GTA Online: Double Money on Free Mode Events and More!

GTA Online: Double Money on Free Mode Events and More!

please gentlemen welcome back through the weekend GTA online this week if you have missed it Russia has officially given so some first details and a release date on the casino DLC if you missed a video that had uploaded earlier today make sure to check that out in the eye in the sky if not let's get started with the efendi guy this week unfortunately it's not all that great in terms of making money reason being is because there's double cash in RP and all free mode events all business battles double RP on the gang attacks and triple cash and RP on parachuting job but for my experience regular payout parachuting jobs are definitely not going to make you millions and millions of dollars unless you're an extreme enthusiast when it comes to parachuting down from the skies but not really that great to make money this week I mean the downside to free Maroma events is that they only happen every 15 minutes so you know with business battles you might be able to make some decent money if you happen to win some because every time you deliver it creates your nightclub you get $20,000 with double cash so you couldn't make a total of 40,000 every time you win the business battle that happens like every half an hour so yeah if you're wanting to make money this week not gonna happen it's not gonna be too great you're gonna have to hang around the free roam and hope for the best to win a free roam events and yeah it's it's pretty miserable in that regard but in terms of discounts this week there is 25% of the hearse 30% of the Toros 35% off detail the GTB 40% of the pariah the Sultan RS the Reaper the Kajal II Chernabog the hunter savage the cargobob the fal curry duvall Atos the swift and the swift deluxe and also because there's parachuting happening and parachuting jobs you might need a brand new Sperry shooting bag or some parachute smoke so you can look how fancy s you question why you're even playing these job and if you want my advice on discounts this week very simple don't buy anything there's DLC coming into your three weeks so why bother spending your millions of dollars on cars that might be rendered useless in a couple of weeks and if anything if you're short on money or wanted to get one of these vehicles I'm sure they're gonna be discounted in weeks ahead so don't bother spending money keep all the fit for the deal see because it's sounding very promising and again if you missed it check out the video I uploaded earlier today but with all that said and with all that done thank you very much for watching leave like if you enjoyed subscribe for more and I'll see you all

21 thoughts on “GTA Online: Double Money on Free Mode Events and More!

  1. I got the savage for 1.5 million since I don’t have the heist trade price but 1.5 mil for a chopper isn’t bad I guess.

  2. Please dont do the thing with the music going loud in the pauses when you are reading the discounted vehicles. Its just confusing and not fitting, simply leaving the music in the background at a steady volume would do best.
    Elseways, thanks for the news and have a wonderful day.

  3. Thank you for your effort. Many gta youtuber does this type of videos, but your event guide videos are the best. ✌️

  4. Most of the discounts are actually quite nice, if u already owned a facility or hangar. Although I already owned most of them, I would recommend the Savage, Jetsam Cargobob & Swift for aircraft owners as they’re efficient helicopters outside of PvP situations & they all can be two tone coloured with the hangar workshop unlike their other discounted counterparts of the Hunter, Military Cargobob & Swift deluxe respectively.

  5. Guess I’m buying an suv this week double money on business battles is not bad but I haven’t seen much of them happening lately though

  6. In short, grind, grind, grind. Don't spend anything. Free roam is always hell, so good luck with that.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date on everything.

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