Hate Crimes In The Trump Era | PoliticsNation | MSNBC

Hate Crimes In The Trump Era | PoliticsNation | MSNBC

some hateful ideological rhetoric that originates in the United States is now used to inspire terror worldwide unfortunately in a time when decisive leadership is needed the president's rhetoric fans the flames with language that whether intentional or not they motivate and embolden white supremacist movements we only need look we only need to look at the perpetrators of violence and hate to see the impact this rhetoric has had if there has been one constructive thing to come out of the Trump era is the current focus on white supremacy as a national and global security threat as racist violence from Kentucky to Christchurch new in New Zealand seeds that have galvanized everyone but the Republican Party and I'll command in chief who continues to deny the threat despite warnings from the highest level of law enforcement recently downgrading the federal response to domestic terror while continuing to push for a racist border wall that would not have stopped a young woman from being run over and killed by neo-nazis in Virginia in 2017 those 12 Jewish worshippers from being shot to death by a racist in Pittsburgh last year almost recently those three black churches in Louisiana that authorities suspect were burned down by the white son of a local sheriff's deputy in other words folks the enemy is already here in getting help from the top joining me now is Frank figley you see former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence and now a national security analyst for MSNBC and Christian Clarke president of the lawyers Committee for civil rights under the law Frank let me go to you first they have recently downgraded domestic terrorism and when you look at the attacks three black churches in Louisiana the eleven members of the Jewish community and Jewish faith killed in the synagogue if that's not terrorism what is and any number of those statistics release show there's an increase in hate crime how does this administration justify downgrading domestic terrorism in our intelligence department well I could tell you it's certainly not justifiable on any data set that we're aware of so we have to look to other motivations on this downgrade you're right the FBI has noted a 17% increase in hate crime just in the one year between 2016 and 2017 so the administration's going in the opposite direction of the facts and even more so Rev we've got to make a comparison here to radical extremist radicalization online and compare that to what the president is saying verbally what he's messaging through his administration and I see having worked terrorism during my career I see an analogy here between radical online radicalization in the Islamic movement and what we're seeing domestically and even globally so the church burnings in Louisiana raised a question for all of us which is does the FBI have the tools and resources it needs for domestic terrorism and I'm here to tell you legislation does not yet equip the FBI appropriately if you want to continue the comparison with international terrorist group Wow we don't have an analogous domestic terrorism law that allows the FBI to say you're advocating violence on a domestic level and we need to treat you like a terrorist organization Christian look at some numbers we've seen a 30 percent rise in the number of hate groups since President Trump took office that's from the Southern Poverty Law Center and we've seen a 50% spike in the number of white nationalist groups and little over the last year and in the 17 years since the night's 9/11 attack domestic extremism has killed more Americans here at home then Islamic terror by a factor of nearly 4 to 1 yet we're seeing the the downgrading of looking into these matters you testified this week before the House Judiciary Committee what was the crux of what you were trying to say and how you were dealing with a lot of this messaging online well first of all I'm glad that Congress is bringing attention to and shining a light on the crisis that we face in the country right now no doubt hate crimes are on the rise and we are seeing white nationalist groups proliferating all across the country because they are known most certainly emboldened by the words the rhetoric and actions that they're seeing from the very top from this White House and from this administration we have seen the president use racial expletives to refer to people from African and Caribbean countries there's the Muslim ban and their policies that really take aim at black and brown people in a very intentional way and what I sought to explain to Congress is that they need to step up we do need more tools in our Arsenal to fight back against the hate that we're up against today we need Congress to put in place laws that can allow us to for example hold tech hold the tech sector accountable for the ways in which they feed into this crisis a lot of these white supremacists are not getting together at the local coffee shop they are getting together online they are going to places like Facebook and other online platforms to organize hate rallies to target minority communities to recruit new members and so it's really important that we think about how do we hold the tech sector accountable for the ways in which they're feeding into this crisis that we're up against the Frank what can government do and what should they do around making sure that the tech companies do not continue to be an avenue for this kind of 8 that is turning into actual violence with an increase in the the victims yeah it's it's time for Congress to not just cross their fingers and hope for the best out of Silicon Valley because look they're they've proven that they're unable to handle this without some super adult supervision they're driven by profit and quite frankly they're driven by their own algorithms you you know you and I on social media we like the idea that they're suggesting people we should friend or you know we might want to think about joining this group well guess what those same algorithms apply for people who are involved in hate and hate speech and we're finding on the international terrorism side that the algorithms algorithms actually introduced terrorists to like-minded terrorists and so Congress needs to get everybody together and say the algorithms need to be tweaked so that there's a filter for hate violence and hate speech and then Congress needs to ask law enforcement do you have what you need to get the job done right now the answer is no now Christian I think Frank touched on what I wanted to ask you because you're a lawyer and a very good one at that we are not talking about free speech we're talking about domestic terrorism how do we distinguish the two in remain within the confines of the law where people have the right to express themselves but we've got to be able to deal with these tech companies where they not become the place where you park to organize actual violent attacks on people based on their race gender sexual orientation or religion you know the First Amendment and free speech are principles that are a bedrock feature of our democracy and that's not what we're talking about when we talk about bitter brutal hate crimes that are on the rise we are talking about inciting violence we are talking about white nationalists who are out there abusing online platforms to target communities we represented a woman at American University who was elected school president and shortly after that the daily stormer and it's pub and its publisher mr. Anglin and structured their followers to go out and target this woman relentlessly they hung banana peels and nooses around campus and they dock stir publishing her personal information online and most strikingly they encouraged and told people to go out and harm her that is not speech that is protected under the First Amendment and this is the kind of conduct that's feeding into the crisis that were up against we need this Justice Department to start doing its part it needs to put more resources into the fight against hate crimes we need Congress to play a role here as well and think about the new laws that they can put on the books to beat back against this crisis and most importantly we need to stand up for the victims and the communities that are on the receiving end of this hate whether you're talking about the church's burning in Louisiana the nine people who were killed while worshiping in Charleston those who were mowed down at a synagogue in Pittsburgh these are crimes that strike us at the core in this country and it's time that all Americans wake up and figure out what we can do to beat back this crisis Frank let me ask you I'm out of time but I must ask have you heard out of this president or this Attorney General or the preceding Attorney General under this president the kind of language and the kind of call to arms in this country to be back this kind of bigotry that demonstrates itself in actual violence quite the opposite where what I've heard is the kind of messaging that enables and facilitates and emboldened people who are inclined to hatred and leadership has to start at the top we're not seeing it yet rather all right thank you Frank fig Lucy and Christian cop coming up the Trump administration wants to end the permit of action and now one Texas University is playing along Alex brain Knicks hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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  1. Alexander Heffner, host of The Open Mind on PBS, appeared on PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton on MSNBC, if my research is correct, is only thirty years old, however, that does not seem to offer an explanation as to why his appearance seemed so artificial and put on…

