Grisham: Dems throwing ‘temper tantrum’ trying to undo 2016 election

Grisham: Dems throwing ‘temper tantrum’ trying to undo 2016 election

100 thoughts on “Grisham: Dems throwing ‘temper tantrum’ trying to undo 2016 election

  1. Where is the IG report? Where are the Criminal referrals? No IG report..🕵🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. The truth is not that hard to find, but you do have to look for it. Love of and reverence for the TRUTH is important. A liar and cheat is unworthy of loyalty and can do you and others great harm.

  3. I am worried about the people who believe that trump is next to God they have been so shielded from the facts that have coming out its gonna be difficult for them to understand why Republicans from both houses are starting to be overwhelmed with the evidence that has come fourth I tell ya this much Rudy will now be trumps second personel Attorney to wind up in jail And Mulvaney yesterday was priceless and theres so much more your missing

  4. We need to evaluate the mental stability of everyone who votes Democrat and put them on some much needed prescriptions.


  6. I like White House Secretary Stephanie Grisham.She does a great job! (Bill Hemmer had a great interview with Perry. Perry explains why he's leaving and more info. I felt frustration listening to Perry. The Dems are beyond evil for what they are doing to the American people. I hope things work out for Perry and his family. Maybe he can come back in 2020 and accomplish his goals if that's what he would want to do. The only way I can keep hatred out of my heart for the Dems & some of the Repubs voting with them is to pray for their souls. Hate the sin, love the sinner.)

  7. Tell me. pisslousy not to bother coming back to another round table meeting, SHES. NOT INVITED UNLESS SHE HAS A VOTE ON HER IMPEACHMENT

  8. Wow you can legally play this on TV? You can also talk like that after the qid pro quo. I'll admit I am tired of all the money waisted on the trials but he has admitted that communist are giving you your president. Also y'all got to lie better. Nice try

  9. It is sad this country will not exist after 2020. Just wondering what do y'all think you will be doing in a civil war? That you created.

  10. one question if you did answer it what is this dog and pony show for are we actually going to be invaded by aliens there an actual asteroid coming at us? This is completely out of control and you know it.

  11. The INTERMINGLING of the "Bringing down" of a President elect WILL NEVER happen again Trump said. HOPE THIS APPLIES IN ALL FUTURE TO ANY POLITICAL PARTY !

  12. We were all called "unpatriotic" when we were against the war in Iraq…yeah look where we are 18 years later.
    You're not convincing anyone.

  13. I started recognizing the Trump brand around Palm Beach in the early 80s. You can't help noticing the Trump 737 parker at PBIA airport.

  14. Don't these news outlets milk every little item of news to make talking points. They absolutely make me sick with their pointed questions that are anti/Trump.

  15. The Dems can’t beat him and they know they will never beat him with the electoral college system. They have actually gone insane and put their political party and own political careers before the American people and the constitution they swore to uphold. It’s disgusting

  16. the dem whores and lindsey ect all have taken bribes sucked dicks whatever thats why they are so worried about the middle east

  17. Another lying cow as "press secretary". Like Sarah Huckleberry Sanders, someone who has no problem debasing themselves on television. Obviously the only thing needed on a resume to work for the con man criminal in the WH, is to be able to lie about everything.

  18. He's working on behalf of the American People? Temper tantrum, because of the Trump election victory? I guess 52% of Americans are having one as well , and supporting impeachment and removal of this con artist. His foreign policy is great too, he tossed the Kurds under the bus, who have been on the front lines against ISIS. In terms of the impeachment inquiry, it's only an investigation at this point, the trial portion (vote for impeachment) will be  public. Recording the meetings would be great, video doesn't lie. Oh yeah… Doral , can anyone say emoluments??  Yep, this President is on record every day publically, sometimes making totally contrasting statements in the same sentence. His policy (on his own against the advice of his staff) on Syria gives the Turks, Iranians and the Russians everything they wanted while tossing the Kurd allies under the bus. Yep, great unmatched wisdom of the "very stable genius

  19. Just researched Doral and it is beautiful! You all have picked an ideal place for a Summit of that size and Calliber. Scary for those severely jealousTDS individuals who are in violation of at least one of The Ten Commandments by COVETING THEIR NEIGHBOR'S GOODS! I'd be more careful and prudent, your jealousy is showing.

  20. I don't think that the president lost any supporters, if anything, he gained a whole lot through all of this demo-rat Special Needs Party's Witch Hunt………Just wait until this entire program makes a one-eighty and the pain comes home to roost on the Democrat Special Needs Party……………..

  21. Nancy should be arrested for threatening the president of the USA BY POINTIMG TO A BULLET ON HER BRACELET instead of letting her stomp out should have been handcuffed and dragged out by her hair

  22. Fake news said Trump called her a third rate politician what he said was a third GRADE POLITICAN news twisting words for headlines incredible

  23. Half a dozen people – All directly involved-have testified with exactly the same story. There WAS a qui pro quo.
    Trump was using United States funds and diplomacy for personal political gain.

