Graham: Senate should dismiss a Trump impeachment trial

Graham: Senate should dismiss a Trump impeachment trial

100 thoughts on “Graham: Senate should dismiss a Trump impeachment trial

  1. Lindsey says it’s unconstitutional. What is wrong with these Republicans? President Trump just called the constitution phony .

  2. So … can't get enough repblicians to sign?
    why shut down the trial? Does Trump want to speak to the accusations?

  3. Trump is guilty as sin and everyone knows it! He is a traitor to America by working with/for the Russians/Putin long before the election. he has committed crime after crime with the blessing of the crooked repub party! All repubs who support and follow him are traitors to America as well! Trump will be impeached and removed from office for his crimes! He will then be criminally charged and sent to prison for a very long time! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!

  4. Boy, Princess Lindsey has sure changed his tune since the last time he was ranting about impeachment. He knows what he said, the little coward!

  5. Lol, Lindsay, the senate has nothing to say about how the house goes about its business. The constitution gives the house sole responsibility for impeachment and the house makes the rules (which the Democrats have been following). When it comes to the senate trial you’ll have your say. It’s constitutional, it legitimate and it’s as fair as the president deserves.

  6. Lindzay needs to walk up to schiff in front of the news cameras and tell schiff if he catches him in one more lie tell him to his face "i will ruin your life schiff before this is over".

  7. Just a Opinion
    From what I can gather is if Trump is impeached and the senate votes him out, they will be hung by alot of people and the democrats no one will be safe
    Then it will be msm,s turn.
    Just a Opinion

  8. Graham Said He Would Open 4 Investigations But He Has Not Someone Needs Too Get To The Bottom Of Why Graham Lied 🤥 Too The American People Are Investigations Going To Show Graham Is A Globalist Deep State Swamp Agent 🤔🤔🎈💡🎈💡🦠🦠

  9. its actually impressive how much bullcrap two grown men can spew.

    the accuser is a whistleblower and that person whoever they are are protected by the constitution, that includes their identity.

    the democratic party doesn't need to call a vote for the impeachment inquiry, the inquiry is 100% within the confines of the constitution without a vote

    trump refusing to comply with lawful congressional subpoenas is a clear obstruction of justice.

  10. Despite how Sean Inanity tries to bleat otherwise, the impeachment inquiry is perfectly constitutional and legal. You don't make testimony available during an open inquiry for god's sake! Funny how convenient it is for him to forget that there are also Republicans behind those closed doors…

  11. Get the fbi in all those houses and throw them in prison. Where’s Graham’s spine? I did see it once. Now it’s gone again.

  12. Graham is ALL ABOUT TALK talk talk. has NO spine. typical career politician. TRUMP is lost with people like this around him

  13. graham is doing nothing its time to give his job to someone that will subpoena dems start doing something now graham or be voted out

  14. The Supreme Court should make a Judicial Opinion about the impeachment process in the House. Does the Constitution empower the Speaker of the House to unilaterally call for an Impeachment inquiry or the (full) House of Representatives?

  15. Oh dear Lindsey you will get to go to the ball. Remember when you go into the oval office and back up to the president lift up your dress you're going to get a nice thank you!

  16. Maybe if Bill Barr had done his job and opened an investigation in the first place we wouldn't be here. Open your eyes. THERE ARE LAWS TO PROTECT WHISTLEBLOWERS! Again, why didn't Barr open an investigation? BTW, there are republicans in there. Wake up.

  17. There is nothing illegitimate or unconstitutional about this impeachment investigation. The House has the Power to do this. No matter what Hannity says. Article 2 Section 4 of the US Constitution grants congress the power to do so. It also is extremely vague as to how Congress must proceed to allow them to have the leeway to act in any fashion it sees fit to do so. If Hannity doesn’t like it he can contact his congressman.

  18. Like Hell they should, People that were our allies just a few days ago are now being SOLD OUT ON, MURDERED, and DISPLACED from their HOMES FOR EVER because of d trumps actions on his own after talking with the leader of Turkey. If d trump would have left things alone those people would still be alive today at home watching TV at night just like you.  When will the real Republican Christians who really believe in the words of Jesus stop and ask their self this, is this what Jesus would do to an allied country of his?, would Jesus break most if not all of the 10 commandments?, would Jesus tell over 13,000 lies or false statements on other people in a 3 year time span?, would Jesus refuse to show his tax return if he had one?, would Jesus ever Vote for anyone like d trump? the answer to all these question is NO!. So why would any real Christian VOTE for, or follow d trump, or follow anyone like him with over 13,000 lies in 3 years for that matter.  d trump ,his buddy Putin, and Iran are the only ones getting anything good from our 5 times a COWARD Presidents actions against one of our allies, Why did he do this TREASONOUS ACTION towards the Kurds our allies? what did d trump gain? I know what America got SHAME, and DISHONOR.  I'm a Vet of 3 years I joined they didn't have to drag me out bed to serve my country, and I never needed my daddy to pay for a note from my doctor for BONE SPURS, I hate what d trump is doing to our country because I believe in what Jesus said when he said we are ALL GODS CHILDREN, and that means NOT SOME BUT ALL!, maybe d trump and some of his friends should pick up a book and read it once in awhile like the BIBLE it would be a good start in understanding true Christians and why we will never vote for anyone like d trump again knowing what we now know about him, his family, and CRIMINAL FRIENDS.

