31 thoughts on “Graham: Mr. President, if you're watching tonight, just enjoy this

  1. 'Come across the border illigally and get free healthcare'. Insane yes, but this is what's been happening in the EU for years now. And not only healthcare, but also housing, education, all payed for by hard working and tax paying EU citizens. These are crazy, crazy times.

  2. AOC brave??? 😳 There is a huge difference between stupidity and courage. Although sometimes actions may look similar!

  3. ….but the recant ing video was SO unbelievable they kept repeating what they thought they wanted to hear and couldn't finish the sentence without having to stop and think about what they were saying

  4. They tried to debunk these kids and even made them recant on video but in this video they didn't have to think about what they were saying they just said what happened……

  5. Nowadays, among democrats whenever the race card is on the table, innocence presumption is not the rule. Pelosi shall learn from Biden [x KH] and make a very nice excuse speech,.

  6. Difference between conservatism and progressivism: within conservatism, there are ideals, philosophies and deeply held beliefs that most everyone agrees with. It forms a kind of lane with clearly defined boundaries that pretty much everyone stays withn.

    Progressivism, on the other hand, is just all over the map. They are for walls and border security…then…they're not. They are for the question of citizenship…..then…they're not. They are for the constitution…until…they're not. They say they are not racist…but they are.

    Every single ideal, philosophy, and belief is subjest to change and complete reversal, depending on their political motivations. They flipp more than a plate of hotcakes. And they are narcissistic…blaming and projecting almost constantly…. and Juan Williams…you make me sick…because as a public figure…you help drive this ship of utter madness…shame on you.

  7. Even if there was free healthcare…….. the working Americans would not qualify. Free for all…..free if you're illegal.

  8. does sen Graham have a twin brother that had nothing good to say about candidate Trump? surly this isn't the same guy?


  10. I'm always shocked when I come back here. And so many ppl are still this mind controlled. You all still buy into this soap opera.

  11. 2:05 The question is, within our two-party system, how many elections in a row can you lose? Are the Democrats pursuing a course of STAY CRAZY AND WIN? They'll eventually win with the craziness? We MUST put a stop to this. We CANNOT FUNCTION as a nation with major candidates as rotten, horrible, crazy, and destructive as the US Democratic Party.

  12. Hi there to any Democrat Gongress man/women. I would love to come to your country America. South Africa is my home, but some of the people in our Goverment are trying very hard to get rid of white people. So can I come to America, will you provide my plane fare, then in America we you give me free health care as i suffer with High Blood, Severe Osteoarthritis, Diabeties and Fybromyalgia. Will you provide me a home and money every month to live on. Oh yes can my son come as well, he is 30 so your country does not have to provide free schooling. Please let me know, I promist I wont cause any problems. I love America. I cant think now what more I want, you can let me know what is available for me if I apply for Asylum. Thank you Democrates, I feel your love.

    One last thing, yes I want everything you can give me for living in America, but one thing I cannot do, is vote for you. I love the Patriots, Q, and the Beloved President Donald Trump and his his Administration. WWG1WGA.

  13. @Lindsey Graham. What happened to your immigration reform bill?!?!? Keep pushing it. It is an excellent beginning to a solution

  14. There is no more Democrat party Mr Hannity, so please stop referring to them as such. Call them what they are, the Socialist party

  15. Graham and Hannity will soon be gone just like Paul Ryan and their new story will be trying to cover up their misdeeds. Hannity will be back in radio, maybe, and Graham will be applying for work, only this time instead of sweeping Trump's garbage under the rug he'll be picking it up…Just sayin'

  16. What can you do with a dunkey head? Nervous Nancy left the door of the zoo open again. Mr graham you say it so well! Decriminalize the criminal and free medical for all. Delicious. And AOC said we have only 12 years to live. Is it only for the US or the hole word cause I think that I would like to go to Maldives. The ocean is really blue and the food very healthy.

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