HACKER LEADER FACE REVEAL Trapped in TESLA 24 Hour Challenge!

HACKER LEADER FACE REVEAL Trapped in TESLA 24 Hour Challenge!

what happened how did it get hacked I don't understand right that's here we go unmasked you look easy hakdo even have to go we're just inside answering the lie-detector test now that he's gone inside this Tesla I don't know where they're going but they both look they're up to something let's get have your girl able act cool let me hit that girl Veronica Veronica run it down hello Let Me In nope Veronica you black girl in the air and open up I can't I can't see anything in the test ran out behind a button to open it on this necessary is this you know that's just like a charging port or something open up thank you where they go guys I just saw them run out and now they're not in this Tesla Packer girl Veronica Veronica I gotta be careful guys I've been trapped in too many Tesla's I don't want to get stuck in another Tesla Chad was recently stuck in a tunnel if you saw his video right there I'm not gonna get a Tesla my PF products or go member in here so I don't understand where they went Veronica evil a girl very funny this is funny but I don't want there not in here which is really weird there's no it's Ryan's you know where they are as the person recording right now is a hacker you can tell me information can you tell me in my viewers right now where ironic any black girl why am I out here then why is there a Tesla here don't know okay well producer ago thinks of getting in another Tesla I'm not that stupid I will never get another test I've been an intentional boy I've been strapped into Tesla I've been trapped in an i8 I've been trapped in all sorts of course and I'm not getting in this Tesla because if I get stuck in this mess again I'm gonna go crazy I'm just gonna lose it if I get stuck in a car leaving CSO I'm never gonna get stuck in a car like this like did so I'm gonna stay very far away from it I'm just gonna make sure I don't go in here anymore I'm gonna I'm gonna walk away now I'm still walk over you Tesla guys so the hacker was driving me mr. hacker you're filming me who's filming me you're giving me the camera upgrade okay the hacker is in here I can't get out there's no door share the buttons are working without pushing these open buttons yes both sides tell me where I'm doing save me the camera and he just said film so I'm sitting here now I mean I guess on the bright side at least I'm not by myself being by yourself stuck in something is annoying do you let me out watch this guess what robots rule okay so can you tell me where we're going are you taking me somewhere taking me to get I have a meeting kind of important meeting drastic okay I don't have anything scheduled okay mom are soul right now currently I am in the back of a Tesla I'm guessing it's a project no it's for sure a projects or go Tesla and they are taking me somewhere I'm with actor that he hasn't told me his name yet but I'm currently really nervous really scared for one going because know where I'm going exactly and they can't get out of here because the child locks are on okay well kind of make the best of it I think is if I beat him I'm just gonna get locked in this Tesla so I don't want to do that if I beat him up he'll just be unconscious and then probably Soria will just lock Tesla from not he remotely they're probably watching us right now and uploading everything to their stream and then applying this their YouTube channel over more views of course they're killers you're what do you think I don't know I just yeah of course those cameras and here's the Tesla a hack Tesla this one's different than any of the ones I've been trapped in before guys I was trapped in the model 3 before and not been trying this X technically I'm not trapped in it right now get me out here right buddy right we're gonna get out of this salon right you can't let me out in here at a Taco Bell or something we can gonna let someone in front of me take all my taco bell tacobell' really isn't good for you you should eat something oh no actually according to yeah Taco Bell activists are saying Taco Bell has hackers that work there too everyone knows oh my gosh if you're watching this I don't know who's watching this or my mom my dad whoever gets all this footage because others no remember it's filming me so on PSA project or go is always farting and it's part because that you talk about because I hacked into you like Taco Bell shooters someday everyone likes talk about what if I had one about McDonald's McDonald's burger I mean yeah how do you have one like one of my close friends he loved working and he only eats whoppers so I understand that you know what about you mowers what's your favorite fast food place I'm just sure I thought about food because I'm just nervous on where we're going right now there's this elephant could be a clue to something what is this elephant slow to me you know maybe it's not so bad being trapped in a Tesla because it's actually quite well air conditioner this feels nice maybe this time I was gonna try to annoy annoy him so much it's than yeah time to annoy Isaac sort of member ten things not to do watch right I just want you know I'm right here mother still not stretchy you know that's so touching you you know I'm not breathing on you I'm not doing it I'm not I didn't have it today but I want some you know I heard I read a study is that if you think about and visualize the kind of food you like maybe frets no just nicely I'm not touching you I'm just reading here not lunch I'm not come talk to you because I'm not you know inertia his science against point new sheet Bowl oh yeah um yeah I totally my people watch my magic friend Eric Jamie enemies all safe now you know that Amy what do you want to eat you want you Taco Bell Jimmy burger what Jimmy doesn't sound like that why are you trying to appreciate my magic Jimmy you want to talk about Jimmy talk to my imaginary friend Jimmy right now okay he would like to go get Taco Bell and he demands Taco Bell she said that I can't get out of the car if I don't get Taco Bell you're not giving out any better get all of this nonsense I'm still not touching you touching the video at all that's a plane go whoa a cupholder don't you almost gotta make a song I think this project so go member is an auditory learner so