100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the media and Democratic response to Iran

  1. Geraldo, your democrat handlers are pushing you real hard, they don't have much more time! But what your saying is stupid. You sound like a democrat.

  2. Democrats are Iranian supporters, they are so corrupt. Trump took away money from Democrats, that is why they are mad

  3. Juan's fill in – Jerry Rivers. 2 peas in a pod. Gerald doesn't care that an imminent attack on Americans was being plotted.

  4. When Obama and Hillary killed gaddafi Congress didn’t move to limit Obama’s war power’s. 🤔 If you don’t see the problem you don’t want to.

  5. LOL , birth control should be giving on a daily basis & integrity and morals should be taught . they should send people to school to learn morals and integrity instead of blowing up schools. Maybe they should all get a jobs. learning a trade or a skill to rebuild their country might help instead of running around being a career murderer. Then maybe that country can learn to be sociable and well-balanced.

  6. The view is human waste on entertainment TV , like Obama said these are the small-minded people of this country .

  7. You CAN NOT blame Trump for Irans inept missle-battery attendants. Any "well trained" ,armed combatants will be able to see that the airplanes transponder was emitting a passenger-plane frequency….let alone its speed and climb rate was not that of a U.S. military plane. Give U.S. a break!!!!!

  8. It is hard to imagine at the time of his election that the media lefties would be so completely and totally exposed as the America haters they seem to be. Completely irrational and unhinged America haters. What mystifies me is how they have any audience. A bit scary actually.

  9. These duechbags need a kick in the nuts. If Obama did this he would be a freaking savior of the world and probably get another Nobel peace prize 🙄

  10. The Deep State Cabal Communist Democrats and the Fake news media are obviously enemies against America and the unincorporated Constitution of the Republic. The U.S. has been infiltrated by terrorists and we can not let this propaganda to separate Americans to continue.

  11. I wanna get out of the middle east as much as the next guy, but saying there's always another snake so we should just stop killing terrorists and let them be is a bad idea.

    why arrest criminals then under that logic?

  12. Geraldo is a traitor. He gave away our position in Iraq and now he wants to lecture people on right and wrong. Go to hell you terrorists

  13. Vote for Democrats (rats) if you want your city , towns , states and country DESTROYED . They are liars , corrupt , evil anti -america morons and Herodo dummy is a nut case

  14. Chris Matthews is not stupid. He is guilty of crimes for which he is being blackmailed and will do and say anything to prevent exposure.

  15. What a jackass. Dose FOX news just have a requirement that one person on the panel blather out the most ridiculous asinine defense of enemies of America. Did Juan meet his quota of hate filled race baiting Anti American rhetoric.

  16. Hey Fox, change the title to Democrat response, not democratic. Democrats are not acting in a democratic manner as they oppose the majority.

  17. Kinda hard not to attend his funeral at gun point. Those people were crammed in that Sqaure to the point people panicked and stamped over people. You think they wanted to be there?

  18. Why NOW! Why do you say we are picking a fight? He just orchestrated an attack on an American Army base and was planning more on others!!! That's WHY NOW idiot!!!

  19. I knew it was coming and I knew they would say Elvis man I knew crazy I would like if Greg would replay exactly who and how the money the bribe money cash on pallets it might take 3 minutes but I think it doesn't get enough light these people can give away their stuff but not mine also this gen. sodomoney was without a doubt rapist torturer people feared him just like sadam, kadafi he had not killed enough to be king yet oh yeah the blood line amazing that anyone in the U.S. would call him a national hero is treason

  20. the democrats have always harmed the country! whenever they get in power they behave like the vampires they are and suck the life out of it and get extremely rich in the process! there is a reason republicans are often wealthy and its cause the republican beliefs are better for gaining wealth! its clear when the republicans are in power the country quickly becomes a powerhouse without equal!

  21. hewierdo has lost touch with reality these people in iran iraq want to keep getting blood money or die trying gen. sodomoney died trying go on with greiving for him see what it gets you

  22. It is shameful to have such hateful respond of Geraldo (anyhow, who he is to promote any political values?): against America, against Our President's Trump decision, and against American people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thought at least: Geraldo was not afraid to reveal to public: his character of VERY nasty person, when Juan: changes his character: every few seconds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Where was their outrage when their lord and savior committed thousands of drone strikes all the while knowing that there was a 80-90% civilian casualty rate?

  24. They need to be disarmed of all Military weapons they are inept and incompetent of intiligently keeping weapons of war.

  25. Thoroughly enjoying the five w/o Juan…BUT why dunderhead Gerardo…ugh. is having a progressuve6moron a must.

  26. iranians are forced to come out and protest, they treat their people the same way the usa soros leftist government would love to treat american citizens !!!!!!!

  27. nancy thinks shes running things around here doesnt she.. time for her to retire

    and for us to demand term limits. she is not our queen.

  28. Typical leftist, geraldo won't shut up and let anyone else talk. He has to talk over Katie Pavlich and anyone else who tries to make a point. He talks longer than anyone else as if a filibuster makes him right

  29. I'll tell you what these news media's people are definitely Traders look how they're acting and look what they're saying that is treason traitors anyway you slice it so that's what the left is a bunch of f**** Traders racious bunch of garbage that this country could do without

  30. There have been many feuds in history and they carry on for generations. Hatred projected on the the children of people that have nothing to do with the original sin other then being similarily brainwashed to hate. Romeo and Juliette, anyone?

  31. Why are there Americans in the Middle East that need protecting? Isn't the whole Trump thing about having a strong military to protect America and stay out of other peoples nbusiness? And aren't we energy independant? So let them be?

  32. Who makes the decision to stop commercial airlines from flying, that person made the horrendous error in judgment,

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