Health Care, Guns, Immigration Headline Dem Debate | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Health Care, Guns, Immigration Headline Dem Debate | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

62 thoughts on “Health Care, Guns, Immigration Headline Dem Debate | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. If Trump had his way NO universal health care, no public education and increase taxes, and let the middle class continue to suffer.

  2. Yes, lets circle around Uncle Joe while he spits on "Hope & Change", and says that we need social workers to help black families because they don't know how to raise their kids. I promise you that no news station will show that clip.

  3. I keep hearing that we need to protect President Obama's legacy and honor his dream, but here is a reminder: More than 6 million voters who voted for Obama in 2012 voted for Donald in 2016. Overly focusing on the ones who were taken care of and ignoring the ones who still struggled is a good way to lose 2020. – It's the President's job to protect The People, it is not The People's job to protect the President.

  4. Democrats are so brainwashed that they hate all the current candidates or at the very least, don’t trust them, yet they still will vote for one of them.
    What a country we have become.

  5. If the billionaires had paid their fair share of tax, Healthcare cover for all critical illnesses and military spending would be a non issue. It’s individual greed which is preventing all American families have protective cost effective care to enable them to keep working and keep their homes.

  6. Same old tired DEMOCRAT platitudes mixed with Fabian Socialism, senility, homosexuality, and nonsense. Not a winning combination

  7. Again this "not paid for," have you seen your SSA taken from your paycheck, or the FICA – all they are saying is go on your paid for SSA, instead of billions of profit for healthcare that is not even the best in the world. They will return the "premium" to your bank account, there are no Unions out there anymore, if they have such a great plan then why are they not getting what every other industrialized nations on this planet. It is time to stop this "excuse for feeding the bonus check pools" of these healthcare company that charge more then what they are worth, a trillions in profit means they can do just finee on Medicare payments. Its time to talk about people already paying for this, like Veterans must go to a private hospital to get to VA hospital, public funded Fire Department Ambulances charge the Veteran for taking them to a 3rd party healthcare provider to transfer them or not in my case obey my SSA orders, why are Americans paying $3489.00 for a veteran to be transported to private healthcare company, then have the Department of Veteran's Affairs pay only SSA locked pricing, they can get prescriptions from anywhere, not some drug company making a .20 cent medication and pricing it for the profit and bonus checks and charge you $100 for an aspirin, get real this is a "forced healthcare system" there are no concern of health of the nation, only what the billions of dollars they can hand out to there board of directors!

  8. MSNBC & CNN almost immediately started their spin campaign to favor Forrest Biden Gump. RUN Biden RUN, “because stupid is as stupid does." you go corporate media.

  9. Charles Sykes is worth $20 million. Maybe millionaires don’t have to worry about mass shootings in Country Clubs, Golf Courses, and Mansions. But for the rest of us the lack of Gun Control is a daily threat.

  10. Healthcare is very essential. Many countries have a two choice system. These countries are healthiest and happiest. We ALL pay for the unisured. Let's not play pretend. Many countries with outstanding health care have costs 30%-40% less than ours. Lots of undeserved nasty remarks about MX which certainly has some issues. However, very good public and private health care system costing much less than in USA where many of their MDs and DDS were trained. Often wont go into a fancy building or office but the care is highly professional.

  11. Charlie Sykes,
    Quit putting up strawmen! Beto said he was going to take away AR-15's and AK-47's and military grade weapons NOT all guns! When he said he would "take away" those weapons, he meant he would AP0ROVE LAWS to ban them– not "confiscate" weapons. So-o-o many other countries have already successfully done this and drastically lowered their death tolls. The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with this. We exorcized our 2nd Amendment rights for hundreds of years before those weapons were ever invented. People can bear arms without an AR-15 and 100 round clip!

  12. Maybe your channel can be for Biden what Fox is for Trump. Just lie and make excuses for him. Rewatch and see he did say buy in, but it doesn't fit your narrative.

  13. Mark my words CNN and MSNBC will be wrong again in 2020 just like they’re wrong about everything else. If you try to hand us Biden, who will attempt to run like it’s 2008, trump
    Will trounce him

  14. The only thing Cory Booker can focus on is race.

    Castro did the same stuff we've been seeing from donnie all this time. It's exausting. No more bashing abusers in the White House!

    Happy to see Biden's new shorter haircut. On the face of it, this sounds shallow, but the longer/puffier stuff made him ,look a tad like a slick used car salesman outta some movie. No offense to used car salesmen.

  15. Biden may be in a low 20 but combine warren and sanders they do make up 40% of the democratic base. Sadly but surely that progressive movement is rising. It’s no coincidence that a moderate Obama 2.0 version and 2 leftist progressives are 1, 2, and 3 in the polls. The real race is Biden warren and sanders so let’s just wrap up these long boring debates and focus on town halls between these 3 candidates.

  16. Beto did Trump a huge solid last night. I hear next debate, he'll emphatically declare he'll raise everybody's taxes and re-criminalize marijuana.

  17. The democratic debate last night drew almost 3 million less viewers than the July debate. Slow Joe bumbled his way through. Maybe he will do better pandering to the homosexual freak shows at the Los Angeles Town Hall October 10th

  18. There is no such thing as the, "liberal media" anymore, (assuming there ever was). We have fully moved into corporate propaganda. The only difference between MSNBC and Fox news is that one spews corporate propaganda, while the other spews christian nationalist fundamentalist propaganda. It's getting harder to say which is worse at this point.

