Hannity: Dems try to educate us on ‘virtues’ of impeachment

Hannity: Dems try to educate us on ‘virtues’ of impeachment

100 thoughts on “Hannity: Dems try to educate us on ‘virtues’ of impeachment

  1. Sean, you are the first to almost depict the truth about Karlan. The remark about the president's son is NOT a joke. It is an utterance of sheer hate. You accept the premise of it being a joke and that's where you and others got it wrong. So you almost got it right. It's hate, nothing more nothing less……

  2. That is who they are. The Law Professor who used a child’s name to make a joke is who she is. They think that we are all ti stupid ti know what’s best for us and we are not capable of deciding for ourselves. She lives in her Ivory Tower and stews over what free people decided for there Country and the bitterness she has for Americans is eating her alive. Very sad and I hope someday the Lord softens her callused heart

  3. America's First Communist Show trial. Stalin would've been disappointed in Democrats, he always got his convictions.

  4. Turly Quote:

    Roper: So now you’d give the Devil benefit of law?
    More: Yes. What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
    Roper: I’d cut down every law in England to do that!
    More: Oh? And, when the last law was down, and the Devil turned round on you – where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country’s planted thick with laws from coast to coast – man’s laws, not God’s – and, if you cut them down – and you’re just the man to do it – d’you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then?

    All the others were snobby bias witnesses with their noses in the air.

  5. Parents that pay to send your kids to Stanford, it's these types of airheads that grade your kids papers. Dems OR Republicans need 2 call school & have her removed. Education is suppose be that, not Marxism training

  6. These people are completely sick and they are also 100% immature and spiteful. It is truly unbelievable how such seemingly intelligent individuals can be this blinded by hatred and this brainwashed. Trump has literally done nothing illegal and nothing to be impeached all the while most of these democrats have committed treason and other serious crimes. Quite disturbing.

  7. I'm a Democrat, but I'm not insane. They've destroyed the party. We have so many good issues to run a platform on and this obsessive hatred of Trump has done the Party in.

  8. So much OPINION squeezed into the very first 10 seconds of this piece… Please Hannity tell us how you really feel, forget actual reporting. Do people not know or care about journalism any more?, and no, I don't like Biden, I don't like Obama, I'm just pointing out that all "news reports" these days are mostly opinion pieces.

  9. Political hit job you say?, like the one Trump was trying to pull off on Biden by way abusing his status as president?, that kind of political hit job?, also, toss Biden in jail if he did abuse his position as VP, toss Obama and Hilary in too if they broke the law, I got no love for anyone who abuses public office, that includes Trump, dems and republicans alike.

  10. Yes Hannity, they should make it law that any impeachment proceedings must be conducted by members of the same political party as the president, otherwise its not fair right?… Also from now on, any criminal trials must have a jury made up of people affiliated to the defendant, otherwise its not fair either.

  11. The closer the FISA drop gets the nuttier the left gets. The left is only doing all this baseless attacking in an effort to try to keep corrupt individuals out of jail by going after their jailer.

  12. If its a problem that all of trumps accusers are anti trumpers… Why isn't it a problem that all the people defending him are pro trumpers?… Isn't that the definition of hypocrisy?.

  13. Democrats are not concerned or expect an impeachment trial let alone win.
    This was all done as a classic brainwashing technique. To influence and manipulate the simple minded voters in 2020 that still believe Trump is a Russian spy.

  14. Democrats are using this as a diversion and important brainwashing technique. And it works. Trump or any Republican will never be president again as the dumb outnumber the smart in America. They dont want to impeach Trump then VP Pence will be president. NO! They want to brain wash Voters and manipulate their votes so they win.

  15. Pamela Karlan, you are a low life scumbag old witch and a liar. If there is a wad of a million dollar cash just for you to pick up outside the entrance of Trump Tower would you brag about staying on the other side of the street? See what a DUMPKOFF you really are…..casting pearls before the swine.

  16. The stupid smelly morons DEMANDED the education by SCREAMING "unfair process" clearly demonstrating (as this comments page echos) that they NEED massive education on the US Constitution and the impeachment process included therein.

  17. Pamela Karlon that was a cheap dirty act to bring the President's and our Fiist Lady's son into your stupid attempt to try and make a joke about our President.
    You should be ashamed of your self for bringing a child into this.!!!

  18. Why do you think the constitution says there can be no kings or queens? Wake up people it’s because were under occupation and have been by the federal government since the Civil War and the answer to London what people don’t know is the back both sides of the Civil War the king of England was also the king of France. And who does launder the answer to the other city state Rome All roads lead to Rome it’s not a joke it’s true

  19. Let’s get something straight quid pro quo has always been the way our government did business every single president has done this. Trump did not do it in this case. But America has been doing this for ever not just for other countries but for the friends and family big donors it’s it’s ridiculous

  20. So no age for the Ukraine but yet we give Egypt 22 million for education 60 million we give to another country for education and yet yeah you give these people money simply Obama and Hillary leading the charge brainwashing the rest of that party


  22. Hannity is such a hack hahhahahahah what a joke. The whole testimony was actually pretty good. How do you look yourself in the mirror at night after all the vitriol you spew? I don't know

  23. There speech is as smooth as oil. But so is there end. GOD is in total control. We live in the last days. Be faithful until the end long suffering. One day the world will get what it wants , a GODLESS society without GOD! Then suddenly destruction will follow. GOD said there will be terrible times in the last days. That’s today. Education and degrees don’t make you intelligent and the standard, wisdom will make you intelligent. In closing remember success in life is based entirely on your relationship with GOD nothing else. TNT.

