Gutfeld: The problem with team sport politics

Gutfeld: The problem with team sport politics

40 thoughts on “Gutfeld: The problem with team sport politics

  1. Time to address the censorship from the leftist internet media corporations that are trying to silence many of the conservative speakers that voice opinions which clash with leftist views.

  2. I love conservatives and their jokes. Everyone is chilled and accept the reality. No senseless meltdown like the Left.

  3. I never knew why Senators talk to the public. They don’t represent the people, they only represent the law. STFU, and just do your job.

  4. Realty is that mister Trump is totally the person that I hoped he would be. I feel invigorating every time knowing what is going on now and finally seeing what is on the horizon ! I wish he would run for the president much, much earlier.. I mean this is a blast!💥

  5. I fall a little bit more in love with Kat every time I hear/see her! Go Team Greg!!! Please do not pursue a gubment job…. You guys are doing EXACTLY what you need to be doing. Praying for all of you!

  6. In the real world, Schummer looks like a creepy pervert, and I have been waiting for some victim to come forward on him, like Weiner

  7. msnbc you are manipulative media!!!! disgusting!!!!! you are disgraceful!!! I cut you out a while back like 2 years ago!!! You filthy Media for the American people!!!!!!! you are a bunch of idiot, liars!!!! your journalist license should be revoked!!!!

  8. Why all the attacks by gays on President Trump?….because he turned the transvestite bathroom bill over to the states?Because America isnt going full sodomite?Whats up with that?All u see at anti Trump hate rallies are gays.And MSM gays all attack Trump daily…….whats going on with all that?

  9. Obama and democrats said that by 2050 whites will be a minority and this is to be celebrated! What if TRUMP said the opposite?

  10. Love Pelosi's "Scowl-o-meter."  Nancy is at her worst ever at the SOTU address, looks likes she's  sucking lemons—oh, no, she's sucking SOUR GRAPES!

  11. They fail to tell you the dossier was first started by the RNC during the primaries and Democrats took over after the Ruplican primaries. What happened to the Uranium one, the text messages, the FBI secrete society now a 3.5 pages incomplete one sided memo about Carter Page. Fart. keep letting Fox "News" feed you with propaganda.

  12. It is high time for black American patriots to take over and stop supporting tresonous Democartic party and fake Black Caucus who had betrayed them.,.. Enough is enough!

  13. You know who the real minority is today in the US? THE INDIVIDUAL. PEOPLE WHO THINK FOR THEMSELVES

  14. Gutfeld Gutfeld Gutfeld . Wasn't it the republicans that wanted the memo out. The flip Flopping is awe inspiring… almost gracefull. Fox. smh

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