Gutfeld on Wednesday's debate

Gutfeld on Wednesday's debate

45 thoughts on “Gutfeld on Wednesday's debate

  1. why didn't the maddow cow ask what was going to happen when the oceans seas rose and came all the way into Ohio – what would they do – and how would they stop it – that's how ridiculous all these dems are – all you can do is shake ur head and wonder how these people get themselves dressed in the morning – they must have to use an instruction sheet – warren I found to be the most bizarre of all of them – if she claimed to be native american indian all these yrs to get ahead, why didn't she speak in that tongue – I am sure back in the day they did not speak English

  2. Raise your hand if you think Christians should be called "Easter worshippers " from now on. All of them

  3. Democrats have historically built nothing, contributed nothing, stand for nothing. It's a party for idealistic little kids who like to bite the stable Republican hand that feeds them.

  4. 'Reproductive Justice'..???!! What the hell is that?

    You are either FOR life, or you are AGAINST it.


  5. I agree the debate was horrible, but this video is even worse, lets take snippets of what people said out of context without understanding the question or the hearing the whole statement.

  6. The Democrats have embraced the corruption and debauchery of socialism to such an extent I would not have been surprised if at the end, they all started stripping off their clothes and screwing each other right there on stage.

  7. When I run for POTUS I will retire every home mortgage in America ! That's my offer ! 2024 mortgage free America ! Just trust ME !!!!!!

  8. Miami Beach is man made we used millions of pounds of sand to make it so if it goes under an inch that's just returning it to its original condition

  9. While Trump will have my vote and full support in 2020, the only Democrat on stage that showed intellect, reason, and, let's face it, sanity, was Tulsi Gabbard; and she was largely ignored and dismissed.

  10. I feel really sorry for all of these pandering clowns. They are pathetic! Let's hope Americans can see right through them. We do not have trillions upon trillions to give everyone free stuff.

  11. Is Corey Booker from a different planet? He belongs on the show ancient aliens, not a presidential debate stage….dam fools

  12. These people are running to be President of The United States and 90% of the two-hour debate was spent talking about how they're determined and dedicated to making people's lives better from every country EXCEPT America.

  13. So if "Miami Beach is going to be underwater in our lifetime" than WHY are they NOT building DIKES instead of installing solar panels and windmills? If they truly believed the BS propaganda they're spewing, the quickest and surest way to combat CO2 and what they believe to be "rising sea levels" would be to build generation 4 NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS and dikes around all costal areas they say will soon be "underwater" but truth be told this whole "new green deal" is nothing more than a sky is falling tactic to go complete communism and give the democrats complete control over everything and everyone's life forever.

  14. True stupidity, trans men needing abortions. What level of education did these morons complete. 2 nd. grade. Oh my Lord, how pathetic.

  15. Corey looks insane when he was speaking Spanish.  But then again, turn off the sound and he always look insane when his mouth is moving.

  16. that's so funny, Tulsi Gabbard said she wants to end needless wars, and not one of them even mentioned her name…showing their greatest fear is Tulsi…the U.S. is a joke

  17. If they win it’ll be from cheating it’s the only way and I won’t be surprised if they do they aren’t above doing it

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