100 thoughts on “He risked his life to show you these images

  1. Maybe you should take Mitch McConnell to through the museum I doubt if it would do any good but if you want results put a big bag of money in front of him and tell him it's from Russia with love

  2. Trump lets another tyrant, this time Erdogan, walk over him. The strong president who gets good deals? All it takes is a bit of flattery from a tyrant he admires, and he turns belly-up waiting to be tickled. And he only admires tyrants, he hates leaders of democratic countries. Curious, eh? Trump is destroying everything the US ever stood for, and tearing it apart internally, to the benefit of Putin.

  3. Moscow MITCH kills even more people by his partisan politics and unwillingness to let senators vote. MOSCOW MITCH HAS BLOOD ON HIS HANDS. WHO WILL HOLD THIS DISGUSTING SENATOR RESPONSIBLE.

  4. Stop trusting America for your protection, you only put yourself in trouble, the only power America has left under this Donald trump is sanctions.

  5. Trump and Moscow Mitch wouldn't care if this was happening to their own fellow citizens. They are both evil incarnate. Everything they have caused to be done to others should be done to them.

  6. Yeah humanity, the real gold piece on this planet. Someone please wipe out humanity already… we don't deserve to be here. We are a cancer stain on this planet…

  7. The words from Trump are lies. We went in to crush ISIS and remove Assad.
    Ceaser is brave and deserves to be acknowledged. Stay the course in Syria!!! To Trump, the Senate, and Congress, DO SOMETHING!!!! These animals who kill like this deserve a real ass kicking.

  8. This man is a true saint and a hero to the people. I'm ashamed to even look at him-true courage, true strength and our response is just reprehensible.

  9. I'm sure If the Victims were related to every single person in Congress they would of taken down Assad by now.

  10. In this world wherever there is light there shall also be darkness as long as the concept of winners exist there shall also be losers the selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace creates war and hatred is born to protect love yelling for peace while spilling blood is something only humans can do……because humans look into others but not god for the answer they turn on their politicians there priests there teachers,doctors,lawmakers,everyone else except god the truth is humanity itself is hateful and is the worst virus this world have ever had to live with. humanity itself is full of evil you me and everyone else yess and even you saying not me

  11. 👹I’m sure Trump supporters will say fake news! 👿Just like the Germans said after seeing the concentration camp victims!…fake news! 💩Trump cares about NO ONE except himself, his family and cronies that do his bidding!
    💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸Trump, Get Out Of Our White House ASAP!💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙

  12. I cried during this video. Please change our world 😭 why is it 2020 and people are going through this. I can’t believe it. This isn’t even about politics anymore. This is about humanity and our lives.

  13. Hmmm a anonymous person who nobody knows and no one can see is going to tell us this is because of TRUMP… you people who keep believing this I have a bridge to sell you in the dessert…. too hilarious… completely beyond common sense…

  14. Instead of writing comments here write letters to those loser Republicans who are blocking everything and while your at it ask them to impeach Trump or they will be voted out of office!

  15. You can plead for years but if there's no money for Moscow Mitch to make that bill and those poor people will never see the light of day. After all, helping tge poor and tortured is socialism in Ole Moscow Mitch's book.

  16. Is this the 21St Century Holocaust because the U.S. Government turns their eyes from REALITY! As we know there are many places in the Middle East people are starving, being tortured by Countries who only want power and resources of these places!!! We are a GLOBAL Community not a stand alone Nation. The U.S. will be sorry as the forces for evil and corruption of power, money, and civil rights of HUMANS Around the World takes over. Where in the past the U.S. Fought For The Moral Vales & Rights for All and Everywhere. It will hurt the U.S. TOO! What happened to our Country under this Administration currently in power with no regards for HUMAN RIGHTS around the World!!!!!

  17. This was Obama Crap wasn’t it ? Who’s getting all the payoffs and military money?
    I giant bomb should fix it. Why are we even there?
    Where are all the other country’s? Why are we paying again ??