  2. White nationalists killed 50 people last year. Black criminals in Chicago killed 100 blacks last month. 35 people in Chicago were shot by blacks last week. If Black Lives Matter, fix our inner cities.

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  5. The Pulitzer Prizes were announced today, even if none of his reportable offences are presidentially impeachable, many of them can precipitate a distasteful affair in the minds, of even the most loyal adventurous Fox News viewers…

  6. For beign a country that suffers from "white supremacy", it's quite strange that a "black man", to not use a different word, has a TV show.

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  8. It is a sad state of affairs, when we have Demonic-rats, who are self-described, pro-inclusive people excluding people; anti-racists being racist; and pro-tolerance people being intolerant.

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  10. Who are these groups you speak of MSNBC? You say theres a 50% rise… so now theres 2? And you cant even call The Proud Boys a white nationalist group (like they have been listed as) they have all races. MSNBC is a joke, just like all ideas of the left have become comical.

  11. And MSNBC hasnt covered anything on antifa yet… if you want to see where that 17% comes from then expose the lefts hate crimes also. The Dems are calling any group that opposes them as "white nationalists" many of those groups have blacks and hispanics so the 50% rise that MSNBC is using is false and why they are called fake news

  12. The ALT-LEFT is the most violent group of thugs on Earth. The Democrat Party is a terrorist organization. Antifa, BLM and BAMN are the new gestapo.

  13. Hate crimes and racism is definitely on the rise in the US and it has nothing to do with white supremacy perpetuating it. POC have been egged on by the media to be the worst versions of themselves. “A racist border wall.” Is your front door racist? Or what about the locks on that door? Or your security system? Oh don’t want to mention all the fake hate crimes or the church burned down by the black man to blame trump?

  14. Did the good Reverend pay his back taxes ($4,100,000) yet? I just sent my check to the IRS, Before Sharpie can tell us what to do he should be a law abiding citizen. And he should visit the south side of Chicago where the real black against black hate crimes are killing children daily. Living in a NY penthouse wearing fancy suits appeals more to him. This is A man of God? Okay……

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  17. The cold hard facts Al Sharpton doesn't want to talk about! We always hear about the rise of HATE CRIMES 17% but what's are the numbers?  

    According to the FBI, total hate crimes for 2017 were 8,437 offenses of a population of 325 Million, what percentage is that? Is this a real epidemic, or is this a ploy for Democrats to fabricate a story to get votes.

    Wake up people!

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  21. The only hate crimes I've seen WITH EVIDENCE, are those committed against Trump supporters. Videos of people punching his supporters, kicking them out of restaurants, false claims of attack and hate like the Covington case, the Smollet case, the muslim woman who lied about 2 MAGA-wearing men removing her headscarf and stamping it, the old man who was beaten up by 2 black people and dragged by a car for a 100 yards.. Videos of people spitting on Trump supporters. Masked people smashing property.

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