47 thoughts on “Gutfeld: Liberal reporter tries to out Robert Downey Jr.

  1. This interviewer has a track record for doing this stuff, to people like him being anything other than a Liberal is a crime!

  2. Robert Downey Jr don't b afraid of past we all have a past and history makes you who you are. Don't blame him walking uut. Aski g him b.s. questions was not there for
    No one's business what you we believe in so what about the movie??

  3. Just because the media "have the right to" doesn't mean they should! The narrative is always about the rights of the media but with those rights come responsibility for crying out loud! On a date you have "the right" to ask anything but talk trash & ask rude insensitive questions then don't expect cooperation or a civil dialogue from the other person. A good reporter fosters a relationship with those they interview which requires something from the reporter called conduct & respect. Not just firing cheap shots hoping to get a quick thrill or response! I'm Glad he walked out.

  4. The so called journalists are not journalists are just angry activists, who are detached from reality and think Twitter represents the world.

  5. You may not agree with a conservative, but at least he’ll be honest with you and tell you what he really thinks. Then, you can talk out your differences.

    Liberals pretend they’re on the moral high ground (they’re not. It’s all a cover up). And they’re dishonest about who they really are. They pretend and pretend and pretend, hoping to manipulate and influence you. They will not tell the truth.

    Be honest. Be brave. Be bold.

    You can’t fix a problem if you can’t even tell the truth. This country was founded on freedom to speak the truth.

    We’re not living in communist Russia or China where people fear saying what we really think because of the thought police. America is still a free country.

    Let’s get back on track again. Brave people need to stand up and fight for truth, justice and decency.

  6. As long as he can act well, who cares about his personal life?
    As long as Donald Trump can save America, who cares about how he behave?
    Trump for 2020.

  7. If they had a agreement going in about the topic of questions and the Host tried and failed to sneek in a few changes was blindsidingish and wrong.

  8. Been there, lived it! I don't need a guided tour of my own life, especially since I'm in control! Doesn't belong to you, get out!

  9. I don't care which side of the political spectrum RDJ is on, he is a class act and doesn't shove his politics in everyone's face

  10. Ultron is the answer. By the way, the smug cungina reporter there, his name is Krishnan Guru-Murthy, works for a far left, state run, tv channel, channel 4, in England, and is, as you can see, a total wank bucket.

  11. RDJ is so even tempered that even walking out on this moronic "interviewer" you couldn't even tell he was angry. He just got up and walked out with his 'you need me more than I need you' attitude like a total boss.

  12. I think he is on the left. Him and some of the actors of Avenger did a commercial a little while ago and you can tell they were promoting for Hillary Clinton and dissing Trump he was part of it.

  13. Private citizens get to vote and not be scrutinized…unless said citizen opens his or her mouth…public figures should have the same freedom…whether they are conservative or liberal….

  14. He can't be a liberal.He took responsibility,and turned his life around.A liberal would be a "victim"!

  15. Robert should of slapped him in the face while walking out. I know if it was me he would of got 2 fists in the face.
    Left and right fists on left and right cheeks

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