he probably music so we just kind of think stuff to him and maybe life you wanna sit in the radio yeah yeah it's like card Ibiza oh I got red bottom bottom this is the one about the horses I got the horses in the back another practice I remember to where they go it looks at me cousin Royce test wow it sounds like it what next only on I got horses them up back Miley Cyrus something with my favorite songs and we can stop people stop stop you see can't stop because I'm my other side so I've been back here trying to annoy this PC member you won't even tell me his number like well how do I learn manners because the first thing you do managers tell people your names like my name is Marla and I have a youtube channel called barbar I think it – what you do you would even hack you I think I'm just like no why we stopped by the tornado you're letting me out thank you very much I can finally get out greetings yes of course it is this is your toughie okay this is where we were this is the meeting you're talking about yep you are once again non drug control mama congratulations on defeating my electric floor I'm honestly surprised that you were able to do it my childhood B business was rather unsuccessful you youtubers are knowing what you know the last one you guys posted at the comments said that you're way too short to be pleasing leader how do I know you're the real of course I'm the real PC boss I mean you have the gloves and a great gloves yeah that's cool look when I make my hands shoot oh isn't it missing so you're saying only peezy leader has this Bluffs pianist piece of the PC leader gloves so if you're pleased leader how come your eyes on color contacts I still think you're way too short and the comments and the Mars and the viewers this finding is they they're not dumb you know they know that PC leader is really really taught why do people always talk about my height sometimes I'm too tall now all of a sudden I'm too short you know it's really hard PC to do some of their like cool secret presence or handshake that would really show that you're actually pretty easy Lena I created PSA what Daniel is my protege meat hunting chad p i don't make you twelves for a while that was pretty cool but I don't understand I don't understand how you did that I will get back to that later these are the exact gloves or PZ Luna gums there because these are the only ones in the world right here it says that you can get these gloves at Target what no way telling it no way yeah it says right here you can just buy these clothes to target these aren't even special gloves this is eaten by a target youtuber nice you know I'm starting to feel really confused even projects Orval members why are you hiding your of them don't worry about it my hands Ciccone also the common search thing like you're more British in projects or go what's on drink tea drinking Tina what's your favorite team oh great yes that's why I don't believe you are actually PC Peter slang you have long hair look at this this hair and you have a cute boy I know you're not busy tomorrow Mars knew it the comments no and I know it what are you doing Thank You mom are being so watchful and knowing if you guys aren't mom or jet hit that subscribe button right now we just need some cookie got to the bottom of this I'm kidnapped by someone I believe you figured so if you're not Justin look at me what on I'm just in the 11th P semen but I found the gloves and really wanted to move my way up in the rice but it's very difficult to do so I thought if I pretended to be PZ boss I could get something done and be accepted into the top spy program and project is ok ok so you found the glove and she decided to be cool like II feel either because you then get into that secret spy I prefer that actually had that my emptier channel yes since that's when I captured you that big girls on you that they were not here you do our friends you thought this was the way that you guys were both gonna get it kidnapping YouTube room arm are not gonna Tesla huh you know yeah that's right okay look how about this I will tell your secret are you actually a practice circle member though yes of course I'm I love projects Oh God you know we're always watching I really want to stay one it's been a goal of mine forever I really don't want this to mess it all up please please don't tell anyone don't worry nothing is going to happen to you okay look look you let me unmask you I won't tell anyone our little secret okay as long as you just let me see you what no I can't take off my boss okay how about letting me unloved okay let me just your hands oh man I don't know this will be between us but you have to promise me nothing's gonna happen to me or hacker girl and I can't believe saying this but he black girl too because she actually isn't that evil has been really nice I don't know I can't tell but yep let me just get to the bottom of them oh geez okay fine do it okay all right that's this is so weird I don't like to take on off my gloves Thanks let me see that hand is that you're hacking in yes that's my hacking hat so so since we're friends now like you showed me your hacking hands here let me go it out no I'm sorry I can't do that but I thought we'd just yeah I still have to capture you and now because I know the secrets and what are you doing what no you're coming we are totally going to get promoted row

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  1. He is Justin because he has a beard just like Justin and also his hair if your wahcing the spy ninjas you know who is Justin

  2. I do not love your videos you are my ename😬😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😬😐

  3. the pz leader is not the real pz laeder the pants are different and the real pz leader is way taller the real pz leader is a boy and the one in the tesla is a girl and the mask is toooooooooooooooo shiny and the real pz leader dose not have a shiny mask

  4. Watching Chad wild clay and vy qwant the pz leader has a little yellow on his mask and I know that is not the la leader because he does not show his hair.

  5. My favorite fast food place is McDonald's but they messed up my order they messed up everything πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ΎπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ 

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