Growing Criminal Investigations Into Rudy Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Growing Criminal Investigations Into Rudy Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Growing Criminal Investigations Into Rudy Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. They need to throw all the corrupt investigators at him as possible. He's a first rate lawyer. MSNBC you're going to flush your reputation down the toilet for TDS.

  2. Reading these comments are funny. More than half realize MSNBC, mainstream media and the left are full of lies and sick of their false Narratives. The smaller majority suffer from extreme short term memory loss and will believe anything no matter how many times they are lied too.

  3. At this point concerning CORRUPTION…USA is looking more and more like Philippines. We have a Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos of our very own…Donald and Ivanka Marcos

  4. 😂😂😂😂 trying to turn the tables because you know Durham and Barr are going to be prosecuting corrupt high profile democrats.

  5. Rudy giuliani has probably stopped more crime and corruption in his life than hardly anyone alive. He broke up the 4 families in NYC who held it with an iron grip. He used to be America's Mayor – a hot name in the wake of 9/11 when he refused to let the spirit of the city be tainted by that catastrophe. Then of course – he stood by Trump.

  6. So the president, being investigated, has lawyers being investigated who all seem to need lawyers..
    Has anything like this ever happened before OR is this just the most clearly corrupt president ever?

  7. This farcical scam witchhunt is so tiresome 🙄
    Grow a brain and see through these PROPAGANDISTS LIES.
    Shame on YouTube for promoting this spam.


  9. I don't belive any news anymore. They are all corrupt. It's left n right propoganda all day. I guess it's what sells as more people watch the drama.


  11. Speculation is foolish, foolish woman.
    Biden and his son must be very close. Daddy didn’t know anything. How much $ was that, Joe?

    This one’s for MSNBC’s producers.
    I’m a drummer and your introduction drum sequence is so bad it makes me cringe.
    I’ve never heard anything so nauseating.

  12. We all know politicians are corrupt, but most people only seem to care about investigating it when they think it will score points for their side.

  13. The Democrats ate getting desperate.. Joe Biden is in trouble. Clapper, Brennan….that’s who we want to know about. Rudy will be just fine

  14. trump is a traitor. all roads lead to putin. Trump, Pence, Giuliani, Bar, Pompeo and Sonderland all belong in prison. they need to be stripped of their ill gotten wealth and families shamed for their treachery. Fox news must be ended for disinformation to the american public. Murdoch should be held responsible. we must begin regime change in russia.

  15. I’m so tired of this filthy administration. It’s like taking a dip in a cess pool every day. From Trump to his do-nothing wife to his bot-like kids (exceptions for the youngest & Tiffany) to the revolving WH door of disgusting or disgusted cabinet members to the GOP sycophants who know how rotten Trump is but have abandoned democratic principles & vacated their personal integrity out of self-interest.

    I’m taking a short vacay from Trump-related news. It’ll be tough since it’s human nature to keep an eye on a burning house – but I’ve done media blackouts before & I can do it again!


  17. Funny how tRump thinks Giuliani is a “GOOD MAN”

    (Well, in comparison, talking from the Sewer, it’s not a SURPRISE)

  18. What's this grandiose claptrap? "Greatest whatever in the history of whatever".
    "Greatest failure in the history of all US presidents".

  19. The GOP are such spineless stupid lemmings. The GOP needs to Mutiny Against Trump, otherwise they all will be sucked into the whirlpool as the Trump Ship sinks into the ocean of evidence, bad decisions, and outright stupid acts! #GOPTrumpLemmings

  20. Mike Flynn was a fine man, Senator Moore barred from high school girls functions for being creepy, Rudy a fine man, Mike Cohen a great man, all under the bus now, many to come we know, those complicit still do not see what they have conspired in will not only catch up with them but those wheels of justice are now rolling to do just that as each day passes more light shines on the darkness they have wrought on their futures, Trump does not care who falls before him as long as it is not him and he will hit bottom socially. he has already lost any credibility in the public domain and no leader wants to be his ally.

  21. With pictures of Trump and Lev Parnas and Igor Furman, you'll notice that they all wear at different pictures, different clothes. So they've met more than once…

  22. This government is so infested with corruption it's mind boggling there hasen't been mass protests. even in third world country's the sheer weight of this crap would cause the people to rebel.look around the world at recent history even putins poor rebel when they know it might mean jail or death.unreal fubar going on omg

  23. So this paper thin connection is more damaging than joe publicly saying that he got the prosecutor fired that was looking at his sons dealings by withholding us aid to Ukraine. It sure sounds like redirection to me. Good luck storming the castle.

  24. Ghouliani looks for corruption wherever he goes. You can say that again, Trumpy boy. That's guaranteed right? As in Fraud Guaranteed.

  25. I predict Rudy will be the fall guy for the administration as he is at the nexus of the Ukranian scandal. I think he will be found dead of suspicious causes but it will look like a suicide.