  19. It is a disgrace what the jerks are doing to our President! And the media and newspapers also, WHY do they get by with bashing and lying about Trump like they do! They should ALL be in jail! Besides, what do they think will happen if they TRY to impeach Trump!? Do they think ALL of us who voted for him are going to just say, go ahead and do it? HELL NO! Those jerks are all pushing and going to get a war if they keep it up, we are SICK of it ALL!GET OFF OF TRUMPS BACK! He is working hard FOR America, and they are fighting him for it! Turn the table on them and impeach that witch Pelosi! DO IT NOW! It SHOULD be against the law what they are all doing to Trump, do they think we can't SEE the MONSTERS they have turned into? It is way past time to change the law so they can not do things like they do to our president! I wonder if they even SEE how many people have left the Dem party, and also that we boycott all news that are always trying to create more trouble for Trump – THEY MUST BE STOPPED – they should be put off the air!!

  20. Thank you Mr.Graham.l appreciate your honesty for America. And our President
    Cause after all he is a good man and he deserves strong. men to stand with him and fight to keep our Constitution and laws sacred to the best of our ability whether we agree with the person on all things or not
    .Forgive me for being so ill with you earlier but l had to see if you were going to truly stand for justice or not. In my heart l realy do deep down inside of myself believe you are a just man amd you whether l agree with you on all things or not l now know you will always make the right decisions for our President and our Country and your State.God Bless you Sir and may you always stand for truth and honor and be blessed in soul mind and health always as you live. Thank You again and again forgive me please for feeling ill towards you early now l know you will from the bottom of my herat always make good sound descision in life for yourself our President and our Country Thank You Sir.and May God be with you and Bless you as long as you Live
    With agood sound mind. Good health. Meeting your every need according to his will and keeping youstrong in order to fight for what is right for our Beautiful Country the United States of America the Beautiful.

  21. he better start doing something because trust me he gets enough of us Trump supporters pissed off he won't get reelected. We will look for an alternative Republican to fill his seat. He is acting a lot like a John McCain and Mitt Romney snake in the grass liar

  22. and still no official action has been taken upon this outrageous coop. less talking more doing!! Graham has the power to stand up for the President and the Republican party

  23. Well we could be focused on more pressing issues, Infrastructure etc etc IF the POTUS wasnt running a corrupt Administration. Impeach now


  25. Doesn't matter what you think Lindsey…'s up to the house to do what they see fit. THEY'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING ILLEGAL!! House Republicans ARE in these meetings!! You're all so desperate because you know you're all finished. I hope every one of you in the Senate lose your seats!!! AMERICA deserves better than this Epic Failure. None of you stood up for what is morally and ethically right. And you're one of the worst senators Mr. GRAHAM. We all know what your hidden agenda is. Try praying and worshiping the real God Mr. Graham, instead of committing idolatry and worshiping Mr Trump as your God. And just maybe when y'all go back to those closed door prayer meetings, you pray real hard and come up with some new ideas for what the qualifying characteristics should be in a president. I'm not going to take the chance and put words in God's mouth, but if I had to guess I'm pretty sure he's been scratching His head and wondering what the heck y'all are doing! Oh…one more thing, sorry but Putin doesn't work for the GOP anymore. You've all been duped.

  26. “Should” or Will?? And stop lashing”, start doing! Republicans must stop playing with gloves on, start getting tough dammit! Stop allowing yourself to get played like fools! Forget about being “American”, get tough and get results! Enough words!

  27. No comparison. Nixon resigned and Clinton had a special counsel. No special counsel here because Bill Barr would not open one. ….. Probably because he would end up being a co conspiritor. The unfair rules that are keeping the minority party from being more involved were introduced by Republicans when they had the majority. When it goes to the Senate Grahm will get all the cross examination he says he wants ….. but that is exactly what he doesn't want. If they have a trial in the Senate these guys will have to hear all of the evidence and say they are O.K with it in front of the country. History will not be kind to Trump and this band of enablers.

