100 thoughts on “Hannity: Trump calls Pelosi a ‘third-rate politician’

  1. This presenter would be funnier if he did his tub thumping routine with his eyes crossed. Two thirds of Republicans just rebuked Mr Trump for his holding the door open for Turkey and Russia whilst leaving staunch allies to be murdered and this guy just brushes it off. I'm in a Ally country too, and the U.S. can have either Trump or credibility – pick one.

  2. Oh but dont forget to tell everybody Nancy's response over the third rate politican remark she said and I just wish you were a politician lol

  3. NO QUID PRO QUO trumps keeps saying it over and over So why is Mulvaney lying about it then umm Well looks like trump will have to fire him cause trump doesnt like liars TRUMP/UKRAINE 2020 hannity is a Hoot ,

  4. Shifty shift, head is Dean wormer and DJT is on double secret probation Nancy ran out of meeting and chuck followed her carrying her purse

  5. And, President Trump, unlike any human does not look and he can fly and he is actually better than God.
    There. You don't need to waste time listening to Hannity anymore. It will always be more of this.
    Ah, you frankly would not have to listen to sticker either but because he us a total loon, you may still want to tune in for the laughs.

  6. This is fake news…change the channel the real news is anousing the evidence that's going to end the Great Orange Clown rule over us all….and the Republicans will vote with the Dems to do it……

  7. Trumps blunders will single handedly cause the implosion of the republican party. A large democratic voting block will sweep in this year and a tsunami of dems voting can be expected in 2020.

  8. Why are you talking about Trump’s late night comedy material and NOT actual news? He broke the law. He deserves to be impeached. Lock him up and get over it!

  9. Years of opioid abuse combined with probably alcoholism. A total mess with a lot of power. And get re-elected time after time. I don't get it.

  10. Yeah sure you Block headed SOB that orange skin clownwho happens to be the grand wizard on Pennsylvania Street is going to jail. And you going with him

  11. As much as I detest Nancy Pelosi I still marvel at her ability to keep it up….she is no spring chicken. She is probably on every drug possible to keep her young and vital.

  12. Ok how do we get the message to republicans that the democraps need to be indicted. The proof is there what’s the delay? Start NOW

  13. Has the media always been this focused on smearing politicians? Or did this just start with trumps regime? So much name calling these days on both sides. This is crazy

  14. The only sick, ugly, twisted thing wasting our time is this Hannity fool and any morons who believe his evil vile rubbish spewed!

  15. The impeachment farce must be made behind closed doors. It's the only way the socialist left can control the leaks.

  16. The corrupt radical right wing socialist Republicans r controlling ur life thru special interest and lobbying groups & until u figure that out, u have ZERO chance against the wealthy!

  17. Good Grief Nancy is starting to look like a pink Clown. She is scarey looking now. how sad for her. can't take the stress I guess.

  18. Just imagine the melt down that will happen if Trump's Republicans take back the house without rhino Ryan and pick up seats in Senate and keep the White House…They will all have to be admitted! Time to invest in mental health services because there is going to be some bat chit crazy Dems! Oh Lord; can't forget Hollywood and fake news networks either! Invest now in anti-depressants it will be worth more then gold!

  19. Hannity gaslighting the American public and getting paid for it. Everything that's wrong with the media right here

  20. Nancy Pelosi is a waist of time, just like hearing Beto talk about trying to confiscate guns! Lol I will not comply and neither should anyone else. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. If you really cared about children, the homeless, the Kurds, global warming…anything…..why walk out of a meeting? Arent political meetings supposed to be contentious?

  22. Trump, fox, Christianity and Hannity are the manipulating you poor ignorant saps, this is why America is going down the shitter.

  23. third ha,…..President Trump she ant for the people i feel…… NANC show us HOW GREAT YOU ARE HOW REAL AND CARING YOU ARE SHOW US A Non POVERTY SAN FRAN safe for all women to walk at night alone for jobs to be available for houses to be less than 2 million as a minimum show us how addicts and school kiddos get along early mornings at 7am on the footpaths of san fran….. its NACNY's REGION…. 12th district of Cali….HER CANVAS HER LIVING RESUME…. she needs to do this FIRST BEFORE SHE CRIES and calls a NATIONAL press conference ABOUT TRUMP farting in a meeting

  24. Wait? Did Hannity just summarize the state of Ohio's census on impeachment based on 11 people? Next up, Donald Trump JR. talks about nepotism of Hunter Biden. The irony is real.

