump is the best thing that ever happened to this country… If Hillary Clinton got in after What Happened with the emails and Her Doing in bengazi …. the list goes on all the way down to the Democratic floor for the say basement….. Our country is being invaded and it's under attack because of them dam democrats….. My family And I will never stop Fighting for this country..

  3. The bus loads should be locked up and the 🚌 🚎 busses should be confiscated and those people who are leasing , renting contracting the busses should be charged with conspiracy to defraud the elections and hung. See something say something right?

  4. This explains the need for the electoral college but even that can be defeated if voter fraud overwhelms the system.

  5. That’s why Democrat voter turnout in big cities is always very high. 2018 midterms here in Wisconsin. Tony Evers won because of Milwaukee and Madison..both heavily liberal run cities. The rest of the state voted majority for Walker.

  6. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/12/07/republicans-voter-fraud-north-carolina-column/2226567002/

  7. How else would someone like Ocasio Cortez be elected?
    They are all like this in NYC…
    Libtarded Dems…

  8. I'd honestly be fine with this, because there just trying to show voter fraud, but targeting minorities like blacks and muslims isn't okay. Voter fraud is bipartisan.

  9. The democrats are totally destroying our nation. We will be at war within a decade. Constitutionalists can not allow the country to be torn apart by the liberal media & the George Soros's .

  10. He can think how he wants so I won’t judge. I will say thank you for this information because it seems to me some of the elected or political people are picking a side for a job not because they believe in mostly all -a majority -of one party

  11. I am now viewing the decline of normalcy,and the start of anarchy. Thank God I planned and trained for the worst ! So,why are we not seeing counter videos of Republicans attempting the cheat the ele ctoral process ?? HHHHMMMmmmm ???

  12. Read the article of the effort to energize the black vote in favor of Gillum in Florida. The comment that stood out to me was the black woman who admitted to not knowing the issues but she wanted all black voters to vote for Gillum because she knew he was black, and black voters have to support him because he is black. Can you imagine the uproar from the Democratic party and the fake news if a white person was interviewed and said the same thing about a white candidate? I believe that is a clear case of RACISM. Oh wait…black people cannot be racists.

  13. James – why am I having trouble finding the video that shows the guy admitting they hire mentally ill people to agitate Trump voters and cause chos. He was fired. Please provide a link for that video.

  14. 1. This is only evidence that Alan Schulkin believes the voter fraud conspiracy theory. It is not evidence that the belief is true.

    2. He has has voiced his advocacy for voter ID in public, not just on hidden camera. That public platform has never provided any evidence, and he never stated he was privy to any evidence or information suggesting that voter fraud was real. It is a personal belief. (Evidence = Reason to Believe)

    3. Independent and partisan commissions on both sides of the isle have investigated and found no evidence of mass voter fraud.

    4. If there were buses of organized illegal voters (millions of people according to Trump), concealing the operation would be logistically impossible. Any conspiracy theory requires all participants to refrain from exposing the alleged scheme. The probability of a conspiracy should be penalized in accordance with the alleged conspiracy's complexity and size. (See Occam's Razor)

    4. No one has ever seen those buses. No participant at a polling site snapped a cell phone picture or instigated a fight. No footage or stories exist.
    (Hunting for a shred of confirmation that the voter buses were real I eventually came across a viral post where someone claimed to have spotted the voter buses and posted a picture, and it was quickly and conclusively debunked.)

    5. Anecdotally, I've never once seen organized voter buses show up at the busy polling location I visit in Ohio every election.

  15. Wow!!! That’s insane everybody need to see this
    They ask for ID to buy a beer why not for VOTE
    Somebody have to do something about it that’s crazy!!

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