Hannity: White House won’t legitimize illegitimate impeachment probe

Hannity: White House won’t legitimize illegitimate impeachment probe

100 thoughts on “Hannity: White House won’t legitimize illegitimate impeachment probe

  1. Ahh, comments fulla people incapae of looking at history.

    Article 1: Many presidents, including Clinton, asked foreign leaders for favors much more edgy than Trump. No one ever batted an eye until now, and the new narrative only exists because quid pro quo died with the transcript.

    Article 2: ALL impeachments before had a vote to allow both sides to use subpoenas. Nancy wants to skip that so her side doesn't have to answer for things, like Biden admitting to quid pro quo on camera

    You can hate Trump all you want, but if you wanna undo precedents and play by your own rules, don't act so surprised that everyone else is going to do the same. And when it's your candidate in office one day, we will play by the same rules.

    You reap what you sew.

  2. Trump got nothing positive to campaign on at this moment. The only thing he has is the good economy and job numbers which he inherited from Obama.

    The "really easy to win" trade war still isn't won, the wall still isn't build, Mexico still hasn't payed for the wall, he still hasn't released his tax returns like he promised he would do, the US troops are not returning home. They are just being moved and missions in Saudi-Arabia are being expended, he got laughed off the stage at the UN, he is being impeached for crimes he himself admitted (how dumb can you be?), he still rants on about how Obama, Biden and Clinton committed crimes even though there is no evidence for it, he is sharing conspiracy theories about a "deep state" because blaming someone nobody knows is easier than admitting your failures, let's planes refuel at a crucial airport for his golf resort, let's Pence stay in his resort on the other side of Ireland where Pence actually needs to be, has played way more golf then Obama, even though he said he wouldn't have time for it….should i go on?

  3. There has to be necessary reasonable requirements in place, before a formal impeachment can take place! First and foremost solid evidence of wrongdoing is the main requirement; yet alas the Democrats don't seem to believe such a requirement is necessary! We in the UK and Europe have been watching and observing the corrupt way the Democrats have been acting since and actually before Trump was Democratically elected as President of the United States and we are not impressed with the Democrats within America. The worse possible outcome for the USA is to take a back step and allow Democrats to have any real power in the United States…………… if this worse scenario happened then you would really be in the hands of Russia! You the United States would be the laughing stock of the World, the most politically corrupt Country on this planet. Please for the sake of this world, do not allow these swindlers and profit making Socialist Democrat politicians to ever run your Country. Keep Donald Trump for the next term be the President of the United States………. not only to continue to make America great but also the world!

  4. ……….. Fx News ….. You are promoting a lawless President …… stop it …… this is dangerous …… and will end badly

  5. From now on I will not go longer go to Court should I be subpoenaed (especially if I deem it to be illegitimate)

  6. Never forget the forgotten women of this country.
    USA 🇺🇸 in it's FULL GLORY under 45th President Donald J Trump, the Dragon Boy😉😘.

  7. Babble:
    Impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach

  8. I watched the series the loudest voice with Russel Crow and have found it hard to take Hannity serious ever since as the show showed
    he was hired to be a hatched man for republican propaganda and for him not to worry about the truth just to go after anything not republican.Anybody who does not agree I would ask you to watch the series its about the birth of fox news and its ceo and who really is behind getting the republicans in power. The truth is the first victim in news reporting done like this.

  9. Repeat…snore…Repeat…snore… How is Impeachment Illegal? Plugs ears and waits for Hans to start yelling dot dot dot…


  11. this impeachment is illegitimate..if dems really want it they should put a vote..if vote passes then it starts..lot of people in america should know the law..and should know what are the legal ways for congress to do this..and when they can or can not subpoena…and how should whole procedure look like…

  12. Sorry your racist tobacco chewing Daddy lied to you but there's no such thing as Race and America will "race" gracefully forward towards progress like a gazelle with or without Crusty Racist Old Milk Smelling Bastards that dream of what racist America used to be. We Will continue to be Great. And that means WITHOUT distinction between skin color.. and you Dry Mustard smelling Flannel Shovelbacks will deal with it or perish.

  13. Insanity, rage, hysteria, fever pitch, plotting, scheming, overthrow, outright lie, political coup, clown show, illegitimate, unconstitutional, baseless, invalid, all in the first minute. Hannity has found himself unable to argue facts so he has brought out the emotion. You do know we can read the transcript? You do know the Constitution does have an impeachment clause? You do realize that ignoring subpoenas and filing law suits to obstruct makes a president look guilty, not to mention he has said all the same things publicly? Did you mention threatening whistle blowers? Did you mention the majority of Americans are in favor of the impeachment inquiry? There's nothing like exposing the facts to exonerate, unless they don't. Care to tell us about a deep state, coup, traitors, spies, corrupt press, an innocent investigation into corruption, stable genius, unmatched wisdom, chosen one, or the trillion dollar deficit? Who has stated they can't be prosecuted therefor they can't be investigated? Who has said they can pardon themselves? Who has said the Constitution gives them unlimited power to do what they want? Did I get my facts wrong?


