27 thoughts on “He Scammed the Music Industry | Couple Of Issues: Episode 54

  1. uhhhhh is this the episode where they were secretly going to smoke before? because I am laughing SO HARD.

  2. Holy shit. My grandma got scammed. A girl called her about a year ago and she (my grandma) said that the girl sounded like me and told her that "I" got into trouble and was in jail and needed money to get bonded out. She even told my grandma NOT to tell my mom bc i didnt want to get into trouble! What the F!? My grandma was believing it but then decided to call my mom anyway and ask her if I was ok and my mom said uhhm yes…I think you just got scammed. Lol. That's literally the craziest thing ever to me. I'm not sure how they think they would get the money if they are pretending to be in jail. You dont just wire money to a random place when your giving money to an inmate in jail. So stupid.

  3. Best podcast! I love Carly and Bruce, always making me awkwardly laugh while it’s dead silent at work.

  4. lmao listener reporting from Toronto, thanks for the shoutout. glad i'm yet to have been scammed in the city.

  5. When Carly and Bruce segue into ads, they also have me going with whatever it is they’re talking about before I realize it’s just an ad, I’m always like β€œoh? …Wait.. ah c’mon.. πŸ˜‘β€ but I mean it in the nicest way possible lol

  6. Love the podcast!! Funny enough, I was looking for a place to get cards for my Etsy shop I started! So your ad came at the right time πŸ˜‚

  7. You guys are very Blessed…Im sure it gets harder than some think tho…Thats why you handle all your money yourself and not anyone else unless its a very well known financial advisor (Always have a lawyer and even a second lawyer look into contracts…you can never be to cautious) (Hope they saved all that money some how)…Never give money to anyone especially over the phone…Paranoia can be a good thing but also sh*tty that being paranoid is the only way to be safe

  8. I wonder if this podcast got demonetised just because they were talking shit about constantly getting demonetised

  9. Is this the podcast where they do it high and dont tell us? lol!
    Also, never understood the "Big Boobs" or "Big Ass" thing personally haha.

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