100 thoughts on “Hannity: Ratings and polls tank for impeachment

  1. Voters get ready 2 vote anyone out of office who are 4 this FARCE! I see abuse of power from Pelosi and her liberal friends.

  2. Dear Father our Lord God, I Pray Asking You For Your Help Please Stop This Hate Of We The People by The evil politican's. Amen

  3. The Democrats said you had to sign up for Obama care. So I went down to find out what it cost. Just like Pelosi said, "You have to sign up to find out the cost". I told the insurance agent, "I'm not nuts enough to sign up for anything before I know what the cost is and walked out. My friend was very excited about Obamacare, for him and his family. It was suppose to be great care at a much lower price. His rates almost doubled and with the deductible. He would have to spend $18,000.00 ,out of pocket, before insurance kicked in. He just signed on the dotted line before asking the cost. He did not sign up again the next year.

  4. When Hannity is finally in prison they will take his money that was earned criminally….to report info that you know is false, and it leads to crimes being committed, all we need is proof of motive, which is in his financials….

  5. Trump, the Republican Party, working together hand in hand have sold the working people of America a big pack of lies and cons. Vote them all out in 2020!

  6. Notice all them were black. They like living on the Democrat Plantation. Well listen up. Black people are seeing through your horseshit. And regardless if you're black. They know it's horseshit

  7. We should hold the Democrats in Congress in contempt and impeach them for abuse of power and obstruction of the progress of America!

  8. They're pushing it through no matter what. They don't even care now that everyone can see the corruption. Did u see the eyebrows on him and the women standing up in the front? They had the look of oh well u may have a point but we are puting it through anyways because that's how we feel. Unreal. Pure corruption. I can't wait until Trump destroys them in court…and is re elected. Then let's watch all their faces.

  9. 1984 – if any trump supporters had any education- they'd see what the rest of the world sees. Hannity is gaslighting all of them

  10. These lying thug politicians need to be removed from office. I am tired of paying their way so they can commit crimes, continuously. Great reporting, Sean. Keep up the attacks!

  11. They know this whole thing is a bad joke and DNC loonies are the punchline. All they care about is staining Trump's Presidency and pushing this sham so Dummocrats can continue ignoring the jobs they were Elected to perform. Sick, lazy, arrogant and hate this Country.

  12. Former life long Steel Worker Dem voter here in PA…I can't wait till Nov to vote against all Dems and vote for Trump in 2020. ENOUGH…stop the BS, accept the will of the people and start addressing real issues.

  13. I like that everyone says Dems have fake outrage- yet the Republicans shouldn't even care about impeachment because they have all the votes in the Senate not to remove Trump. What's halarious is that Republicans are actually even worried about this. Enjoy being gaslit Republican supporters- y'all must be worried that a bunch of Senators have brains like McCain and the "dear leader" is actually not held too dear to even them. The world is watching democracy die in the USA- and Trump is the laughing stock of the rest of the world. Watch any other news outlet WORLDWIDE and you will learn the truth.

  14. There麓s
    evidence of these facts:

    president removed anti-corruption champion ambassador Yovanovitch

    president麓s hand-picked agents began the scheme

    president froze vital military aid to Ukraine

    president conditioned a White House meeting on investigations

    president pressed president Zelinsky to do a political favor

    president麓s representatives racheted up pressure on the Ukrainian president

    president asked president Zelinsky for a political favor

    president麓s security assistance hold became public

    president released the security assistance

    president麓s chief of staff confirmed security assistance was withheld and
    conditioned on investigation of the DNC server

  15. The question is are the constituents of the 31 representatives smart enough to recognize what's going on and vote them out in 2020?