  15. Hannity is not bipartisan with Trump – He is bipartisan with the American PEOPLE and the constitution. The Dems HAVE NO evidence till now whatsoever. To base a circus-trial on NOTHING reminds one of show trials of dictatorships. Trump has ALL the rights as EVERY US citzen!!!

  16. the country is not divisive the republican and democrats are . if you get out of your bubbles you will see how many people are on Trump side . regular people have no problem with racism or color of skin .we all live in a harmony in a beautiful country which made us all spoiled same on democrats and republicans to take us a part for just a few corrupted DOLLARS.

  17. They are deleting conservative comments and letting paid liberal trolls post on this fox channel. haha hey whoever is doing this you're not going to change anything. Can't wait to vote straight American Nationalist republican in 2020. Democrats don't deserve to hold office anymore. So delete all the pro President Trumps comments you want because we're not changing our votes and our support for President Trump is continuing to grow. You people have already lost but keep fighting if it makes you feel better but you won't ever have anything close to an Obama era again. Oh and if you think President Trump pissed you off before wait until his second term.because he ain't going an ywhere.

  18. Hannity, I'm sure you are much more intelligent than the words coming out of your mouth! A leopard can't change his stripes no more than this President can try new tactics to confuse the populace into believing his constant lies. Just like Trump is doing now with Ukraine in soliciting foreign assistance with his campaign, do you really believe he didn't know about the Trump Tower meeting? Maybe you can continue to try believing one has nothing to do with the other, but anyone with any logical thinking can clearly see that this President not only knew but directed it!

  19. So now they have increased the number of paid Anti Trump trolls on mainstream conservative channels like FOX 😂😂😂 These people didn't exist a week ago but now the number has grown. OOOOOOO Very convincing… Too bad fake youtube accounts don't vote but I guess after 2016 you realized that and you're going to realize it again in 2020. You do realize paying people to create fake accounts to spread misinformation about President Trump will just energize Trump Supporters and those who can't stand democrats right?? If you really wanted to make people questiong President Trump you should have CNN and MSNBC do nothing but positive reporting on President Trump but you're too arrogant or stupid to do that. So what will these leftist groups and these anti Trump paid trolls do after 2020 when they realize President Trump has 4 more years as President?

  20. For all the strong words about not legitimizing the illegitimate, no cooperation with the unconstitutional, Etc.
    Its long overdue for President Trump to finally stand behind his Second Amendment promises made on the campaign trail. He made lots of promises about 2A. Has not kept a single one!
    Red Flag laws- totally unconstitutional. Not even close. No due process. Its terrible. But he supported and led the charge for red flag laws. He is far more gun hating in practice than any other president. Even Obama, the non-president (p)resident.

  21. Yes, an impeachment has rules.Which is why what the deranged loony left is trying to do is not really impeachment, but a COUP.

  22. Hannity you test the limits of free speech… Your arguments just aren’t convincing to me anymore. I loved listening to you back in 2001-2003. You were on top of your game back then. Now…not so much.

  23. Trump admitted to breaking the law by using the office of the Presidency to solicit political help from a foreign power (which under 52 USC §30121(a)(2) is illegal even if you're not the President, or a dumb self-incriminating conman for that matter), and now he's going to be impeached for it.

  24. So you wonder why we know Washington DC is crooked and why we don't trust anyone or anything that comes from there flush them all💩💩💩💩

  25. If its all fake news', cooperate allow testimonies, don't plead the 5th, and release all documents and recording of call without 5 hr gap… Then everyone will know the truth!!
    If you keep stonewalling, you clearly have something to hide…get it all out in the open..but clearly it's not going to happen so somethings were said and done that were not proper??

  26. Endless lies from Trump, no substance, hides every piece of evidence that could support his innocence. Deflection and deception with every word. Wants to dismantle the law, but claims privileges under the law every time his guilt becomes more visible. Trump, is the anti christ. Toxic, Evil, and very dangerous.