  19. Converting Healthcare from private to public will save hundreds of billions of dollars!
    And Trump's tax cuts cost us 2 trillion and nobody ever asked how he was going to pay for it! The entire tax system needs to be overhauled and until that's done we can't really talk about budgets except to say that the money will come from the rich and the elites, and the mega corporations and it will be spent on the poor and the middle class!

  20. Biden's mind is too old. He's too far right, republican light. He's still an old school, religious mind, and he cannot grasp the post-trump era progressive mindset needed for the nation to recover.

  21. We want to pick and keep our Doctors. If all the Doctors get paid before the insurance companies, We will have better care.
    Insurance companies are not qualified to practice medicine but they do it every day because they are all about the money not the health of their slaves. My private insurance is expensive and inadequate and uncertain from year to year. Where is there value in corporate America's Health Insurance Industry. It is more of a casino and the corps are the house.

  22. I prefer Kamala Harris. She is a prosecutor but she says there are predators in the White House, and in Mar-a-Lago and beyond.

  23. All of the law abiding patriots across America who process military grade weapons are allowed to, under the authority of the constitution which provides for "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State," the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. In 2019 A well regulated militia would have a very accurate roster of the members one would think. Only criminals fear the truth of accurate disclosure. Honest trustworthy neighbors with awesome firepower could come in handy but it's the crazies we have to provide for Yes?

  24. " hey for a socialist…." would have been a good line from Biden if Bernie was actually a socialist! Why is it so difficult for Americans to distinguish between socialism, democratic socialism and social democracy?…oh right its hard work to learn things. Stay ignorant American media, at your own peril!

  25. Can MSNBC please stop saying Elizabeth Warren hasn't said how she intends to pay for heath care? She intends to tax the WEALTHY PEDOPHILES. She has said this many times yet MSNBC pretends like thats not the case and all it does is take the focus off the WEALTHY PEDOPHILE problem America has.

  26. Bob seems to get it, Biden is not a winning bet… And a lot of moderate Dems did not win in the mid-terms!
    And why do Bernie and Warren do so well in the polls? Those progressive voters combined will crush Biden! And Chump!

  27. Here is Trump's Medical coverage plan…. I will have the greatest plan one to the likes we've never seen before it will be so good…., I will disclose my plan after the election, and if you don't vote for me you may die because my plan is so good it is very good plan, I've gotten great and wonderful responses in phone calls from around the world. LOL HEE HEE who believe this con artist anymore!!!!

  28. growing up brass knuckles were illegal and switchblade knives were illegal , but nowadays weapons of war are legal? WTF!!!!

  29. All I know is that the Democrats is going to lose with no Black Agenda black people are tired of handing Democrats a victory and receiving nothing police killing our women and children in the streets black men being incarcerated into the slave system reparations we want our money enough is enough

  30. Oh God, ignorant american hosts/MSM. Stephanie and the rest are really Stupid. M4A cost much LESS. AND Healthcare is a human right.

  31. Are they high??? Uncle Joe was a bumbling moron during the debate. How a question about race and his past turns into kids needing to listen to record players and poor people need to learn how to parent better baffles me. They are so disingenuous when they talk about Bernie and his policies, shameful!
    Bernie 2020!

  32. It's not lying, if your being "aspirational". Bernie and Warren know that they won't pass their plans through Congress. The ACA barely passed with a Dem majority in the House and a super majority in the Senate and required dropping the public option.

    The FreeToo movement slogans.
    If wishes were votes, voters would mooch.
    You can't spell Freedom without Free

  33. They all want to give free healthcare to illegal alien criminals. No thanks this independent won't vote for any of these democrats

  34. MSNBC, CNN, and MSM are Mind F*CKING Americans to Pick Warren or Bidden!!! This is UNFORGIVABLE!!! Elizabeth Warren is a Follower Not a Leader!!! Warren didn't pave the way She waited til She knew what was Safe to go BOLD LITE on using BERNIE SANDERS BOLD COURAGE and IDEAS!!! BEWARE!!!

    Warren Lied on Her College Application by Checking the Box saying that She was a Native American for Nothing Else but to Benefit Herself willing to get ahead from Her Dishonesty!!! Warren Never passed up a Yes vote on any of the increasing Military Budget spending Bill $$$!!! Warren didn't even have the "I got The Plan for that" or the thought or the Courage to Endorse Bernie Sanders the Real True Progressive in 2016 or to even Endorse Any of Bernie's Big Ideas in the 2016 Primary Election!!! Which Warren Now knows what is Popular and Safe to Copy and use for Her 2020 Lite Campaign!!! Instead Elizabeth Warren had No Problem Choosing and going all in with Mrs.NEOLIBERAL Herself Hillary Clinton!!! Warren Now is Sneaky Sneaky Behind the Scenes with these Same People She Played with and Backed in 2016!!! Warren also isn't being Truthful about Her 2020 Campaign Purse $$$ Warren is using Money She took from the Big Donors, the PAC'S and from Corporations!!! Warren also said She is even willing to take More of the same Corporate Money if She does Wins the 2020 Primary!!! VOTERS BEWARE!!! ELIZABETH WARREN SHE SOUNDS GOOD BUT BY FAR SHE IS'NT THE BEST 2020 U.S CANDIDATE FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY!!!

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