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Let’s see who’s in tonight’s
Send To All box. Player-turned-gaffer-turned-
King-of-the-Jungle- turned-national-treasure. It’s Harry Redknapp! AUDIENCE: Harry! Harry! Harry! And, wait for it, Sandra! APPLAUSE You are the First Couple
of this nation now, guys. So much love for you. And who else are
you here with tonight, Harry? This is Fran and Peter,
two friends of ours. Are you nervous about handing
over your phone tonight, Harry? No. I would think if you text
somebody, they would be in shock thinking
they’d got a text from me. Because I really…
Honestly, it’s… I don’t. What, you’ve never texted anyone? I phone people and talk to ’em. Of course you do, Harry Redknapp. So, football, Harry. Do you miss it? You miss management?
Yeah. I loved every minute of it. You know, ups and downs,
but that was great times. I’ve got to tell you, Harry, because
I’m a Spurs fan, and I went down years ago. Yeah, you used to come in my
office, didn’t you? I was invited down
to the dressing room and I was so excited
to see the players. And then I went in the dressing
room and suddenly realised what “dressing room” means. It was my heroes,
and then it was my heroes naked. It was the weirdest moment, because
it didn’t cross my mind. I was like, “Hi…”
HE SCREAMS And I was so focused on not… I didn’t want to look, Harry,
but when something’s just there, you’re so worried
that your eyes will just flick, and I knew I was one flick down
of literally being banned from the stadium. I was trying so hard. I was walking around like this,
“Hi, guys.” And I remember I said hello to one
player who was completely naked. And I went… HE LAUGHS I went to shake what I THOUGHT was his hand. LAUGHTER Anyway, all I need you to do is
pop your phone into the cushion here, and we will get that down. Ladies and gentlemen,
what a wonderful sport, allowing me to send
a debut text on his phone. MUSIC: Theme to Match Of The Day AUDIENCE CLAPS ALONG Yay! Here it is. So, if I plug it in here,
it should super-size your phone for everybody to see. All right. So this is the phone,
Harry. And the text we’re going to pop
in here is – “Just discovered…” HE GIGGLES ..”emojis.” Do you know what an emoji is? Yeah, I have one that I send
all the time. It’s just a thumbs-up. Someone could send me the longest
message you’ve ever seen, all I send back is… A thumbs-up. OK, I think we should throw
some emojis in to start. Ant, champagne, horn, handbag. Ghost, lips, tooth. And we’ll make a little mistake
as if you’re dictating, so they believe it’s you. “They hilarious. “And there’s a bloke in my phone
called Siirry…” LAUGHTER ..”who knows more than Sandra.” LAUGHTER “I’m sure I signed him
for West Ham once. “Saw these emojis
and thought of you.” OK, we’ll go with the poo. What else should we go…? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Peach! Cheese? Peach! Peach? Does that mean something rude? Peach, that’s quite nice. I like croissant.
That’s quite a fun one. Shall we go with those three?
Poo, peach, croissant. “Let’s have some fun. “What emojis make you think
of me… “..and why?” Cat, feet, brain, hand, face… HE GIGGLES
I’m just going… All right, I think this is it. Star.
OK. “Text – I’m waiting.” Let’s end
with his absolute favourite. Thumbs-up. All right, we’re going to send
this crazy emoji text to everybody in your phone. Shall we do that,
ladies and gentlemen? AUDIENCE: Yeah!
The text has gone! APPLAUSE One more time for the absolutely
wonderful Harry and Sandra! So, earlier tonight we sent a text
to all of Harry Redknapp’s contacts. And the replies
have been flooding in. So we’ll start with Richard Cars.
Who’s Richard Cars? Richard sells cars! LAUGHTER So Richard Cars… Quite simple… “Are you OK, Harry?
Been on the booze?” And then he has put
the emoji of a half-drunk glass. That’s Richard Cars. Nick Knowles.
Oh, Nick Knowles has come in huge. A friend from the jungle? Yeah. Nick Knowles has started
with a bear emoji. He says, “Bear because I’ve seen you
bare naked in the jungle… “..when you washed your crackers… “..in the shower. “I’ve not eaten cashews since!” Quite funny from Knowlesy! And then he’s put the sweet
two people with a heart in between. And he says, “Because you and Sandra
are everyone’s relationship goals.” AUDIENCE: Awww! APPLAUSE And then he’s ended with, “How
the hell did you find the emojis “when you can’t use the phone?” LAUGHTER OK… J Red? Yeah, Jamie. Jamie, your son. Jamie Redknapp. Very exciting! Oh, it’s not from him. “Hi, Pop. It’s Beau.” Is that your grandson? Yes. Aww. “I have got Dad’s phone.” This is very sweet! How old is Beau? 10. “I’ve got Dad’s phone. “I really think you need to get
back into football management. “Are you sure you’re OK?” And then the emoji of someone’s face
who’s all over the place! That’s so sweet! All right, Clive. Clive Tyrell. Good pal. Golfing mate. What he’s done is he has
cut and pasted the entire text that we sent into a new text and then he’s texted
you underneath it… “Harry, this is Clive.
This seems so weird.” “This has just come to me
from your phone.” LAUGHTER “Just wanted to let you know.” FIVE question marks! Clive’s very concerned.
He doesn’t want to play at all. I’m going to text him back…
“Come on, Clive, play the game!” Poo emoji. Emily Atack. CHEERING “Siri sounds like
someone I got off with recently. “This is the emoji
that sums you up.” King emoji. That’s a lovely, sweet one
from Atack. “PS – should I be worried about
the turd emoji summing me up?” Very sweet from Emily. Harry Baker? He’s the one who’s organised
all my theatre tours. “I was in the cinema
watching the Joker “when your text was sent, Harry. “It’s nearly as bizarre
as this film.” LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE “See you tomorrow.” Frankie Jn? Frankie Junior. Frank Lampard. AUDIENCE: Ooh! “Uncle H.” Aww, Frankie. “When did you learn to sent texts?” LAUGHTER “Let alone emojis.” He said,
“Anyway, your emoji would be…” And he’s put a diamond. AUDIENCE: Aww. “See you soon.” How sweet is that? Aww. There’s a brilliant one from Kammy. An absolute Kammy classic. Chris Kamara, yeah? Of all the people so far,
Kammy has just got it. He’s just got it. Three emojis… Old man, then money bag, then a horse. LAUGHTER And then he’s put,
“No explanation needed!” Go on, Kammy! what an absolute legend and what a wonderful Send To All. It’s Harry Redknapp and,
of course, his beautiful wife, Sandra! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

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