Guns of Glory: Update 2.2

Guns of Glory: Update 2.2

Hi guys and welcome to another developer update. Today I’ll be talking about the new update 2.2. With this update we’d like to focus back on our player’s progression and for this we have reworked some Alliance features, Expeditions, Events, packs and many more! Without further ado, let’s check out these major changes together! The Expeditions have now been revisited and we’ve removed the Combo Expedition. You’ll now see available the new Guards Expedition, which will focus on Guards appointed in your Estate. This will help you in the first place to get new rewards as you’ll have brand-new chests to open along the way and will also help you choose the best Guards for your attack strategy! The Kingdom Defense is finally back! As a reminder, from now on every time you kill a Beast or a Red Guard Captain on the Kingdom Map you have a chance to collect a Symbol Map Fragment. Your duty will be to collect as many Fragments of this Map as possible in order to destroy the Symbols and unlock great rewards along with powerful Kingdom buffs! From your Alliance tab, you can now access the Goods Exchange. This new feature will let you ask and receive help from allies regarding specific items. Items are divided into four categories. From this tab you can send requests to your allies with a limited number of items per day. Remember, if you ask for items you should also be able to send gifts back to your allies, so that everyone can grow! You can also scroll through your Alliance members and send the item they requested to help them, so use it wisely. That’s it for this update! Make sure to complete your new Trials and share items with your allies. In the meantime, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and I hope to see you in-game soon!

37 thoughts on “Guns of Glory: Update 2.2

  1. This guy certainly is a cheater!! Did you'll notice the amount of gold he has?? Plus he has 1.9 b food!! And the company keeps telling us cheats won't be spared!!!

  2. Help & Support not working in the game. . Kingdom 242 … I'm missing my wonder i brought with my gold. 1000 gold for a drum wonder. Went missing after i updated GOG 2.2 version. Not in any of my items.

  3. The kingdom defence rewards are “great” if you’re small… but for anyone with a decent sized account, the rewards are pretty much worthless, except the kingdom buffs.

  4. Just another cash grab, my days are numbered as well. Lvl 30 castle and 2 farms, they also reduced rares in rg chests. You guys suck

  5. This update isn’t worth a shit. What’s the point. Do a powerful update so everyone can literally benefit from it before this game crashes

  6. When will GOG post its own R.O.E.? Our Kings make them to suit their needs. Then they are the first to break um. With no enforcment unless it bennifits them. People quiting like crazy. Dead allances to follow with big castles and no one to

  7. So what they did was adjust tbe statistics for your troops without an explanation of how it is calculated now. I purchased items at a certain value and it has been changed. Where i come from this is illegal a bait and switch. We are in the process of producing a video exposing this scam. This business model is illegal and needs to be exposed.

  8. WTF are you complaining about? This guy isn't here to listen to you bitch about stuff unrelated to this video. He's here to concisely describe some of the new features from the update. This is stuff we didn't have before. Just be happy they added more stuff instead of ungrateful because the new stuff isn't exactly how you would've done it. If you want to have the game be exactly suited to your specifications, then go find investors and design your own.

  9. Rare materials need to have a higher drop percentage. It feels almost impossible to get the demon hunter equipment

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