Hannity: Evidence is coming that will rock DC’s foundation

Hannity: Evidence is coming that will rock DC’s foundation

100 thoughts on “Hannity: Evidence is coming that will rock DC’s foundation

  1. I'm sure she laughs everyday while sitting in her comfy place sipping her favorite beverage at all these accusations.knowing it ain't gonna go anywhere!!!!

  2. ‘It’s coming “. … ‘It’s going to Happen” …. ‘I’m telling you”’ …. “Next Week” …… “Going to Jail” ……. “Watch this space”…… Yaddy Yaddy Ya!!
    Two years same old same old.

  3. Looking forward to these smug, liars on the left get arrested. The.left are a disgusting bunch of vile racists.

  4. The deep state is mad at AG Barr because the President has given him power over our justice system to declassify material that proves that the deep state and its cronies has use their power illegally to spy on citizens and rightfully so they have been..So in their defense that want to slander Barr and cause all the chaos that they can to keep the Americans away from the truth. .remember the MSM are accomplishes to tie deep state..and also Fake news..the declassification needed to be done so these crooked cops in the upper echelons in the intelligence department can be held accountable for breaking the laws that they have sworn to uphold..its just a smear job what the democrats and the MSM is doing…We are proud of our President Trump and our awesome AG. .JUSTICE IS ABOUT TO PREVAIL OVER ALL OF THESE LIARS IN THE DEEP STATE..DEMOCRATS


  6. Sounds to me that Hillary and the Obama administration has robbed the Ukrainians blind..then to get them to help her take down the president. .she promised them to weaponize them against PUTIN..Hillary was in process of taking over the Ukrainians she or so corrupt no one on the earth is as evil as Hillary..ops..I forgot Hillary died sept 11th 2016..her doctor brought her back to life with a complete young blood transfusion. .you know I bet Hillary wasn't the one that came back from the dead..I bet a demonic spirit came back in her body..notice Hillary's eyes change like snake eyes and the funny little things she does in public..stare eyes wide open and shake her head and look around like she is bewildered. .yup she is possessed by demons

  7. Yea Rod Rosenstein expanded the scope on the Mueller's report without informing congress..They wanted to take down the President's children to get to Trump..to maybe blackmail him to resign.but they were caught..

  8. This video has almost 2 million views. I think that's plenty of people to form a perimeter around D.C., and pull it tighter and tighter, and tighter………


  10. Lets let Woody Allen write the sequel too "Bananas"…starring the mule from Shrek and the sound of one lonely democrat still clapping

  11. Catch'em by the short hairs, where the sun don't shine, like they do the poor black kids on streets of cities such as Chicago…beating down po' white Jerks and Penny from-duh block…ya know…on the Southside of Chicago, in-duh Baddist part of town, Where they ol'folks get together at nite, just call Jim 'Boss'… Cuz he is Badder den a ole King Kong, meaner thana Junk Yard Dawg

  12. We have known these facts since 2016. Alex Jones put it out there first and it took nearly a year for anyone else to pick it up and report on it. Honestly, I don't expect HRC and her cronies, Mueller and his cronies and all those connected to ever be found guilty of their acts of treason against the Presidency of the US! The way the major news networks worked in unison with them only shows how deep the corruption really goes! The fact that the FBI could go after and persecute anyone within Trump's sphere the way they did should frighten us all! At this stage, only God can bring justice through our prayers of justice being served.

  13. WOW …. $12M … for a document of lies ??
    $12M for anything other than an ORIGINAL "CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" …. seems an incredibly huge waste of money.
    Only an idiot wastes this sum of money on pride.


  15. I’ve heard all this for years now. I’m not holding my breath. Low confidence and only when I see action confidence be restored.

  16. We keep seeing proof of their crimes , Now let’s see them behind bars or hanged for Treason. ❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸👍

  17. Humm how did it happen in USA? Because everyone who was anyone was Dirty! And those who were not were too scared to do anything!!

  18. the greatest cherry on top was the paper the wzas publish with Hillary's picture on the front pagd noting WELCOME MADAm PRESIDENT. I LOVE THIS

  19. Sean, I really like you but we have been listening to "information that will rock DC's foundation" for 10 years and beyond.
    DC has no foundation any more. LOL

  20. It would have to be what is right and what is just, for most Americans to be satisfied to the point that they would be willing to ever trust any federal agency. That would require charges of Treason and carrying out the sentence required for treason. It would also require Nationalizing The Federal Reserve and for us to see United States Treasury printed on our money.

  21. Sean, you are a brilliant mind. You have been talking for 2 years about these criminals. You knew about this and few listened. How can you know so much, report on it and nobody seems to give a sh!t. I want any and all politicians to reap what they sow. I dont like seeing any person of power with wealth deciding our future. These people live in mansions while the people they claim to care about are homeless. I want all guilty parties to pay!!!. If they find something on our President i feel the same way. God bless America. MAGA. We never heard a peep about WICKED Trump until the elite noticed he might have a shot at being our wonderful president.

  22. I am hearing this same dialog over on a couple channels including BCP's YouTube channel. I also listened intently to Trey Gowdy's interview on Fox where he states the same thing, but listen closely to what he also says, "it won't change the minds of those who hate our POTUS or those who love our POTUS & after all, that change is mandatory to get our POTUS re-elected. And as far as being a game changer?; only to the extent that the main-stream media allows the public to even hear about it. And as to legality, we all know these Deep State traitors broke the law, just as HRC has done since Arkansas & yet, here she is touring the Country on her book tour! I really doubt that one thing will happen to these criminals & unfortunately our POTUS's interview with GS a couple days ago went horrible! He was trapped into saying what he did about not reporting to the FBI any dirt a foreign entity gave him about an election opponent. This statement on top of the left's acceleration to unseat our POTUS, I feel, could be devastating for him & that cycle has already started with the FBI's press conference yesterday where the agent stated that to get info from a foreign source & not report it to the FBI was criminal. And we all know that our POTUS has no friends within that organization. Having said all of this, I would love to wake up & learn that Hannity & the others were correct, but unfortunately, I feel all of this dialog just gives false hope to all of us who truly support President Trump & desperately want to see him succeed!.

