23 thoughts on “Gravitas: Trump's New Immigration Policy: Impact On India

  1. Since now every Indian had ADHAR. For those who were educated in subsidied college/university ( especially STEM fields)in India n then went m works abroad… GOVT SHOULD FORCED THEM TO BACK-PAY THE FULL FEES.

  2. Yes the risk factor associated and time to earn a position and suatain in the competition are major challenges for the startups. Brain drain can only be controlled if we come up with an ecosystem which will provide different employment opportunities with higher pay package and policies, especially in private sectors.

  3. So? Indians wanted more jobs??? Let us take USA and the West over first and then shift everything to India!

  4. Our government only see dollars coming from outside country's to grow economy, not about brain drain 🙄👏👏👏👏👏

  5. I heard Indians are boastful as hell wanting to replace us as the superpower of the world. Come clean our toilets Indians

  6. In case if you Indians are not smart enough to know.. brain drain is a big problem. It's not something to be proud of!

  7. No impact on India except they get maximum slave from India and through u out same old story. Lol. Pakistan zindabad

  8. Indian are natural liars and scammers that's why they can talk their way outta trouble as an employee but they can't do that as a business owner.

  9. 130 companies in Fortune 500 are Chinese while the number for India is.. 4

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