  28. Listening to Repubs try to defend this crook is pathetic beyond belief.

    Hey Lindsay, you creampuff, this ISN'T a trial. This is the investigation phase so the accused does not have the right to face his accusers. The trial phase occurs in THE SENATE, you moron. Stop lying about the process. You weren't defending a "mandate from the people" when you helped to go after Bill Clinton you jerk. Go watch old video footage of yourself back then so you can hear what a goddamned hypocrite you are.

  29. If in fact anything is being done, we aren't seeing it. Explainations! Explainations!Don't care if you are warming a government seat or a private office seat, or a media chair, you try to bend or break the law with white and black noise, you should be incarcerated!
    Evidently Dems really hate any and everything that doesn't contribute to their personal power and bank account. They flaunt our laws without a slap on the wrist. We want to see/hear, know…these slug eaters should be in prison, before we hear of more honerable testifying bodies falling to suicide, car accidents, heart attacks etc.

  30. We the people want President Trump to be impeached!!!!!
    The most watched event in human history, best time for truth bombs…..

  31. X22 you have THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL! You explain things so clearly& it all makes sense. Please continue making videos!

  32. I can only hope that the American people (voters) can see what the Democratic Party has become and will think twice before they vote for a Democrat ever again Oh and we need to also vote out the sit on there hands Republicans and elect true conservatives
    No Rhinos or Incumbents

  33. Lindsey Grahma is complacent in this impeachment trap, and so is Mcon-smell who is up for reelection and does want not anything that sticks…he will hold on to his seat at the expense of the president. And Mcon-smell is of age to easily do the right thing and retire gracefully.

  34. “Never interrupt the enemy when they’re in the process of destroying themselves”
    Hope it’s why you’ve been talking big but not walking big Lindsay.
    Also hope we eventually see you fire away those Subpoenas!
    I’ll have the popcorn ready.

  35. If republicans were doing this to a democrat president you better believe they’d be screaming “coup” & people would already be in jail.

  36. This really is a coup ..madness all talk Trump is a good man ..what on earth is going on..the wicked Democrats they are pure evil all of them and they should be gone

  37. All the republicans voting in agreement also blows the msm narrative that republicans are divided in this. 🙃 Message sent, the impeachment will not pass the senate.

  38. Unconstitutional? Unlawful? They are not above the law! Drag the unlawful Dems out of our government… use the military if necessary! We all see what they are doing. Stop them from illegal actions like you would any other American who commits CRIMES in your face!

  39. Lindsey knows this is not a trial. I don't think Lindsey is just dizzy, I think he's making a political gamble. Lindsey still thinks Trump is a kook and unfit for office. This video is perfect for anybody wondering what it looks like to see Lindsey on all fours with trump.

  40. We know you are with the Dems Rino man, you need to lose your position also. You have no personal honor left sir, no matter what you do next. This is treason sir, we know you are nothing but a swamp creature, when it drains, you will be exposed for your past corruption, you and Romney.

  41. He's a flip flopper. Just recently Graham was acting negatively against the President. He got an attitude with the President regarding the withdrawal of our troops. I'm now confused with Graham's action

  42. This is an INQUIRY not a TRIAL. Of course it happens behind closed doors. Witnesses aren't allowed to share evidence. The trial happens AFTER the inquiry. Anyway, the WH COStaff has already admitted to a quid pro quo, and every accusation from the whisteblower has turned out to be true. Graham is providing opinions, not facts.

  43. Why cant the senate order thearrest of this dems and bring them to justice
    ………cuff them all toshow the ppeople.

    No one ìs above the law

  44. Congress has the absolute right to the process and will decide when to take a vote if they choose too. Come on! Read the Constitution. No lawmof the land says the Congress cannot proceed as they are. The Senate will get the vote and they WILL get the right to trial.

  45. Senator Lindsey Graham we need you now, more than ever, to use your subpoena power to start fighting back.. The best defense is a strong offense… the Democrats need to know that if they want to play these games you are more than willing to play. It is absolutely embarrassing that the republicans keep going in FOX to complain about how unfair Trump is being treated and then does nothing about fighting back. The Republicans need to find the container that is housing their balls, take them out of that container and start showing the Democrats that if they want a fight…. the Republicans are now ready, willing and able to fight back! PLEASE FIGHT BACK and show the American people you are willing to protect our President and fight for what you believe in.

    Thank You!!! John

  46. Will Lindsey Graham subpoena the Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin,  former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the former special envoy to Ukraine  Kurt Volker, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, James Clapper and John Brennan?

  47. It is not illegitimate. Donald Trump has abused his power as president for far too long. He deserves to go to jail. Why did he not want to release his tax return papers!?

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