  18. Hey CNN. You go there and send you’re people ! Make up a bunch of shitty news stories of how you saved the world !
    God damn JACK ASSES

  19. Syria you remember when you invaded Africa and what you did to Africa your time has come Europe time is coming all Europeans time is coming

  20. Heartbreaking frustrating and infuriating
    Never again and here we are
    Shouldn't the united nations should also get involved?

  21. didnt we tell youvhe was stupid, unpredictable and uncontrollable..are you zombies tired of all the winning yet..some of these dead are Christians..as if you trump ass kissers care..

  22. We’re definitely living in a Dystopian novel and the charcters are playing out so well. It’s heartbreaking, mind numbing and so dehumanizing. Evil gets away with what they do and the weak suffers in endless agony. Its a revolting cycle of rancid greed🤦🏻‍♀️

  23. Watching Trump pretend he knows what he's doing is like watching a kindergartner play make believe and expect people to rabidly cheer his performance. Sorry, Trump. Not all of us are gutless Republicans in your administration or one of your moronic brain dead cult followers.

  24. Trump's favorite lapdog, Miss Lindsey, is just another spineless GOP cuck who won't do anything fearing he might offend his Orange master!

  25. Well this is because Obama allowed Assaad to cross his red line and then allowed Russia to get involved there as well and allowed ISIS to grow for too long before he acted, now it's a much bigger mess as predicted.

  26. i call on fake news CNN organization to share these heartbreaking images with democrat congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who visited Damascus on behalf of democrat party of affirm its total support to the mass murderer of Damascus !!!

  27. If only flaying and impaling were still legal trump wouldn’t even think twice of doing his crimes. What a shame of a president. He should be tried for treason and give him the punishment of death for all the atrocities he has allowed. “Ceased” deserves a better president to run to, and it shouldn’t be trump and all his republican cronies. Disgusting I’ll spit in their face if I could. And Mitch McConnell is another that should be tried for treason, this is horrible and horrifying

  28. People, these people have been fighting for more than a century!! How bout your son or daughter go and fight over there for years on end. When Bush didn’t pull troops out the Dems were yelling about that. You guys go with whichever way the wind is blowing. Get a backbone!!! And stand solid on what your values are, stop letting the Dems tell you what you should think and feel

  29. Omg. Trump Trump Trump. Lol. If he cured cancer. The democrats and the media would say cancer has a right don't discriminate against cancer. like abortion is health care? How is killing health care?

  30. They haven't helped you because they already got all the oil they could carry. 😥 that's why the USA was trying to go to Venezuela. More oil and is closer,
    Thanx to Mexico with the no intervention policy, the us didn't get the excuse to "help"

  31. Cnn trying to manipulate the narrative, twisting it to try to make president Trump look bad. Showing horrible pictures of victims, trying to get a reaction from viewers. Cnn is a disgusting excuse of a news network

  32. What goes around, comes around and the world hates Americans, so be ready.
    Life is meaningless now, remember this Americans.

  33. cnn once again bringing you another false flag fear story,this time an old resurrected one in order to get your support to keep the yanks in syria ,thats what its always really been about to go after assad and to keep syria who won from rising again ,they just work on behalf of the zionists ,why else are they in al tanf too all to keep iran from establishing a bridge of resistance as well with syria ,,,if this ceasar is real and his story then the syrian gov already know who he is,so why all the censorship ? its all bs

  34. But, the people caused the uprising, you need to understand that Assad doesn't want to end up like Saddam or Gaddafi.

  35. Bitch… these photos are taken after our government funded and armed “Syrian Rebels” to overthrow Al Assad… the Syrian “civil war” isn’t even being fought from Syrian Civilian… but from foreigners from out of Syria

  36. one day we will get a leader that gives a shit 🙁 To leave them at the point of being attacked and just walk away… what a coward…. what a horrible human being!