  25. If Trump rescued a baby from a burning building the democrats and the mainstream media would accuse him of breaking and entering, criminal trespass, kidnapping and arson

  26. This whole Republican thing is a joke… I only see rich white men playing games getting richer while you fools cover for them. But at the same time your lives haven't gotten any better. 3rd grade 3rd rate. What's the difference it's still silly for a 70 plus years old man to even talk like that. There's a reason why real world leaders play head games with Trump but to not look like a victim he play the same head games with his supporters. Yal are really convinced that he's one of you… Think about that while you are flying around in your jet headed to his 2 thousand dollar a night hotel where you'll be staying. LMAO…like he said: he loves the uneducated..

  27. Just have a heart attack and die Hannity so you can join your lover trump in hell you know it’s only a matter of time, like the saying says why put off till tomorrow what you can do today. I hope it’s as painful as listening to this 💩

  28. ENOUGH Foreign wars and America spending the lives of our children and trillions to rebuild nations that hate us anyway. Defend SYIRA?! Keep our troops defending the SYRIAN BORDER?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! Democrats need to stop acting like 5 years olds.

  29. The best part of all this is that the swing are going red and many blue are changing color. Not all former Dems are stupid. Let them go because they are dismantling their own party.

  30. I like how Trump looked like he was about to cry… backin up in his chair, probably looking for an easy way out of the room to he can go take a nap. One meeting a day… is way too much, takes much less energy to let a bunch of our allies the Kurds in Syria die….

  31. I am glad that President Trump told that Nancy off right to her plastic fake face! She deserves it too, she is an idiot! Go President Trump, I love you! Trump 2020!


  33. Well thats because Trump has never read Article 1 of the US Constitution apparently you havent either.
    Both Reblicans AND Democrats are in the impeachment inquiry.

  34. Anything to distract from Ukraine. Treason , plain and simple. Tell the truth. This is NOT a ceasefire.TELL THE TRUTH about UKRAINE!!!!!!! Stop repeating lies that anyone can debunk- eventually even trump supporters will get the facts

  35. What a shame 40% of Americans are ignorant and badly educated you have history on your shoulders that you destroyed America..you will take that to your graves

  36. Trump needs a mental health check with these endless adolescent attacks. He needs to focus his attention on mopping up the mess he's made in Syria. Listening to the generals would be a good start.

  37. Yep people will vote for the Democrats because the want their kids coming home in an aluminum box…Yep that's what they want….Stick more people in that ungovernable Hell hole.. The last real caliph,the Sultan of Turkey, was the last person who could keep that place under control..

  38. 354 Republicans voted AGAINST Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria versus 60 Republicans…Fox polls…all polls show 52% of Americans support impeachment and the number keeps rising…whoohoo!

  39. President Trump makes America strong and President Trump saves Amercan lives while Obama made America weak and Obama sent Americans Solders to die for nothing. It's easy to see who sold out America to the Communists and UN Globalists. Pelosi, Clinton and the rest of the democRATS are Obama's leftover broken puppets

  40. Trump divides America, turns neighbor against neighbor, family members against each other. He's like a cancerous growth that must be removed

  41. Finally,…since Kennedy….
    "We the people" have a president that wants to see our young men not mutilated in war unnecessarily !!!
    I'm from the Vietnam period….. and too many of our soldiers came back with their legs blown off their arms blown off suffering from Agent Orange…. drug addiction and mental problems…and even suicide
    … that resulted from any or all of these things !!!
    Thank God from drew the line when nobody else did !!!

  42. So the Republicans support "Red Flag" laws but, they are against the violation of Constitutional right to the President. Am I the only one that sees a disconnect here?

  43. Game's over. Everyone's spilling on Trump and Pelosi has been exonerated. Please pray for Trump, Hannity, and all those other people still fooling themselves after all this time.

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