  16. Bloomberg, says if he is elected; he will shut down every fossil fuel power plant. Wouldn't it be awesome; but devastating; if all these power plants would coordinate a 1 day shutdown; just to show these electronic depending socialist, what it would be like! They haven't even a clue where their power comes from; and they think they can run this country! TRUMP 2020

  17. The dem agitprop outlets posing as "media" … got nothing "wrong" … and they "missed" nothing. They lied, the lie right now, and they will lie tomorrow. They serve the corporate, globalist, establishment 5th column in this country … and their purpose is to control the narrative, social engineer, and facilitate the aforementioned's never-ending power grab.

  18. Not just napping, he was drooling. What about the camera men taking pictures off the paperwork when it was break time?

  19. NADLER IS A MENTAL CASE THAT HAS MANAGED TO GET POWER AND IS RULING OVER THE SANE. Not only this . . . those around them are straight-jacketed into a CONGRESS that is absolutely helpless — OH, we hear outrageous remarks — but in the end, the liberals have turned CONGRESS into a FASCIST DICTATORSHIP! Look at what your compromises has produced . . . and when you are betrayed by those you support — I hope those around you, as you whine and complain of your SLAVERY and unfair mistreatment, will PUNCH YOU IN YOUR FILTHY MOUTH AND SHUT YOU UP THEN!

  20. Non-whites vote Democrat by a factor of 2:1 over Republicans. Race DOES matter. We cannot have a 1st world country without a majority of 1st world people.

  21. LOLOL Funny the Racist Republicans impeached Clinton over a Blow Job Cover-up. Racist Traitor Trump Flat out Lies about a Foreign attacking the USA and illicit Russia to interfere with USA elections yet again and the Republicans are saying they're OK with the Treason. and so the Trumpturds stand behind the Treason also. Disgusting that in this Country So-called Americans have Turned their backs to the sovereignty of the USA to cover up an Obvious Racist Traitor Trump

  22. Scrote and his golf watchers are pretty darned "solemn. " Scrote and his court from down under. Scrote needs to gt thrown out. do a few years community service washing sox or something. Schitf Burger needs to be charged with voter fraud, election tampering, and treason. I think a Rico Act investigation is in order for the whole lot.


  24. The crazy right (which is exactly the same as "the right" these days) goes berserk over background checks or limiting magazine size because it's really just them lefty's wanna take away our freedom and liberty. But when our reckless child president elicits help from our biggest adversaries to steal elections making our votes worthless and undermines our beliefs and trust in our institutions and values – real things that really do threaten who we are – they think that's just fine. Donny isn't the only stable genius tearing our country apart.

  25. Mitch McConnell has announced he鈥檚 coordinating with the White House for Trump's Senate impeachment trial. Norm Ornstein tells Ari Melber that "to basically admit before you start the trial that it's rigged is just quite astonishing" and says he doubts many Republicans will be happy about that. Joyce Vance adds that McConnell's comments mean that the Senate trial is a "rigged jury" and Trump can never truly be exonerated. McConnell is completely ignoring the integrity of the office he's holding by announcing the outcome before anything has started. TRAITOR. This is essentially saying that a juror will confer with the accused to determine what the outcome of the trial will be, to hell with the judge, the jury, or the evidence. wrong wrong wrong!

  26. When the masses are asses, ignorant, and misinformed democracy fails and morons, criminals, and dirtbags get elected. The current "Democrat" congress is the result. It could get a tad worse folks- blantant criminals, drug cartels, terrorists, can also control a congress and the White House – it could happen if we don't start draining not only the swamp but the media and halls of mis-education..

  27. It amazes me that Bidon brags about making the Ukrainian president fire the prosecutor that was investigating his son. Even stating he would hold the money until this man is fired. You losers Dems have such a double standard it is disgusting.

  28. The Dems help Boris in UK because the British could see the lies in USA impeachment at the point of voting . The baseless accusation in place of policy鈥檚 that meet the needs of the people it鈥檚 been sanction in UK

  29. Who wants to listen to them lying Communist As* holes wanting to get him out (right or wrong) just cuz they know they can't beat him. I've read the stats of the REAL polls on here. %86 don't support impeachment. But they did it anyway. TRUMP 20/20 anyway!!!!!!