  23. Mueller is a piece of sht just like the rest of the lying crooked dems!

    We all see this and will certainly vote accordingly! As for now payback is coming bitches!
    MAGA 2020 🇺🇸

  24. Great reporting. Truthful and factual journalism. Sean is a courageous and talented patriot. In the face of the fake media he has endured for years now expressing truth, fact, and trying to save our country from the blatantly corrupt and evil politicos who ruthlessly broke our laws for power and money. The major media’s almost complete disregard for truth and fact exposing the corruption of Obama and the Clintons is a true disgrace, a disservice to the First Amendment and supports the evolving dissipation of our fundamental rights. I am at a loss why our fellow citizens have not en masse risen up, supported Sean, Tucker, Laura, BCP, and others fighting to save our country. It is a manifesto of how corrupt our country has become as its citizens ignore the evil that has befallen us.
    Sean needs to expose how the Clinton / Obama cabal stole over a billion dollars for one of its billionaire donors now being investigated by Public Integrity and TIGTA.

  25. you would think by now,all main stream media would try to save face in the public eye and restore confidence to Americans,they cannot stop themselves ,always attack non stop,i cannot watch regular news even in Canada on our news ,CBC,CTV,GLOBAL,CNN,say word to word echoing there owners narratives,t sickens us all.

  26. The first words of this video:
    "What we have been reporting on night after night for over a year now"
    That's probably the only true thing Hannity has ever said.
    This moron is telling his moronic audience he has been wasting their time
    with the exact same story for over a year, just in case they haven't figured
    it out yet.

  27. Judge don't forget that he can have them tailored to fit any size. You just nailed it, boy is that funny , just hilarious.

  28. Today In America
    We have a President for the people and for the country. Working everyday free of charge.
    The Democrats want to impeach him.
    let that sink in.

  29. This is over four months old….where is it Sean….wait until Cohen gets out of prison and reveals all about the deals you and he did…..

  30. The only way to escape such sin is to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior..or be in a burning hell forever. I have never heard of such sin from our Congress in my life! Repent and accept Jesus Christ before it’s too late.

  31. I’m sorry but go home nothing to see here. Jail time for the privileged is prohibited as a tool for us to keep our pie holes shut or no pie for anyone. 🕷🕸

  32. Hannity They were all crooked.All the way up to the worst president ever Obama. Should all be in prison. Play the American people for suckers. TRUMP 2020

  33. HILLARY lost because the american people seen through her lying and kniving ways.wasn't for the people. Was for the power. TRUMP 2020

  34. Verdict, confiscation of all there assets and put them all on public service with jail uniforms under house arrest with no parole for all deep state traitors.

  35. Hillary Clinton subcontracted everything out so her hands is playing even though she's guilty. Then the company that subcontracted from her had another country company and they said contracted toe subcontracted. That means her hands are clean but she still is guilty she's the third party not the first party to a certain extent going to be hard to convictor. 😅😅

  36. The International Banker's are suppressing America, Iceland kicked them out!!! We Do Not need Politician's that are blackmailed, bought & Paid for!!!!!!! Changing the Law to fit thier own selfish needs with our tax payers dollar every min they can…. ,They hate Trump More than they Love America & have no Legion to America that's CLEAR

  37. Again nothing will ever come of this mess
    Because the courts are in collusion with the Dems and the deep state! Also the FBI is crooked from top to bottom if the leaders are corrupt the rest of the organization will be following the leaders; same goes for the Justice Department even the Supreme Court!

  38. The FBI are so corrupt, there’s no end to the corruption! It is a very deep swamp! They must be put away or this will never be cleared up, they will continue their crimes to regain power

  39. Demon-gate is going to take down the Democratic Party? They come in as broke jokes and leave as multi-millionaires. How does that work?

  40. who would watch any news program other than fox, news365, walkaway, Huckabee, daily signal, Israeli news, and European news and then some sort of real truth can actually be deciphered that isn't north American fake news and all it's deamoncratic puke and garbage

  41. From the UK we just KEEP hearing about 'crimes that were committed, and yet not a SINGLE arrest it seems! If WE 'ordinary' people so much renege on the TV licence, we are IMMEDIATELY threatened with fines or/and prison time. OR happen to oppose the 'official' narrative! No WONDER we get so FED UP!

  42. Evidence is coming!!
    The guilty will be held responsible!
    The systemic frauds will be exposed and dealt with!
    The swamp will be drained!…..
    Epstein and the Clinton's are the best examples in world history that there is NO RULE OF LAW, NO FUNCTIONING JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, AND NO PART OF THE FBI NOT ENGAGED IN TREASON! Anyone who believes otherwise has no basic common sense or education of any kind

  43. Sean Hannity Trump Irene Obama and then Obama during the 2016 and election when it began if you look on one of the videos of with Obama he was projecting it out there about the Russia investigation so that everybody can start thinking about Russia investigation he's the one that spilled it and he's the one that started it

  44. why don't you investigate trump the way you do the Hillary and Obama, you know why he don't it is cause trump is his Daddy.

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