21 thoughts on “GTA Explaining the Best and Worst Business Locations Guide

  1. I am sorry for the length of the video but I had a lot of material to cover. I put the timestamp on each business for people who just want to skip ahead to the one they are looking for. CEO Crates-1:00 Import Export- 6:32 Facility- 12:44 Hangar-16:12 MC Businesses-21:02 Bunker-26:32

  2. That feeling when you boy a palleto bay bunker fully upgrade it and after that start thinking " what the hell i done " ?

  3. Shut you have all MC Businesses at same place? I have weed farm at the Top of Los Santos? So, pretty mad about that. Shut i buy all other MC Businesses At Sandy Shores?

  4. Hey Professionel. What is best places to have MC Businesses according to selling and getting supplies! Plz Answer! Sandy Shores??

  5. Ill disagree on Vehicle Cargo. I own La Puerta and I average about 7 mins to source and sell a vehicle. It's a great location.

    I also own Paleto Bay facility, but I did own the expensive one. I switched so I could help low levels by running Act 2 for them. Takes like 11min per Act 2.

  6. A lot of people have said this already but ill still but in my imput. I think La Mesa is the best vehicle warehouse and ive never had any problems with it. Firstly, the North, Northwest, and West routes into the warehouse area all have wide roads allowing you to go really fast with little risk of crashing if youre good which is especially useful when youre waiting on the bomb timer sometimes. Not to mention the North route is off the highway and the northwest route can be practically off the highway as well. Secondly the Vagos are a non issue if you dont trigger them and they've helped me kill some enemies before sort of like the military base. Thirdly its very close to a possible headhunter spawn if you do that after importing a car. Also its harder for a griefer to hit you overall as theres more then one route into the warehouse and even a way around the back which is sometimes useful.

  7. I have my vehicle warehouse and crate warehouse very close so it makes it really easy to keep tack of. My bunker is in Paleto bay so Fuck that

  8. I've always been doing hangar for some reason and I just want to start import export. I'm really glad that he put time points in the pinned comment for vehicle wearhouses in this 30 min video. Not many other youtubers would ever even consider that.

  9. im looking for a good hangar thanks i got cargo griefed it was a small load of 60k but still pissed me off

  10. If you sell a car in a solo loby from la mesa warehouse, the enemies will spavn a few strets away from the warehouse, so you dont have to worry about vagos shooting you.

  11. i moved all of my MC businesses to the city as it is better to make the opponents chase you, instead of you delivering your product to them. keep in mind that most tryhards and griefers hang out in the city, so driving away from them is better. as for the being more open in sandy shores, yes there isn't as much place for taking cover, but a griefer doesn't have anything to hide behind either. it would be better to fight an oppressor mk2, deluxo, or other vehicles in an area where you can see them coming, and prepare with the insurgent custom or menacer.

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