  27. Release the text message transcripts from Volker as well. Nothing stopping the declas. Time to wreck them. Gloves off

  28. Get the terminology correct.. This is NOT and IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY. It
    is a COUP D'ETAT. You are right Sean and I support the President in
    this matter! These DemonRats have been trying this since day 1 of the
    President's election! The new definition of a “whistleblower”: a deep
    state operative tasked with using any corrupt means possible to support
    the democrat agenda.

  29. Get the terminology correct.. This is NOT and IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY. It
    is a COUP D'ETAT. You are right Sean and I support the President in
    this matter! These DemonRats have been trying this since day 1 of the
    President's election! The new definition of a “whistleblower”: a deep
    state operative tasked with using any corrupt means possible to support
    the democrat agenda.

  30. Hi, I'm from England (so we have it going on ourselves…) but I'm wondering if there's someone on here who would be willing to briefly discuss with me why as to how things have become so divided on your side of the pond? We're not far behind…either way it's nuts. It shouldn't be this way.

    Any feedback appreciated.

  31. 1600 thumbs up, 2600 thumbs down, and comments in support of Hannity are being deleted! 2600 thumbs down? Someone is obviously skewing the ratings; there's always going to be people who dislike Hannity, but this is beyond what I've ever seen on Fox. 1984, people…

  32. Not co-operating with a Congressional Inquiry is called Obstruction. Obstruction of the Impeachment Inquiry is in itself grounds for Impeachment. You may not support or believe in the reasons for the Inquiry, but if you dont have the choice of cooperating or not. Nixon was impeached for obstruction. Trump is one step away from doing exactly the same thing.

  33. Gee, how are there so many anti-Trump comments, and so few pro-Trump comments??? Oh, nevermind, this is YouTube, where Conservatives are censored, that’s right… Silly me, expecting a fair shake to both sides on a social media platform….I wonder how many comments were deleted for “policy violations”???

  34. How come Fox isn't reporting the results of Fox's October 6 poll, which showed 51% of voters favor that Trump be 'impeached and removed'? Google Fox Poll if you don't believe it. Hannity knows but he won't tell you.

  35. Yup they don't want the evidence to be in play so Democrats want him done no justice or fairness just get him illegally.

  36. Anyone else think YouTube are trying to block hannity Ingram and Tucker I've really struggled to get there shows this week

  37. With what the President has done, notwithstanding a hostile congress and a withering media, just imagine what could have been achieved if congress and the media had supported him. The sky would not have been the limit, not even low earth orbit, the President could have lifted the world. The democrats and the media are vile.

  38. There goes the hannity insanity. Propagandist! I wonder how much money it takes for you to spread the lies you tell. You have no conscious. You’re a SHAME AND SHAM. TAKING UNEDUCATED PEOPLE AND BRAINWASHING THEM.

  39. All the investigations came up with tons. Collusion is not a crime and you know it. Start telling your viewers the truth. Tell your viewers to read the report instead. They can then see the truth in writing.

  40. Blah, blah, blah. We don't believe you Bill. Your own poll indicate most Americans want Donny impeached and out of office. We are tired of the lies.

  41. This conversation was reportedly had, say sources inside the Whitehouse.

    Pelosi, "Jerry how are we doing on impeachment?

    Nadler, " Not so good Nance, I can't seem to make any of our mud stick."

    Pelosi, "You had one job Just one job, Jerry what do you think you were meant to be doing if not get the SOB impeached"

    Nadler, "Sorry Nance I tried every dirty trick in the book please don't sack me I don't know how to do anything else"

    Shiff, very excitedly "let me, let me I can do it I can really, let me try "

    Pelosi, "What have you got Adam more evidence? I hope it's real this time".

    Shiff, " This time I have created a whistleblower and told him exactly what to say I even wrote the script, it's foolproof"

    Pelosi, "What about? tell me more"

    Shiff, " it's about Joe and his son's nice little earner in Ukraine and I have made up some crap that Trump will have said that makes it look like he was doing a quid pro quo deal."

    Pelosi, "Will we finally get him? we have to or he will be elected, again"

    Shiff, " easy I will just keep rolling out whistleblowers we will get him on something eventually ".

  42. Biden calls for impeachment, yet he (& Clinton) actually more clearly broke the law. The longer this goes on, the more momentum the Democrats are getting at trash talking Trump, regardless of his guilt or innocence…. stop wasting US citizens taxpayers time & money!

  43. If you can't wait 13 months for democracy to take place, you don't believe in democracy. And are exactly what you claim to be protecting the country from… Which is why you have no credibility with the American people. Democracy will stand. The people will not allow the President to be removed for Hillary and Biden's crimes…

  44. Latest FOX NEWS poll. 51% Of Americans want the impeachment to go ahead. As this is a FOX NEWS POLL no one can say it is fake news.

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