Gun sales skyrocket during coronavirus pandemic

Gun sales skyrocket during coronavirus pandemic

100 thoughts on “Gun sales skyrocket during coronavirus pandemic

  1. [Still, many people in the film community oppose firearms, some quite virulently. During the Los Angeles riots in 1992, a good many of these folk suffered a change of heart. As smoke from burning buildings smudged the skyline and the TV news showed looters smashing windows, laughing as they carted off boom boxes and booze, I got a few phone calls from firmly anti-gun friends in clear conflict. 'Umm, Chuck, you have quite a few . . . ah, guns, don't you?'
    'Could you lend me one for a day or so? I tried to buy one, but they have this waiting period . . .'
    'Yeah, I know. I remember you voted for that…]
    –Charlton Heston, on the LA riots

  2. Good. Criminals already have their guns. Now ordinary citizens are protecting themselves against the criminals.

  3. Gun sales are skyrocketing because all those that have been saying we dont need guns have woke up to reality. Better to have one and not need it, then need it and not have one. GET IT NOW?

  4. Haha I honestly believe some of the more extreme anti gunners won't even buy a gun during these times. They're too stubborn, or they actually still rely on gov't to save them from looters and criminals.

  5. "they'll have to wait…" lol. How do ya like it now, liberals?
    I propose a new law…. First time gun buyers will need to present their membership card for one of the gun rights protection groups, and if they don't have one, they can sign up and pay their membership fee then and there. Why isn't this already a requirement?
    That's what I call, "common sense gun law".

  6. oh america… where is cheaper an full loaded assault rifle then a dose of insulin. What a wonderful country where to die prematurely

  7. Idiots who are irresponsible and emotionally unstable are rushing to buy these firearms, will increase the number of gun deaths. This will give a reason for Democrats to abolish or manipulate the 2nd Amendment.

  8. I have deer meat in the freezer that suggests guns do put meat on my table. I am not saying I rely on hunting to feed my family but if things get shut down for an extended period of time my gun sure did help. They will also help protect the food I have.

    I do feel that if people are lining up to buy a gun to protect themselves from evil that the panic from this virus might bring they are way behind.

  9. I have to wait ten days! By then it could all be over! How about I use that "gun show loophole?" Oh, that's a lie too? says a freshly minted 2A supporter and former anti-gun nutter.

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  11. The police still think people shouldn't buy any guns .. Like sure I'll wait 20 mins for you to respond.. Said no one ever with common sense..

  12. GUNSGUNSGUNS FREAKS FREAKS FREAKS afraid of their own shadows. the 2nd is the most important thing on this earth.

  13. Supermarket food sales are skyrocketing too. These people are getting out of control. But the worse is still yet to come. We need to brace ourselves. And do not panic.

  14. Love it how its the sheriff telling people guns wont help ease crisis. Like a burglar telling people not to buy doorlocks.

  15. Home invasions are going to start happening soon. Everyone I tell that to just laughs it off. Yeah okay, we will see.

    Food and supplies are only going to become more scarce at stores.

  16. The left hated on guns so much and now they are rushing to buy guns and ammo, I have a coworker that's was super anti-gun "the police will save me" type of lefty. last week he bought 2 long guns and 2 pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammo, what a hypocrite. But at least he sees the value of the 2nd amendment.

  17. Schadenfreude moment: Watching people get caught up in the "common sense" gun laws pushed by politicians they most likely voted for.

  18. NOW they stop'd back ground checks,,,Now they will start breaking in a stealing them..Great job government..

  19. The crazy part about the waiting period is that for the folks in California, by the time the waiting period is over, there will be a shelter-in-place order and the gun store will be closed.

  20. Prices going way high too! Bought a 10.5” AR pistol from Palmetto just 2 weeks ago for $519.99. Today, same gun is $629.99. Cheaper than Dirt is charging a bunch for ammo too and at my local Academy Sports, they have signs under the ammo that read “Only 3 boxes per person.” Couldn’t find my carry ammo (Barnes Tac XPD) anywhere. No ragging on any of the businesses but glad I’ve stocked up.