  26. I'm glad somebody finally expressed some skepticism about this. I smelled a rat right from the first announcement about "main justice" getting involved. I think there are two reasons for Barr involving his crew in this: 1) to undermine SDNY's investigation, and 2) to inform Trump and Giuliani about what's going on. If I'm right, I hope we get another whistleblower.
    When this news first came out I was pretty appalled that news anchors were just saying it would expand the investigation.

  27. The tables have turned and the Fake Russia probe is being investigated and has turned into a criminal investigation our intelligence agencies were illegally against Trump. The Dems are nervous. I doubt if they can get anything on Rudy.

  28. Cynthia, "fool me once . . " ?
    It was publicly known coming in, that Barr was against the Mueller investigation. Trump brought him in precisely because of that. IE: he would intervene on Trump's behalf. The AG is not supposed to be a personal lawyer/Hitman for the president's private use.
    And how is it legal for a government officer of any rank to have a say in appointing someone who would have authority over that investigation ?

  29. Is the growing investigation into Rudy Giuliani anything to be concerned about..NO because DONALD TRUMP THINKS – "Rudy is a gentleman" WOW!

  30. Thank you Cynthia you just said what we as civilians are seeing, Barr is a scary con who will rig the investigation in favour of Trump

  31. Trump trying to ride Guliiani's crime fighting record like some how that has anything to do with Trump. Guiliani has been corrupt since he played his part in 9/11 like a good little Zionist soilder or country lawyer to use his words

  32. It’s true I saw Giuliani in his Batman costume driving the bat mobile catching the Joker it was awesome….said Donald Trump after snorting too much adderal.

  33. These guys were confident when they hooked up with Trump, because he's such a good salesman! Not so confident when they find out they got a lemon, and it's ready for the crusher! LAWYER UP!

  34. Barr is getting DOJ involved so that he can legitimately meddle on behalf of Trump. Giuliani will be cleaned by a corrupt Main Justice run by the new "Roy Cohn". Scum of the earth, William Barr.

  35. Its clear that Giuliani is looking for the corruption in Ukraine and he knows the criminal left will be coming after him like they did to Flynn and many others who are now broke because of it..Commie tactics used by the modern day communist party..

  36. Barr refuses to recuse himself even though he's mentioned numerous times in the phone call and elsewhere. Insane. DisBAR BARR!

  37. yes, you should be suspicious . I was since this moran was elected . day by day everyday . nothink that trump does is good.

  38. The lady is absolutely right; the top crook having the power to "investigate" his accomplices — that is appalling and extremely disconcerting!

  39. I guess it wasn't enough for Cynthia that Barr pardoned all those convicted criminals for Daddy Bush back in 92. hmmm……

  40. Why the black out at 7:21? have replayed it several times and always goes, "Guillanii's associates (Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman) said they were working for…." and the audio is cut and the screen goes black for about a second. Anybody else see this? Reminds me of a twilight zone episode…

  41. like fu– yeah democracy? none of this is cool. explaining whats going on to my ultra Jesuser parents isnt cool. but i verryyyy much am happy that we as a society have wways of correcting things. Trump wont be kicked out of office but at least us as citizens can hear what actually happened and make our own decisions. roughly what ~90% of the world really cant say that. if we fall into tyranny it isnt on trump it isnt on Rep/Dem its because everyday citizens said they were too tired to make difficult choices. This may not end up pretty but i def still have faith in my fellow Americans to end up ok and for that I feel extremely privileged.

  42. Giuliani apart, I wonder just how much more of Trump the American people and the free world can take. The US and other democratic citizens have been subjected to an unremitting avalanche of: treason; racism; cowardice; greed; dissembling; sexism; nepotism; incompetence; stupidity; indolence; adultery; treachery; corruption; disloyalty; evil.

  43. Barr is bringing justice department in so that he can take over investigation and try to clear ghouliani and keep trump up to spend on the case as well

  44. A back door pardon for Rudy and the bag men. Simply hand it to 45s chief attorney Barr. Disgusting. More and more 45 reminds me of Sadam Husane.

  45. Trump said he would hire only the best people, and maybe they are the best, but they are not punctual its been three years and they haven't showed up yet. The majority of his cabinet is made up of people in an acting position, and let me tell you they are horrible actors.

  46. Justice Department in Washington? Trump is about to dump this whole thing onto Giuliani! THAT is why Trump says "He's a good man". That's what you do . . . then you say . . . "OH MY GOD I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!"

  47. The FBI, the Southern District of New York, AND the Justice Department? I'd be more confident in Giuliani facing justice if his co-conspirator William Barr was not involved in investigating him.

  48. Rudy looks into corruption wherever it arises?????? – so how can he be so blind to the corruption which is before his eyes everday that he lives??

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