26 thoughts on “Greece Heads Towards New Election – Can Syriza Survive?

  1. Better question: should Syriza survive? From economic policy to foreign policy, SYRIZA crossed too many red lines – that even PASOK was wary about – and its only and true legacy is the legitimization of the most extreme neoliberal and hawkish/pro-NATO/cold-war doctrines…also Public Television has never been worse, i.e. govt & establishment echoing (even during the NERIT fiasco and even the "leftist" journalists), exactly because every symbolic barrier and critical discourse was eliminated, establishment pundits feeling right at home, and only the party lines remained as points of tension …political speculation at its worst…left-right divide never meant less, "thanks" to SYRIZA…

  2. How can anyone repose trust in Syriza after the betrayal of the referendum? This man's dragging, cautious, evasive presentation does nothing to disguise the nature of the party's treachery. Syriza means austerity. Tsipras has embraced neoliberal economics. It's really very simple.

  3. Syriza perfectly encapsulates the historical failures of Social Democratic parties, who either bend to the will of the ruling elites, or attempt to seize power for themselves, against the interests of the people.

  4. Go home, Tsiparis Iscariot. Why is the Real News Network acting as if this party, that sold its country out to the neoliberals of Brussels and is privatizing Greece's public assets to pay fealty to the Eurogroup, is still something anyone should want to save?

  5. Всё хорошо, прекрасная маркиза!
    Ауфидерзейн, лёха, адьё, сириза!

  6. Let's not forget that it was Syriza that completely ignored the outcome of the referendum and did the exact opposite of what people voted! Such complete disregard of the most democratic institution is almost unheard of. Why The Real News bothers with Syriza is beyond me and quite frankly, they should be doing more fact checking. Syriza is definitely another neoliberal wolf, dressed in leftist clothing…

  7. they should have left the EU. totally predictable. fools. sold out their country to brussels unelected idiots.

  8. I really don't know what you guys are talking about lately. You're losing my attention. You enjoy your pundits tho.

  9. A suggestion for the Real News Network. Do a show concerning this law. https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/equalcompensation.cfm

  10. Unfortunately the real reason people didn't vote for Syriza was that it implemented the same austerity policies that it was brought to power to stop and it didn't do much in labour rights, privatizations, protecting people's property from red loans, tax evasion etc. So when they announced the small economic help just before the election after overtaxing and austerity for 4 years it meant nothing for most. Plus the northern Macedonia issue is more complicated because that's also the name of a large part of the country, so there are fears that in the future, if there is trouble in the balkans, which is a very unstable region right now, this part of the country may become disputed.
    Unfortunately, all that means that the punitive vote of the people against Syriza mostly goes to the New Democracy party who are even worse, neoliberals with ties to fascists and foreign interests more than their own citizens.

  11. If The Real News is "progressive" why does it bring an austerity gov figure analize the conditions?
    look what he said: "anti-syriza syndrome IMPOSED on population" are u kidding me? conspiracy but not incmpetance?
    the debt and deficit is record levels, hidding unemploynent, desperation at colony levels, sale of resources +assets etc. under syriza.
    did he say that?
    shame on The Real News.

  12. Syriza sold out & was a complete failure. Yes, Spourdalakis, your voters didn't care to cast votes for you, because you sucked & just did the same fucking thing the right would have

  13. It doesn’t matter. New democracy the opposition party set to win is Jew democracy and nothing will change as tsipras and mitsotakis abided by their agenda and sold the Macedonian name

  14. He can half talk the MF, to cut it short the are all (politicians) scumbags thifs and degenerated sold out Gangsters, the population of Greece deserves what is happening to them they are not united to oust all these degenerated scumbags from the house of parliament and lock the MF up. You can't educate IDIOTS

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