Hay Day Dairy News: October Update!

Hay Day Dairy News: October Update!

Welcome to Dairy News! The October update
is around the corner, and we have
really exciting things for you. Keep watching to find out more. DAIRY NEWS We’ve made some exciting changes
to the Valley. Until now it’s been quite easy
to drive by a broken truck or a chicken, but we have improved it. When you see a broken truck
or a chicken to collect, you no longer need to stop
and tap a button. If you drive by them, your truck
will do the action automatically. You know when you’re planting some crops
to get some Sun Points, and suddenly your fuel spin is available
and you can’t get any more Sun Points? That’s changing. With this update,
the Valley will store your free spins so that you can continue
gathering Sun Points even if you have a spin available. Also, it’s now easier to check
how many Sun Points you have and order your activities. If you tap the blue XP star, there is now a tab that shows you
all that information, wherever you are. But remember the sun bar
still resets every day. You get to keep this free spins
you’ve accumulated, but the leftover Sun Points are reset. And apart from that, there’ll be
many tweaks and fixes to the Valley. But that’s not all! The world outside the Valley
still exists. Do you ever visit Greg’s roadside shop just to find out that he’s not selling
anything worthwhile that day? Now you can ask him
to restock his shop for diamonds and the products will be better.
Still random, but better. The sanctuary animals may be getting
a new friend. What do you think it is? It’s the spooky time of the year,
in your farm. Find Halloween Trick or Treats
on Greg’s farm. If you visit Greg’s farm
on the week leading up to Halloween, you’ll find some spooky pumpkins
with goodies inside. So keep an eye out
and tap those pumpkins. Apart from all those good things,
there’ll also be new Derby decos, new crops, new products,
new expansion areas. Some of those
with very special decorations. That’s all for now. I hope you all are as excited
for this next update as I am. Have a great October
and see you next time. – And remember to subscribe!
– What the ghost said!

100 thoughts on “Hay Day Dairy News: October Update!

  1. You guys need to make were we can get more permits before adding on land expansions. We get marker stakes, mallets and land deeds and then have to rid of them to make room in the barn. And speaking of the barn why does it only increase to 50 at a time? Why can’t it increase to 75 or 100?

  2. Ainda não consegui abrir todos terrenos da fazenda, aquele documento é a coisa mais dificil q existe. Eu nem quero os itens cafonas, gostaria apenas de abrir meus terrenos. Muita cafonice que ganho nem coloco na fazenda, são horríveis, como exemplo os troféus e prêmios inúteis.,

  3. Having land expansions is great if you weren’t so stingy with the needed items.. like scrolls and diamonds for Greg’s really lame

  4. Just make more expansion. Zones even if they are hard or impossible to get to, people like me get bored if 99 percent of their expanded land and water areas are opened. I want more goals like that as well as a bigger and cooler town map and ideas. Also more activities to do while waiting for production for the hardcore hay day players like me , thank you for reading ,,,,,,!,!!,!

  5. Mucho bla bla pero no nos felicitan los permisos para ampliar, pura robadera de dinero,porqué tienes que comprar cada rato diamantes

  6. I NEED 😭😭😭


  7. А мне обидно, что играешь столько лет,смотришь у некоторых есть украшения, которых у меня нет,я считаю это не справедливо….

  8. Great improvement in valley!! Good job.. More land to expand 😅 not sure about that! It’s already taking Tom a mile to do down the road to fetch stuff! If not on us.. Have mercy on him 😝🙏🏼

  9. em là một người chơi nhưng em thắc mắc rằng tại sao app store Việt Nam lại không tải được hay day . Em mong một ngày nào đó app store sẽ tải được hay day

  10. I do like the new coming update but we really need to get expansion permits easier.. (think about; town visitors, chests)

    like if you agree! 🐥

  11. Greg's pumpkin is very beautiful
    Why don't you make it a limited Halloween decoration this year 😄😄
    That would be great
    I hope so 😄😄

  12. Love hay day. My beautiful wonderful game forever since you started. Love all the new ideas. But still waiting for a new pear tree. Haven’t had a new tree in awhile. But love everything. Can’t wait. Christmas coming soon

  13. Still haven’t opened all expansions from last update because I can’t get enough permits. The main reason I stopped playing after 5 years and at level 167.

  14. I agree , It’s not fair when you sleep and my diamonds are being wasted. Tom , when I use my diamonds and lose the night time.

  15. I love the new crops and products… I am at level 98, where new things are few and far between… but, I would love to see some new "themed derbies" and NEW derby tasks, I know my neighborhood friends feel the same too. It's something you do every week, but a lot of my group has become bored, please help!

  16. Also, a new town building would be nice… maybe an italian restaurant? I would love a winery/brewhouse and bar in town, but realise that this game has underage players, so maybe not appropriate, lol

  17. These are truly exciting new ideas. I wish we could just coins to buy silo, barn and land necessaries…. tape, screws, planks, deeds, mallots…. etc! Not just from each other.

    I would LOVE to see Santa cross the sky, maybe drop gifts of all kinds.

  18. There is no permit is mystery chest like you said. Even in derby. I can find 2 permit max per month. Take years to open it all

  19. Vcs poderiam deixar mais acessível itens de expanção e diamantes, por que são muito caros e difícil de achar. E outra as árvores e arbustos de frutas, vcs poderiam deixar elas fixas pra não ter que ficar sempre comprando quando elas secamsecam.

  20. كمية الوقود قليله والمسافات بعيدا جدا واله الصناعة الوقت طويل لحتى تجهز المنتجات ارجو الاصلح

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