  31. I have no clue how u can be on the left… with all this madness.. all this does is bring more people to the Republicans side. The radical left has gone waaaaay to far. With everything. They can't get anything right..

  32. That Trump will not be removed from office is a fact. However, a great injustice and disservice would be done to the Country, The Constitution, The Rule of Law, and to Trump and the Republican Party, if a full and complete trial in the Senate is not conducted. Not holding a trial will be the latest showing of McConnell's getting on his knees, and doing all he can to accommodate the Democrats, to "go along to get along" Of course the idiot, spineless McConnell will never do the Democrats as the Democrats do when they have the power. When you do not "lower yourself to the level" of the bullies and do unto them as they did and do unto you, they will never learn and amend their ways. GROW A PAIR MCCONNELL OR RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!

  33. The Democratic are nasty communist and they don鈥檛 know they are. They has to much hate for the Democracy and聽 freedom they have hate for the capitalism and they hate our soldiers and our policemen and hate our Country and聽 hate our religion and they hate a lot our president and much hate for our God.

  34. Let Hillary run and if she wins even if we all know she wont. But lets say she won. Then the Republicans can start impeachment against her. There is pleanty of evidence of her wrong doing not to mention stealing charity money ear marked for disaster relief. Pleanty of evidence against her. Yet nothing against Trump only hate.

  35. Nadler stopped it because he was tired… And the left could strong arm anyone who will not vote for impeachment. Evil group

  36. The left are bitching already about what will happen when its goes to upper house. What a stupid claim when its the democrat rats who have committed every wrong that they are trying to blame Republicians on.

  37. The media doesn't care that they missed this huge giant, They have been covering for it. They lie over and over. What gets me is their supporters believe these lies. Myself, sitting back watching knowing they're lying but yet supporters believe them. I cannot comprehend.

  38. Im sure when these democrat idiots were born God removed the common decency gene from their brains. I think they con6e from the seed of Cain who murdered Able. So God bound drmocrats in to a darker idiotic world than was meant for the good seed from Cain. To deceive oh what a joy to see democrat rats get caught in their own mire. Praise the Lord for he is kind he led the cainites into the dark and the Republicians into the light.

  39. Can鈥檛 the black reporters see that they are being set up. When this hoax goes down for for all the lies that it is they will be blamed by the heads of the fake news. Very simple for a way out. Blame the reporters.

  40. Why is Pelosi not being investigated for collusion with George Soros and "under the table financial contributions", by Soros, to subvert the United States of America?

  41. Reptilians, they say are a conspiracy but we know anything labeled conspiracy means to close to the truth. Anyone who has deep researched into Author Tiffany Fitzhenry or Corey's digs Or Humans are Free…know "they" are the rulers of this mirrored world.

  42. I see the ending of this party. I know there are yet some that still fall for the Dems bull crap, but I really think this is the end of the Democratic Party.

  43. Yep, "Shammity"…
    Except that麓s the opposite of what they say…
    But hey, this is Faux news, reality ain麓t welcome here…
    "No sanity from Hannity"

  44. I'm just disgusted by the unending hate from these people. As there mindsets predecessors they soullessly endeavor to enact there " Final solution" of removing President Trump from office. Facts, reason, rules be damned. All justified for the cause. It is stunning to see the means hate will empower.
    They are a cult and hate driven.

  45. "The Vindication of 馃嚭馃嚫Sean Hannity 馃嚭馃嚫" 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦

  46. nevertheless, it is the right thing to do. If the voters really want a lifetime cheater in the white house, they should get it. (and take the responsibility afterward)

  47. Very , very , very, hard for dems to accept that Donald J. Trump is so successful for the United States as he is. They don't know how to act…..lye, cheat, and be dishonest is all they have. They will not win with their lame tactics.

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