25 thoughts on “Graham to CNN anchor: That's a bunch of bulls***

  1. nice to see cnn listening instead of taking sides and talking crap this is the way I like it CNN should report the news not make up fake news if CNN does this the ratings will come back and go up.a middleground news source.

  2. She is a bias interviewer. Doesn't listen. Appears dissatisfied with answers that doesn't supporrt her false narrative.

  3. I’d like to see Graham in McConnell's position. Mitch is another of the many RINOs in Congress. His lack of support for our country's president, and the head of his party, is completely unacceptable. Mitch MUST go!

  4. Shame on Trump for actually making America Greater than ever ! With all the great jobs,economy,trade deals,sovereign protection ! No Hillary NWO, deepstate draining ! Shame ! Fu satanic skummy left ! Get it !?

  5. Graham is a bunch of B*** S***. He is nothing more than White Supremacists Cross Burner from a state that Never should been let back into the Union after the Civil War.! NC is nothing more than a vile nest of Traitors that should not be allowed self rule!

  6. Lol,CNN won't be asking Graham back for a while, luv this man. So far he has been unbiased, fair and level headed.

  7. everytime he slams her with a good answer she trys to put him on the spot. does she not get it>?? trump ia a great president…

  8. Everything that comes out of Lindsey's mouth lately is pure bullshit. That perpetual bachelor and chronic masturbator, Sen.Graham, should think about justice, his oath of office, the Constitution, the security of our voting rights, and national security; and stop trying to obstruct, minimize, avoid, deflect and lie about the truth. He said this Trump/Russia and Mueller Report is over? No Lindsey, you monkey-in-the-bush, it isn't over. But, do you know what IS over? The endless investigations of Hillary Clinton for the same bullshit again and again and again that found no criminal acts nor criminal intent. Lindsey, stop spanking the monkey!

  9. At one time, Lindsey Graham found Trump to be a detestable humanoid, an unstable and incompetent candidate whose
    election would rot the United States and the Republican Party. He called Trump a "kook," a "jackass" and a "complete idiot" who’s "crazy" and "unfit for office." He said Republicans would get "destroyed" if they nominated Trump, whom Graham described as a "race-baiting, xenophobic bigot." – Those were the days when he just said what he believed to be true. Everything he's saying now is the price he's willing to pay for an official position in Trump's cabinet.

  10. Hahaha CNN is too obvious! I know this is Clinton news network owned by the democrat. But at least try to hide it! She look upset when he talk about the democrat 😂😂😂 that why no normal people watch cnn for real news anymore

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