100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the latest New York Times scandal

  1. Fox News, please toss Juan Moron to CNN. He makes himself such an idiot every time he opens his mouth. But then again, he's liberal; what do you expect.

  2. Dems are so used to lying , oppressing , blackmailing that they call it " The way , it used to be " & " how society should work " and they try to keep the sheep ( the deplorable , smelly walmart customers ) down , stay down boy … they seem not to realise that , even if we didnt cheat through college and buy our way to university , but are just ordinary honest people , we can still find truth , we can smell their little lie from far far away , and we still tell it as it is to our friends and family and our new online neighbors , just as we should.

  3. Hey everybody. Serious questions. Do you think Juan really believes the idiotic statements that protrude out of his soup cooler??🤪

  4. Hey Juan, the Dems started this crap holding a Republican nominee that was later filled by the Democrats.  Turnabout is fair play buddy.

  5. not even a high school journalist would make this mistake, either they are completely incompetent at the NY times (which is unlikely cause they all have college degrees that certifies they understand the standards of journalism) or they are committing fraud against the public
    nothing will change until action is taken against the liars and manipulators in our country

  6. Juan the Fraud — FOX prime time stop giving this bought idiot a voice! They are hard to find but if you need a loyal opposition voice on this show please find a credible Democrat….

  7. Whats bad juan is the only one they can find that still defends the dems charades allan combs seen what was coming so he wanted a smaller platform so people wouldnt think he was insane!!! Its untelling what the dems pay him to make a fool out of himself.

  8. Juan, If you have a problem with how Merrick Garland was handled take it up with Chuck Schumer. Not confirming a Judge so close to a Presidential election was his idea.

  9. Even if I disagree with just about everything that Juan has to say I still like him he's a likable soul regardless of his warped opinions just my opinion

  10. Perhaps there could be a regulation requiring newspapers & online news sources to insert a readily identifiable warning label stating the following:
    1. Name of Publication
    2. Has it published fake news, i.e. information later determined to be false? Yes or No
    3. How many times has this occurred
    4. List dates of publication -(this can become inside story, opposite front page if more room is needed). Online – this can be provided via a link added to a drop down menu linking each item deemed fake news)
    List Name of Story
    List Date of Retraction. If none, enter None provided.

    This way, consumers will be able to make educated decisions regarding where to obtain news & information that is thoroughly & factually vetted, relevant, & comprehensive.

  11. It’s beyond upsetting the things the media has done for generations to demonize groups of people and individuals. No one knows that more than those of us with a certain skin complexion. I don’t care why they’re being exposed as long as people can finally see the divisive and counterproductive media for what many of them have been doing and who they are. None of it is new! They’re dangerous and a menace to society when they omit facts and don’t tell all sides of a story.

  12. You'd think Juan would get tired of being the punching bag on FOX. Send him to MSNBC so he can agree with himself in the echo chamber.

  13. I think Juan just gets paid to make an idiotic argument to facilitate the debate. He can't seriously believe the ridiculously stupid positions he adopts.

  14. By listening to Juan, I really wonder if he believes the bull that comes out of his mouth or he just reads the memo and goes with it just like all the rest of the left liberal talking heads.

  15. Ya ever notice Juan loves his job he knows for the most part he is on the side of right and he knows it he doesnt have to scramble like the rest to pretend that theres nothing wrong with trump

  16. What ever happen to the news media giving a story with out their own view or spin on it? Maybe just give us the facts and lets us make up our own mind? Scary thought!

  17. The problem with them claiming that they made a mistake in that the friend didn't remember the incident is the fact that I already knew that the friend didn't remember the incident because I had already seen that report on some show I watch. It could have been Infowars, Fox News, Ben Shapiro, Louder with Crowder, any number of these different sources of journalism that don't practice propaganda like NYT does. The point is, it was already public knowledge that the friend didn't actually remember it happening. So, no NYT didn't make some mistake. They intentionally lied because they are a tabloid propaganda device of the Democrat party like CNN and MSNBC and basically all of MSM, and by the way, soon to be Fox News as well. Liberals are reliably scum, and now liberals own Fox News.

  18. Wow, so Juan's assessment is that they weren't being intentionally dishonest because they didn't also accuse Gorsuch of raping some random woman he happened to cross paths with at one time. Well, Democrat supporters are the stupidest people in human history. That's just how it is. We just have to learn to accept that some people are simply too stupid not to believe every ridiculous thing they're told. It was a brain-fart. You see Democrat supporters have brain farts that make them intelligent for a moment, where as we conservatives have brain farts that make us momentarily less intelligent.

  19. hey Fox how come we're not seeing the pictures of ED Buck with all his demoncrat palls like to know who this demon was supporting this is huge and your dropping the ball should be on a 24 hr loop

  20. Leftist Media sends their children off to ANTIFA PROTESTS as they report FAKE NEWS once they make sure their kids cell phone bills are paid..GET the VIDEO for Momma- Daddy kiddo !!

  21. BS Juan. Isn't it funny how very many "mistakes" are routinely made by the left in reporting on President Trump, President Trump's administration, and conservatives in general, as well as their your equally fallacious "mistaken" defenses of the left.

  22. For people who don't read the new york times, who don't follow mainstream liberal left leaning news, you sure do know a lot about the NY times, andwhat's going on in mainstream liberal left leaning news outlets……………………………Must suck to have to research and then complain non-stop about something you hate so much, just to prove a point, biased of course. Sounds like a miserable life lmao.

  23. No scandals, crimes or accusations occurred in Kavanaugh's life, numerous professional bodies vouched for him, the legal bar said he was "unimpeachable", 30 of his female work colleagues over the years came forward as character witnesses and the FBI vetted him multiple times for various jobs in government positions. But suddenly, when he becomes Trump's favourite choice…BOOM…it's the Trump effect. Now he's a drunken serial rapist.

  24. Juan you are the most stupid person ever on the news. Nothing you say makes sense
    Nobody could be this stupid

  25. You really have to give it to Juan. He is so brave and strong to hear the truth over and over and over and over and over and still believe the the left wing agenda

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