    It’s not even a question anymore. The only issue left is what to do about it.

  24. !!!!!!! 20000 People , chanting 4 MORE !!!!! is the ONLY thing the msm cant SPIN and SMOKE with FAKE news !!!!!!!

  25. You are absolutely right, because we the people, the American Patriots /citizens will be beside or President Trump! He is doing the right thing.

  26. It's already been undone by the king of temper tantrums–and bogus bone spurs–he had help from Mother Russia. Collusion or not, it's known Russian operatives were busy. It's a done deal: Democracy was undone! I know, Trump finds the references to reality intolerable. Poor choice of a concept/headline. 2016 was undone already.

  27. If we consider the president works without taking payment for himself do you believe the American people would find it a problem…then let's calculate the pay recieved by all for endless committee's hearings reviews trials paid for by the American public while they cant… fill in the blanks there's allot that will fit in honestly and more importantly verifiable

  28. Ok, now wait a moment here. Thats EXACTLY what Trump does EVERY day of his LIFE! Anyone who believes Trump won 2016 is a FOOL! All Trump EVER DOES is throw tantrums! Like a spoiled rich kid who was told no. I actually laugh at him when I see him talk. Its pathetic to see such an attitude in a grown man!

  29. It's not a Kangaroo court it's a communist court with comrade pelosi and comrade sniff performing the secret interrogations and controlling the propaganda .

  30. I voted trump in 16, but will be passing 20. I get the media is really bad, but when you watch him talk uninterrupted for 10-15 minutes you realize he is just dumb.

  31. man Trump is very brave very strong to shout to a very powerfull democratic speaker, i hate the DNC and this speaker, these people are backed by lot of organisation also the tech companies and especially the farmasuiticle is funding the DNC. Farma does have traditional better tights to democrats then to republicans becuase rep. keep all the profits for themself where the democrats keep it in an trustfund, but the healtcare price is kept high. Very brave Trump is disrespecting Pelosi and Schumer, the democrats have upperhand in comgress i did understand?

  32. Hey, Steph. Umm — you're so wrong. (Goes without saying for Fox & Fiends.) No one in a position to do so tried to impeach immediately after the election. Trump is being impeached because of unconstitutional behavior. And how many troops are being deployed in support of Prince Bonesaw while you say your employer is ending "endless war?" Geez, your head must smell pretty bad when you pull it out of his colon.

  33. The "liberal" Left are The Enemy within. And no one deals with it. All are failing the blood-bought Republic in our day. It's a shame.

  34. Donald "baby" Trump throws the temper tantrums. I cannot wait for the House to impeach baby trump. Public sentiment is changing. Once it hits over 60% for impeachment, the Senate will vote to remove this orange clown. FOX News is Fake News and the Deep State. Also, the average I.Q in America is 98 which explains why trump was voted into Office (and with the help of Russia which Putin admitted to). Did you know that baby trump has to play golf with women's golf clubs because his hands are so small.

  35. The Democrats' antics are becoming old news! It's been an on-going up-hill battle, not every month, week, but every day. This nonsense goes on. It's gotten so old and tiring. They are not interested in governing or helping President Trump get on with the plans of building the country, protecting its citizens with a Wall; keeping illegal aliens out; so much to do……I don't think the Dems will ever co-operate. They really do need a do-over!

  36. What a lie. Pelosi is the one who storms out, and she's saying Trump stormed out 🤔definitely need recording proof because she did it before. The public needs to see for them self who's storming out 😂

  37. Anyone who can answer truthfully???? Name one Good thing the Current Democrat party has Done for America? Name One Good thing they say about America? Because I've heard nothing but disdain for America and We the People!!!!! They Hate everything about America, if you listen to them closely!!!!!

  38. Someone who can't stop drinking and driving and endangering innocent people shouldn't be working in the white house. "Only the best people".

  39. Why Trump bothers to have Pelosi at any meetings is beyond me! She isn't interested in cooperating, she just wants every opportunity to slam Trump, lie in front of cameras, and say he's a bad man!!

  40. Really??? In the all America no estate available…. ?? Really??? …. and my dear the only things you do is polishing

  41. Chaos bulk crab that was planned by the Democrats Nancy Pelosi plan that they try to make president Trump look bad she was laughing on the video outside the White House with Schumer

  42. Success tried in the fire that is the experience I just draw is a real success.
    DJT is scaling through in autopilot this is historic.

  43. More lies. The press secretary has held zero press briefings, even though that is her primary job. Instead she tweets to the American public.

  44. Rick always was know to jump ship when things got tough. Someday you hateful Democratic idiots and turncoat Republicans are going to get the broken America that you want. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when you figure out that you've destroyed yourself and your familys…so very sad.

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