Gutfeld on the Trump obsession at the debate

Gutfeld on the Trump obsession at the debate

100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the Trump obsession at the debate

  1. Where is the American Flag at all those democrap debates ? ?  ?   Ah, they are all un-Americans and being questioned by the "Communist News Network"………….

  2. Juan has become a dyspeptic non entity. The clown car and it's obsessiveness appears to be driver less, and heading toward a cliff. Tulsi ought to jump out, she seems to
    be the only one with any semblance of reason whatsoever, except economically, but that can be learned. She really should consider leaving the dark side.

  3. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told reporters Thursday that President Trump blocked nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine to force the government in Kyiv to investigate his political rivals, a startling acknowledgment after the president’s repeated denials of a quid pro quo.

  4. dumbocrap, Donald TRUMP because I have nothing good I can do for this country, but send it right into the shitter with our party. what do you expect from clown news network take in the anal anal andahsonsons pooper.

  5. There are more American flag waving or shown in the Hongkong protests than this Democratic debate stage!
    Hong Kong protesters are more American

  6. That is because they are a gossip class. They don't have any. Old/new solutions, the only know how to bash Pres. Trump. The Dems are such sore loosers.

  7. The Democratic debates: A freak show where a fake Indian, a fake Mexican, an old communist, a demented, little-girl-hair-sniffer, a gold digger, an ancient Roman slave rebel, and a slew of assorted clowns, all trying to out-socialist and out-spanish each other.

    Brought to you by the seal of integrity: The Communist News Network and The New York Slimes.

  8. All you trump supporters mulvaney said today…..yes we held up the money until they agreed to investigate so what it happens all the time NOW WHAT THEY LIED LIKE ALWAYS

  9. Why are they talking impeachment in a presidential debate? Shouldn’t they be talking about how they may defeat him? Makes no sense

  10. Juan never shuts up, he goes on and on minute after minute, I can't take his diatribe. There needs to be a [skip Juan] button.

  11. I cannot and will not understand how people can still believe in and quote “Polls” When if you recall every poll had Hillary Clinton winning the presidential election by a landslide and we saw how that worked out. And I would like to add one more thing, I actually like the fact and think it was brilliant to have Juan sitting at the table To be the voice from the other side otherwise it would just appear That it’s just Trump fans singing the praises of our president, which he rightly deserves and does not get it from any other place. President Trump I daresay is the greatest president in my lifetime for sure. That’s exactly why that monstrosity that we call Washington DC and our government is trying so desperately to get rid of him because he’s actually making them look extremely bad by doing everything he said he was going to do. God bless America and bless our president.

  12. Why are they even talking about impeachment? Are these candidates promising to impeach Trump if they become president? Huh?

  13. you lose us every time when ya let juan speak does he have naked pictures of everybody why do you have him on still

  14. Juan, nancy is not an equal branch…she is one out of many that all t o g e t h e r make an equal branch! I realize she wants to be president, but Reality Check…" she's not."

  15. For all my Christian brothers and sisters, since when do we stand for lies and deception, those things are of the devil. Don't lose site of what's happening. The trump Administration is evil and you know it. It's not about hate, it's about the Truth, honestly and the Law. Fox news is tool to fool you. Don't fall for the devils deception. Bless you brothers and sisters. The truth will set you free.

  16. Goes to show that everybody need to vote Trump 2020, if everyone that didnt vote last term will vote Trump along with all that supported him last Election he will wim in a land Slide Vote! If he wins we still much be prepared, but if bye some change he loses we will be in a civil war for our rights strait out the gate..

  17. The obsession with the Dotard is the same as the obsession with taking one last smell of a container of spoiled milk before you dump it in the trash.

  18. Here is my theory. Trump is impeached. The Asian guy is elected president and he hires Greta Thunberg as Administrator of the EPA.

  19. I respect fox for having a token democrat on the panel. Fox don't try to hide that they're a conservative news outlet, still they are less biased than all the leftist msm

  20. I love when they focus in polls. The same polls that said Hillary would win the presidency in 2016. Why we still believing in polls?

  21. Impeachement must continue, because they know they can't beat him. If I didn't want Trump to be President another 4 years I would say let it happen, because that Dem panel will devour themselves and show their true nature.

  22. Just as with Democrats never ending tantrum is useless and a waste of time bordering on criminal, complaining about Democrats is equally useless and a waste of time. Sadly, these people have power and there is no stopping this. The "People" are powerless in the face of this epic temper tantrum and to come out and just say it "A good ole armed revolution and a storming of Capital Hill" would sure solve a lot of problems. But back to reality, We as a nation have lost all the desire and bravery of our Forefathers and would be seen as criminal and unpatriotic (To Liberals and Dems).

  23. Like Craig Piotrowski says : „Imbiciles on parade „ his words describe DemoRats obsession ,with impeachment . Their voices are like a dog barking at the moon !!!!!
    Nothing , nothing They tried so many ways works ! The last attempt Now is impeachment , They face abyss !

  24. Where is the crime, you can't impeach a man because you are jealous of him or because you don't like his personality.

  25. Gutfield's a dumbass. Trump is the most corrupt president in modern history,of course they are going to talk about him.

  26. I fill out a couple online polls I’m sent all the time to my emails. NEVER TRUST POLLS PEOPLE!
    Using 2 emails ( they don’t check or keep records) one time I’m a white democrat, next I’m a black independent and then I switch to a Native American republican and have fun will the answers I give. Lol
    Don’t trust polls!

  27. Sounds more like a PSA than a debate. cnn is such garbage. That's on full display! And of course, good old Juan, disagreeing for the sake of disagreement.

  28. Jaun Williams, like the poles before President Trump got elected? These poles… where are they coming from? Do you have one up your a$$? Because they are Shi*!

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