  21. Hell, you have antigunners buying guns. Flippin hipocrits. Just hope when all gets back to normal they'll remember this. Oh yea! " A gun isn't going to put food on the table." I can go into a foest take a deer, rabbit, squirrel to feed my family.

  22. Wow anti gun liberals now buying guns. Democrats shouldn’t be allowed because they’ve wanted to take mine for years.

  23. Idiot sheriff. Guns may not put food on the table, but mine sure as hell will make sure no one takes food OFF my table. YOU and your felliow officers won't be there to protect us when things become very dire.

  24. lol, gun control in Leftist California has come home to roost.

    The Coronavirus is not what the country wanted, but it is what the nation needs to wake up to the lies of the Liberal Marxist Media, in regards to Trade, Border Security, and Gun ownership.

  25. Liberals in line to buy a gun as soon as they get to the front of the line send them to the back of the long line 🤣🤣🤣keep doing it till there’s no more to buy😂😂😂

  26. Americans are smart. I work in the biggest single sitejsil in the U.S. Home invasion in one of the top crimes. Dont be a victim. Have your weapons at the ready. A empty gun is just a paperweight.

  27. Welcome to our American gun club everyone. All are welcome. I love seeing 2nd amendment supply stores doing well.

  28. If your state unconstitutionally requires a waiting period, you can legally drive to another state or buy from Bubba.

  29. Just wait until people start starving on lockdown!!! I would rather have a gun to protect my family than nothing!!

  30. The liberal sheriff once again telling us on how to live our lifes, please shut it and let em have their babies peasant.

  31. How ironic is it that so many Trumpflakes thought it was going to be Obama and “KILLERY” going after your guns? The Trump administration made it abundantly clear that they in fact are going after them. Once again, OHHHH the irony! 😂😂😂👍🇺🇸

  32. Of course most red blooded Americans already have their AR-15s, Mossbergs, 1911s, Smith &Wessons, Glocks etc. already on hand.

  33. The Chinese
    in Wuhan made a fake staging. You noticed they knew from the first minute that
    it wasn 't just the flu. We put on anti-plague suits and washed everything and
    so on . Then they spread the infection to Europe , the United States, and
    around the world. Note that in the US, these are California, Seattle, new York
    and other technologically important cities . The economy collapsed. Now they
    buy everything at low prices. They interfered in the US presidential election .
    They want to put BIDEN because the Bidens have already received money from
    China, and they have dirt on them . Trump, as You know, made a bad life for
    them .

  34. Moms Demand Action, Everytown, The Brady Campaign, and other anti gun establishments have been lying to their supporters for many years about how easy it is to buy a firearm, saying they can buy firearms online and have them shipped straight to their home. I hope these anti gun organizations are in panic mode right about now. What’s going on ? We are losing our anti gun base. They are arming themselves. They are turning pro gun. What do we do now ?

  35. Lol guns will not put food on the table for anyone. This cop ever hear of hunting? The panic sales will help as most areas cops will no longer show up at your house. If your being robbed they will not respond unless your being killed by then its to late.

  36. a gun thats locked and nobody can get to wont defend you from the home invaders they are freeing from prisons nation wide

  37. There is an emergency in the world and all doctors say that the only way to resolve it is the quarantine.
    China: quarantine
    Italy: quarantine
    France: quarantine
    Spain: quarantine
    Germany: quarantine
    Uk: quarantine (finally!)
    Usa: guns
    ……… why?

  38. I just want to ask that sheriff one question. When sh** goes down will you personally be there to protect my family? 🤔

  39. "A guns not going to put food on the table for anybody" yeah Sheriff dumbass lets see you relinquish your side arm when the bad guys come knocking on your home.

  40. That cop is an idiot and probably anti 2A. He said make sure it is locked up and inaccessible to anyone. It is of no use then

  41. Martial law nwo Take over illuminati hostels city's great work. Peole buys more guns more and stop military actions

  42. If you havent got a gun go and get one you dont want to be vulnerable with thousands with guns out there. Get ammo marshal law is going to happen in California

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