  24. I don't know if many of you have realized this, but 90 percent of the people making negative comments about Trump in Fox News videos are bots.

  25. She is prejudice.
    I wonder how many illegal aliens did Democrat sent to her? How much she got paid. To be a judge like that? She needs a shrink.

  26. America why are these Israeli first dual citizens allowed to do this,it's brazen treason worse than Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

  27. This was supposed to be the People's House so let's remember as we watch these Reps and their senior legislators in the Senate get righteous about the people's business. Note, former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy noted at National Review in September of 2019, that then-President Barack Obama’s administration asked Ukraine to investigate Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, in 2016. Where the heck were these people then?

  28. I see fox on trump wagon .. cnn ..MSNBC on democrat wagon ` and America split in two. I like trump as a business man I grow up looking up to him .. but he is not a good president too much ..

  29. I stopped giving to the Yale Alumni fund a long time ago. Off-the-cliff liberals that they are. So far left, they've become anti-American.

  30. TRUMP–
    He's the richest…but you can't see his financials.
    He's the smartest…but you can't see his academic records.
    He's the healthiest…but won't release full physical results.
    He's respected …but all laugh and cringe behind his back
    He's innocent…but won't comply with lawful subpoenas
    Meanwhile, his deutsche bank buddy just hung himself in Malibu…or did the guy who hung Epstein do it as another favor to trump

  31. I’ll agree with you on this. Let’s keep the president’s (or any other public servant’s) minor children out of the politics.

  32. It seems like the professor would have crossed the street back in the day if she had seen SJL on the side of the street that she was on.

  33. Because the Karlan woman can never afford to visit the Class Hotel. Thrm Rights Of Admission Are Reserved


  34. She shoulda tried the Trump Hotel. One of the best hotels anyone could ever stay in. And for God sakes Trump ISN’T EVEN THERE. “Professor”. Pamela Harlan, Bricks for brains!!

  35. Remember Trump saying Russia if you’re listening find those emails, and Ukraine do us a favor… THATS ILLEGAL what’s so hard to understand.
    Telling people not to testify is obstruction of justice and not something an innocent person does! Think for yourself…. If a Democrat had done these things we’d want them locked up! Rightly so.

  36. Hannity, I like what you do as a journalist but please use less adjectives. It doesn't help the impact of what your're trying to say when you put like 7 descriptors together for one sentence.

  37. Trump’s policies should make us all Trumpian.
    Trumpian can be summed up in one line delivered to the world leaders, “ I’m going to do what’s right for our citizens, just as you should be doing what’s right for your citizens”.

    How was designing welfare laws that took the fathers out of the homes of the recipients of said “benefit,” helping our brothers in need. I saw the damage done by the self exporting of fathers, that left to “ do there own thing,” which was horrific. Shame on a government that did thus, then gave you drugs, with special drug laws imprisoning a generation. And abortions that looked like genocide to the same.

    No jobs, no hope, no thank you! 20/20 jobs or Democrat’s. Make the correct choice, send the message to both sides to do more!

  38. Mildy amused across the sea, but why are we at defining the "crime" without even naming the "crime" and not knowing whether the alleged act which is not a crime is a crime anyway.

  39. Values mater. So does freedom.
    They call themselves professors, smart professore, but they not independent and need more education instead to be real professors.

  40. The President of Ukraine has stated there are some 500 corrupt prosecutors needing to be gotten rid of… btw… Sor0s gets prosecutors appointed of elected.. including in America…… Sor0s was also being investigated by the prosecutor that Biden got fired.

  41. Feldman looks like he has probably taken many trips on the Lolita Express. I’m sure he is relieved that Epstein was murdered.

  42. No president is perfect. Trump has showed a real care for the country. Let the next election decide if we want to keep him

  43. I wonder what the afterlife will be like. I mean if there exists a supreme being you have to answer to, impossible to deceive or lie to, who will not accept any manner of lie or excuse, upon cross examination and the sentence will be something more horrible than you could imagine.

  44. Take away their pay while this 3 Ring Circus continues! Let them spend months and months screwing themselves instead of the American people

  45. If President Trump ever got impeached there would be a civil war . Ask yourself who’s the right ,military ,veterans and law enforcement also the heartland of our country that produces all the food .

  46. This is literally high school politics. These childish whining people do not belong anywhere near our nations capitol. As well as the witnesses who were adding their answers to questions that were not questions but leading statements. How is this country going to stand with these people? Hannity made the statement that the dems are going to say that we smelly walmart shoppers will be accused of not being qualified to vote for the right candidates. To me this is prophetic. There are millions of people who vote for the worst possible candidates. They are voting for democrats.

  47. There can never be ANY accommodation of the Satanic Lying Media! SUE THEM INTO BANKRUPTCY!
    Join me in a class action law suite to stop their discrimination and squashing of conservative free speech actively and by their bots!

  48. we need a multi million man march on the demons in d.c. to let them know they are not going to oust our elected potus.

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